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By Buck Woodward on 2009-04-26 22:45:36

Triple H was still unconscious, and they had him to a stretcher job.  Some fans were chanting "Hey Hey Goodbye" and "Please Retire".  There was a big pop for Orton's win, and there definitely been a "heel loving" element to the crowd tonight. They replayed the kick over and over, selling it big. 

A video package on the main event was shown.

World Champion John Cena vs. Edge in a Last Man Standing match.

They did a long staredown at the bell before locking up.  Edge put Cena in a corner, but missed a right hand.  Cena went for a bulldog, but Edge shoved it off and went to the floor.  Cena gave chase, then back in the ring, Cena leapfrogged Edge and teased an Attitude Adjustment, but Edge put on the brakes.  Edge applied a side headlock, then hit a shoulderblock and pounded Cena in a corner.  Cena came back with a kick to the gut and a fisherman's suplex.  Cena went for a slam, but Edge floated over and yanked Cena headfirst into the mat.  Cena grabbed his head.  Edge hit a clothesline, then another.  There was a "Cena Sucks" chant.  Edge hit a third clothesline, then pounded him on the mat.  Now there's a "Cena" chant.  Cena got up at six, and traded shots with Edge.  Edge hit a spinning back kick, and Cena got up at six. 

Cena and Edge traded punches, then Edge hit a flapjack and applied a sleeper.  Cena grabbed the ropes, but there was no break since there are no disqualifications.  Edge jumped on Cena's back, maintaining the hold, but Cena rammed Edge in the corner to break it.  Edge jumped back on Cena and reapplied it.  Cena slumped to the mat, and Edge releases the hold so the referee would count.  There was a "Let's Go Cena" chant.  Cena got up at seven.  Edge missed a clothesline and Cena hit two shoulderblocks and a back suplex into a powerbomb.  There were boos for Cena's offense.  Cena did the "You Can't See Me" and Edge upkicked him in the head.  Edge applied the Sharpshooter, and grabbed the ropes for added leverage.  Edge released the hold, and Cena got up on the apron at the six count.  Edge knocked Cena off the apron and into the announcer's table.  There were dueling chants for Cena and Edge.  

Cena was down on the floor, and got up at seven.  Edge went after him and hit some shots, then set up the ring steps and placed Cena against them.  Edge charged, but Cena moved and Edge went into the steps.  Edge got up at the six count.  Cena went for a whip, but Edge reversed it and sent him into another set of steps. Cena got up, this time reversed Edge's whip attempt, and Edge went into the steps.  Edge got up at six, and Cena tossed him back into the ring. 

Cena tossed a section of the ring steps into the ring, having trouble getting them over the top rope.  Edge caught Cena with a kick to the head, then hit Cena with the ring steps.  Cena was down in a corner with the steps in front of him, and Edge dropkicked the steps into him.  Edge charged Cena, but Cena backdropped him over the top rope and to the floor.  Cena picked up the steps and threw them at Edge on the floor, hitting him in the head.  Edge got up at eight.  Cena came outside and tossed Edge back in the ring.  Edge and Cena exchanged punches, with both men finally going down at the same time.  The referee made a count, with Edge and Cena both up at eight.  They went into a series of counters with Cena going for the Attitude Adjustment and Edge going for a DDT, with Edge finally hitting a back suplex.  Edge mocked Cena's "You Can't See Me" and went off the ropes, but Cena hit a drop toe hold and applied the STF.  Edge tapped, but of course, there are no submissions in this match.  Cena held the hold for a while, then released it so the referee could count. 

Edge got to his feet at eight, and Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Edge grabbed the ropes and pulled away from the attempt.  Cena charged him, but Edge nailed him with a spear.  Cena got up at seven as Edge was climbing the ropes.  Cena met him there and went for an Attitude Adjustment off the middle rope.  Cena hit it.  The referee counted and Edge got up at nine, then stumbled back down.  Cena went to the top rope, and jumped right into a spear by Edge.  Both men were down, but near the ropes.  Edge pulled himself up at six, and Cena got up at nine. 

Cena fell through the ropes and to the floor, and Edge went after him.  Edge cleaned off the announcer's table.  Edge set up to DDT Cena on the table, but Cena blocked it, picked up Edge and gave him an Attitude Adjustment off the announcer's table and over the security wall and into the fans.  Edge got up at a nine count.  Edge tried to get away from Cena, and they ended up going into the stands and onto the concourse of the arena.  They made it back into the arena, and down the stands, finally ending up near the side of the stage.  Cena bulldogged Edge into some equipment cases, but Edge got up at seven.  Edge picked up a hard hat and blasted Cena with it.  

They made their way onto the stage, and Edge gave Cena an Implant DDT.  Cena got up at nine. Edge went into the back, and came out with a chair.  Edge blasted Cena with a chairshot to the back, then blasted him with a shot to the head, sandwiching Cena's head between the chair and the metal stage. Cena got up at nine.  Edge charged Cena, who lifted Edge for an Attitude Adjustment.  Big Show ran out from the back and grabbed Cena by the throat.  Show lifted Cena for a chokeslam, but instead of chokeslamming him on the stage, or off the stage, he chokeslammed him into a giant spotlight that was part of the set for the show.  The spotlight "exploded" and fire extinguishers were sprayed.  Big Show left. Cena, covering in broken glass in the casing of the spotlight, was counted out at the 29-minute mark. 

Winner and new World Champion: Edge.

They showed the chokeslam into the spotlight from different angles, and it was a pretty cool spot.  Cena was fitted with a neckbrace as they pulled him out of the spotlight. They loaded him on a stretcher as the show ended. 

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