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By Buck Woodward on 2009-04-26 22:45:36

CM Punk vs. Kane.

Punk threw some kicks at Kane's side as they circled at the start.  Punk hit some punches and kicks in a corner, but Kane blocked them.  Kane cornered Punk and hit some shots.  Punk kicked Kane in the arm, then applied an armbar across the top rope, breaking on the ref's count of four.  Punk came off the top rope with a knee to Kane's shoulder, then hit some kicks to the arm.  Kane hit some shots, but Punk kicked Kane out of the ring.  Punk went for a pescado, but Kane caught him by the throat.  Kane lifted him for a chokeslam, but Punk got hit feet on the ring apron and kicked him away.  Punk then hit a clothesline off the apron to the floor. 

Back in the ring, Punk applied an overhead wristlock, then some shots to the arm.  Kane threw Punk away, sending him into a corner, then gave him a baseball slide kick to drive his ribs into the ringpost.  Kane rolled Punk back into the ring for a two count, then applied a bodyscissors. Kane headbutted Punk in the back of the head while maintaining the hold.  Punk elbowed Kane's bad arm while in the hold, breaking the scissors.  Punk went for a jumping knee, but Kane dodged it.  Kane hit a clothesline for a two count.  Kane put Punk in the corner and hit some shots, then delivered a side backbreaker and pushed down on Punk's chin to stretch him over the knee.  Punk got out of it by hitting the arm of Kane again.

Kane went for a backdrop, but Punk kicked it away.  Kane went for a chokeslam, but as they came down, Punk hooked Kane's arm into an armbreaker.  Punk delivered some kicks, but Kane backed him into a corner.  Kane came in, but Punk grabbed him in a Tarantula variation.  Punk then hit a springboard clothesline, but ran into a boot to the face by Kane.  Kane went to the top rope, but Punk jumped up and kicked him in the head, crotching Kane.  Punk pulled Kane off the turnbuckles for the GTS, but Kane punched out of it.  Punk hit the jumping knee, then a bulldog for a two count. 

Punk went for a springboard clothesline, but jumped right into an uppercut by Kane for a two count.  Kane went for a sideslam, but Punk flipped over it and put Kane in a Fujiwara armbar.  Kane struggled in it, but got to his feet and sideslammed Punk for two. Kane called for a chokeslam.  Punk turned around and kicked Kane in the head.  Punk hit a series of kicks, slaps and then a spinning backhand.  Punk went for a kick to the head, but Kane caught his leg, then grabbed Punk by the throat.  Kane lifted Punk by the throat and leg to chokeslam him for the win at the ten minute mark. 

Winner: Kane.

A video package on the Hardy vs. Hardy feud was shown.

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy: I Quit match. 

Jeff Hardy, with no paint on his face or body, came out first. Matt had his fists taped up. Jeff pounded Matt in a corner to start off the match, decking him to the mat and hitting a double legdrop to the groin.  Matt rolled to the floor, but Jeff kicked him between the ropes and then hit a pescado.  Jeff threw Matt into the security wall, then launched off the ring steps for a leg lariat, sandwiching Matt into the wall.  Matt got back in the ring, and Jeff yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Jeff clotheslined Matt in the corner twice, then hit the elevated kick in the corner.  Jeff stomped matt and hit a series of legdrops.  Jeff came off the middle rope with a legdrop, and the referee asked Matt if he would quit. Matt didn't respond. 

Jeff jumped on Matt's back and applied a sleeper.  Matt rammed Jeff into the turnbuckle to break out, then dropped an elbow on him. Matt and Jeff exchanged shots, and Jeff climbed the ropes for a Whisper In The Wind, but Matt shoved Jeff off the top and to the floor.  Jeff refused to quit, despite holding his knee. Matt put Jeff on the apron and rammed his leg into the ringpost twice. Some fans called for tables.  Matt put Jeff in a figure four, using his arms, around the ringpost.  Jeff refused to quit.  Back in the ring, Matt hit a chopblock and applied a figure four leglock.  Jeff refused to quit.  Matt let go of the figure four and dropped his weight on Hardy's leg twice, then stomped it.

Matt kicked Jeff's leg out, then went back to the figure four.  Jeff still refused to quit.  Jeff reversed the figure four, but Matt refused to quit.  They rolled again, and Matt released the hold.  Jeff went for an enzugiri, but Matt ducked it and applied a single leg crab.  There was apparently a fight in the crowd.  Jeff refused to quit.  Matt yelled for Jeff to quit, but Jeff refused.  Matt got frustrated, letting go of the crab and dropping a leg on his head.  Matt screamed for Jeff to quit, and put him in a Tree Of Woe, then pulled back on his chin from the floor, streching him across the the turnbuckles.  Matt went for a back superplex, but Jeff elbowed him to the mat.  Jeff hit the Whisper In The Wind, and both men were laid out.

They exchanged punches, and Jeff hit a mule kick.  Jeff applied a Texas Cloverleaf, and Matt tapped, but the referee said he had to verbally quit.  Matt grunted, but didn't quit.  Matt grabbed the ropes and pushed off the hold.  Jeff went for the Twist Of Fate, but Matt shoved it off, only for Jeff to kick Matt and hit it on the second attempt.  Jeff then hit a Swanton Bomb.  Matt refused to quit.  Jeff gave Matt a second Swanton Bomb.  Jeff went under the ring and pulled out a table, to a huge ovation. Jeff slid it into the ring and set it up near a corner.  Matt rolled out of the ring, but Jeff went after him.  They slugged it out, and Jeff gave Matt a Twist Of Fate on the floor.

Jeff put Matt in the ring and on the table.  Jeff then went under the ring and pulled out duct tape.  Jeff taped Matt's feet together at the ankles, then taped his hands together at the wrist. Jeff then took a rope and tied Matt to the table.  Matt, trapped on the table, tried to talk to Jeff, but to no avail.  The referee asked Matt if he would quit, but he refused.  Jeff pulled out a ladder and set it up in the ring.  Matt begged Jeff not to do it, but Jeff waved at his brother, then started to climb the ladder.  Matt said into the referee's mic that he was sorry about everything, and that he loved Jeff.  Matt talked about how they are brothers, and said he shouldn't listen to the fans.  Matt said their mother in heaven wouldn't want this to happen.  Matt said their father at home wouldn't want him to do this.  Jeff was standing on top of the ladder.  Matt said "I quit" to end the match at the twenty minute mark.

Winner: Jeff Hardy.

Jeff climbed down the ladder to the top rope, then turned and hurdled the ladder and put Matt through the table with a double legdrop.  Jeff stood over his brother, then went onto the ropes and gestured to the fans before leaving.  The referee untied Matt, who was down on the mat.

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