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By Mike Johnson on 2009-03-15 23:00:00

TNA Knockout champ Awesome Kong vs. Sojourner Bolt

Kong was playing unstoppable monster early, even no-selling a top rope clothesline from Bolt.  Kong laid out Bolt and cinched in a sleeper, then snapper her aside to the mat.  Kong missed a charge in the corner.  Bolt hit a running knee but then ran into Kong, who laid her out.  Kong slammed Bolt and went to the second turnbuckle.  Kong went for a splash but Bolt rolled out of the way. 

Bolt rolled up Kong with a La Magistral but Kong kicked up at two.  Raiessha Saied tried to get involved and was kicked to the floor.  Kong charged Bolt, who ducked down and Kong went over the ropes to the floor.  Bolt began dropping elbows on Kong as she returned to the ring.  She nailed a sledgehammer off the ropes.  Bolt went for a hurancanrana but was caught and hit with the Awesome Bomb.

Your winner and still TNA Knockout champion, Awesome Kong!

Not good.  I am wondering how much Kong's back is still bothering her as she was nowhere near her usual self.

They REALLY need a second hell of a show.

Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner

Joe charged the ring and attacked Steiner immediately.  Steiner was buster open immediately.  Joe nailed a back suplex on Steiner.  Steiner was worked over with punches.  Steiner hit an STO on Joe.  He went under the ring for a lead piper but Joe caught him and began beating him with knees to the face.  Joe nailed Steiner with the pipe and then threw the referee out of the ring.  He then punched the ref in the face. 

Your winner by DQ, Scott Steiner!

Joe hit a dive into a forearm on the floor on Steiner.  He dragged Steiner into the crowd and slammed him into a wall.  He began biting Steiner's face and whipped him into a trash can.  He dragged Steiner out of the building.

A nothing match that was more designed to debut the new Samoa Joe character and direction.

Backstage, Lauren said that a win from AJ Styles could change the balance of power in TNA.  Styles said that there's a time to put up and shut up.  He thanked Rhino and Team 3D for helping the TNA Originals when they needed it, but he can't allow them to do it anymore.  Styles said this was about the veterans who only care about the money and young lions who wrestle because they love it and have a passion for the business.  He said tonight Booker T was going to get the original AJ Styles.  Styles has really grown into a hell of a promo.

TNA Legends champ Booker T vs. AJ Styles

They started off slow with some nice counter wrestling and reversals early.  The crowd is into Styles  They went outside briefly.  Styles garnered a one count after a backbreaker.  He went for a suplex but it was stopped.  Booker nailed him with a knee.  Styles charged Booker but was dropped over the ropes.  Booker worked over Styles but was kicked as he charged into the corner.  Styles nailed several clotheslines, followed by a running splash in a corner.

Styles grabbed Booker in a hammerlock, then slammed him down on the mat.  Booker cut off AJ.  Good stuff.  Styles came back with the Pele Kick and the Styles Clash for the pin clean.

Your winner and new TNA Legends champion, AJ Styles!

Easily the best thing on the show at this point.  Styles ran into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.   It came off like a real, legitimate moment.

Outside, Samoa Joe was found by Lauren.  Joe was covered in dirt. He said Scott Steiner and the world were introduced to his Nation of Violence.  He told Lauren that when she sees the scars on Steiner, she'll know what Joe did.  Joe was carrying a bloody "tribal knife."  He told Lauren to go tell the rest of the Main Event Mafia that one by one, "Joe was going to kill them too. "

TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money Inc vs. Team 3D

No Jacqueline with Beer Money.  If they give this time, they have the chance to put together a really great old school tag team bout. 

Roode and Devon started.  Roode rode Devon to the mat, floated over and slapped the veteran upside the head.  Devon and Roode went back and fort.  Devon took Roode down and tagged Bubba, who was immediately nailed with a droptoehold.  Storm tagged in and tagged Brother Ray with several shots.  Ray catches Storm with a neckbreaker.  3D nailed a flapjack on Storm.  Roode hits the ring but 3D takes him out.  Devon goes to the top for the wazzzup headbutt but is pushed off by Roode.

Beer Money took control.  Roode nailed a dropkick on Devon for a two count.  Devon finally broke free and made the hot tag to Brother Ray.  Ray whipped Beer Money into the same corner, then hit a running splash.  Beer Money landed in a homoerotic position and had a funny staredown.  Ray began clubbering.

Ray played to the crowd and ended up caught with a kick by Roode, who then snapped him over for a two count.  Beer Money doubled up on Ray but he nailed them.   Ray went to the middle rope but Roode grabbed his leg.  Storm hit a top rope hurancanrana on Ray.  Roode then nailed a big cross body off the top for a pinfall attempt but Ray kicked up.  Beer Money rebounded off the ropes but Storm was tripped by Devon and Ray caught Roode with a sit-down inverted atomic drop for a two count.

Storm tried to spit beer in Ray's face but got his partner instead.  3D nailed a reverse backbreaker on Roode for a two count.  They called for a 3D but Storm nailed Ray with a chair.  Lame.

Your winners by DQ, Team 3D! 

Well, no it aren't.  Jim Cornette came out and channeled Bill Watts, saying the fans came to see a winner and a loser.  He demanded the match be re-started with no disqualification.  Good false finish.

All four brawled. They nailed the 3D on James Storm but Robert Roode dragged the referee out of the ring.  They left, complete with Don West handing them the tag belts.  They were counted out as Jim Cornette followed them out ranting.

OK, that was lame after all, although you can make an argument they can build a return match out of it.  When Brother Ray was complaining to the announcers, Don West tried to explain what happened, which led to Bubba screaming at him and warning West that he should take some advice from Tenay.


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