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By Mike Johnson on 2009-03-15 23:00:00

They went to promos from earlier today with the competitors for the Ultimate X match tonight.  They were treated really serious.  Chris Sabin talked about how he's competed in more UX matches then anyone in the world.  They played up that the Motor City Machineguns would have been happy with either of them winning.  Creed played up that he's not sure he's prepared as he's never competed in such a match and that it's the most dangerous match he's ever been involved in.   Jay Lethal kept up the Black Machismo persona but talked about the importance of being the X-Division champion and how it will come down to what you are willing to do to become the champion.  No promo from Suicide but that's in keeping with his character.

Ultimate X - X-Division champ Alex Shelley vs. Suicide (Chris Daniels) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed

They really need for this match to be one hell of a bout.  The Guns attacked Suicide as Lethal Consequences went for the cables.  The Guns cut them off.  The Guns nailed several synchronized double-team moves on Lethal and Creed.  Suicide returned and tossed Sabin to the floor.  Shelley was going for the ropes but Suicide cut him off.  Creed got tossed out, leaving Lethal and Suicide.

Lethal nailed the back handspring elbow.  Fans were chanting "Fallen Angel."  Shelley returned and went after Lethal.  Lethal dropkicked him in the corner.    Shelley drilled him head-first into the turnbuckles.  He climbed for the cables but was pulled off by Creed.  Creed tossed him to the floor but was nailed by Sabin with a leaping elbow. 

Sabin got to the cables and climbed towards the belt but was pulled off by Creed.  One by One, everyone returned to the ring.  Shelley missed a sliding kick to the outside and was nailed with a superkick by Lethal.  Lethal went to climb up but was slammed to the outside by Shelley, who then held the ropes open for Sabin to hit a tope to the floor.  Suicide went for a dive but was cut off by Shelley kicking him.  Creed went to the top but Suicide grabbed him in a Fireman's Carry on the apron, then hit a forward roll onto the other three competitors on the floor.  That was pretty original.

Suicide began climbing the cables but Lethal nailed a dropkick to send him flying to the mat.  The Guns hit the ring and began battling with Lethal Consequences while Suicide attempted the cables again.  Lethal pulled him down and hit the Lethal Combination.  He gave Creed a boost to the cables.  Creed got to the belt but before he could figure out how to unhook it, Shelley speared him off the cables.  Crowd chanted, 'That was awesome."

The Guns went to one of the corners.  Lethal pulled Sabin onto the ropes, crotching him.  Shelley went for a top rope splash but Creed got his knees up.  Creed followed Suicide to the corner.  Lethal and Sabin got involved and they went for the Tower of Doom but Suicide grabbed the cables and began propelling himself across.  Lethal made his way to the cables and pulled him into a powerbomb down onto the mat.

Lots of great spots here.  Creed went for his somersault into clothesline on Sabin but missed.    Shelley nailed a frog splash on Suicide.  Lethal took out Shelley but was nailed by Sabin with a Tornado DDT off the top.  Creed nailed Sabin.  Shelley grabbed Creed and nailed a brainbuster. 

They continued with lots of back and forth action.  Shelley drilled Suicide in the corner.  They each climbed up the scaffolding towards the cables and battled.  Shelley locked Suicide's leg in the trust and shoved him backwards.  Creed nailed Shelley and drove him to the mat.  Suicide was struggling to free himself as Lethal Consequences and Sabin all battled in the center of the cables.  Suicide hit a splash onto the top of the cables, knocking all three off and grabbed the belt for the win.

Your winner and new X-Division champion Suicide!

Really good match and one hell of a finish.  Loved all the work here.  That finish is one of the ages in terms of craziness.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champion Sting.  Sting said that whatever Angle wanted to do, brawl, wrestle or use tables, he could do that.  He said he was going to retain the belt and go onto handle Main Event Mafia business.

TNA champion Sting vs. Kurt Angle with Jeff Jarrett as the special referee and Mick Foley as the ringside enforcer

They started off slow, circling each other and feeling the other out.  Angle took control early with a series of rights, driving Sting into the corner.  He whipped Sting to the opposite corner but Sting got his boot in Angle's face.    Sting hit a clothesline over the top, sending Angle to the floor.      They brawled on the floor, with Sting whipping Angle into the guard rail.  Angle briefly went into the crowd before they returned to the ring.

Sting rained down punches in the corner on Angle.  Angle cut Sting off.  He suplexed Sting for a two count.  Angle and Jarrett had a brief glare over his count.  Angle tried for a belly to belly over the top but Sting blocked.  Angle drove him over but to the mat, not outside.  Angle scored another two count, then hit a backbreaker for another near fall.

Sting fought his way to his feet and they battled back and forth.  Sting caught Angle with a clothesline, then hit a second.  Sting nailed the Stinger Splash in the corner, then suplexed him for a two count.  Angle went for the Angleslam but Sting turned it into an armdrag.  Sting nailed a powerbomb for a two count. 

Angle came back with several German suplexes.  Sting finally reversed with a Scorpion Death Drop for a two count.  Angle came back for a clothesline but Sting ducked and Jarrett got nailed.  Sting locked in the Scorpion Death Lock.  Angle began tapping but Mick Foley was checking on the fallen Jarrett.  Sting turned his attention to Jarrett but Angle nailed the Angleslam.  Foley counted two but Sting got his shoulder up.

Angle and Foley had words and Angle nailed him low.  Angle retrieved a chair but Foley got it.  He went to hit Angle but Angle ducked.  Sting got nailed.  Angle made the cover.  Jarrett began counting but Sting kicked up at the last second.  Don West complained it was a slow count.  Angle and Jarrett had words.  Jarrett decked Angle, who fell into the Death Drop and was pinned.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Sting!

After the match, Foley and Sting had words but nothing that would make you think that's a direction the company is building.  Kurt Angle followed Jeff Jarrett up the aisle yelling at him and blaming him for the loss.

Show ended with Sting holding the World title above his head.

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