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By Buck Woodward on 2008-11-23 20:48:53

Backstage, Randy Orton made it known to his team that he would rather be challenging for the World Title tonight, and that he didn't pick the members of this team, making it a point to look at Cody Rhodes.  Rhodes responded by saying if Orton was eliminated first, it would be "addition by subtraction".  Orton and Rhodes got nose-to-nose, but the other members broke them apart. 

Batista (captain), CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy & R-Truth vs. Randy Orton (captain), Cody Rhodes, Shelton Benjamin, William Regal & Mark Henry in a Survivor Series elimination match.

Everyone had a separate entrance, with the babyfaces coming out first, like the opening match.  Also like the opener, all three announce teams called the match. Manu accompanied Cody Rhodes for the match, Layla accompanied William Regal, and Tony Atlas accompanied Mark Henry.

Punk started out with William Regal, hitting a jumping knee and the GTS to pin Regal almost instantly. 

William Regal is eliminated. 

Layla jumped on the ring apron and threw a shoe a Punk, hitting him in the head.  Shelton Benjamin ran in and cradled CM Punk for a two count, then pounded him, but Punk came back with a spin kick. Punk tagged in Kofi, who went at it with Shelton, giving Benjamin a monkey flip.  Benjamin landed on his feet, but Kofi hit him with a dropkick.  Shelton went to the eyes and dragged Kofi to his corner, where he tagged in Mark Henry.  Henry pounded Kofi into the mat, then tagged in Rhodes.  Kofi turned a Rhodes hiptoss into a monkeyflip, then pulled Rhodes into his corner, where he tagged Matt Hardy, who hit an elbowsmash for a two count.  R-Truth tagged in, and he and Hardy gave Rhodes a double hiptoss for a two count.  Truth tagged Batista, and Rhodes ducked to the floor for a breather.  Rhodes got back into the ring, and tagged Benjamin.  Shelton hit Batista with some knees to the body, but Batista returned fire with a back elbow, a vertical suplex and a series of shoulderblocks to the corner.  Matt Hardy tagged in, but Shelton caught him with a back elbow and tagged in Randy Orton.  Hardy gave Orton a bulldog, and a body slam, but missed a moonsault.  Mark Henry tagged in and went to work stomping Hardy, then catapulting him into the middle rope.  Henry tossed Hardy in his corner and tagged Rhodes, who continued the assault.  Rhodes leapfrogged Hardy after Hardy reversed a whip, and both men clotheslined each other.  Benjamin and Truth tagged in and Truth took him down with right hands.  Benjamin tried to reverse a hiptoss, and Truth rolled him up with a Victory Roll for two.  Truth gave Benjamin a side kick for a two count, ducked a clothesine and hit a spinning forearm.  Truth missed an ax kick and Benjamin nailed him with Paydirt for the pin at the eight minute mark.

R-Truth is eliminated. 

Kofi Kingston game off the top rope with a bodypress on Benjamin for two, and scored another two with a double legdrop. Henry hit Kofi from the apron, then was tagged in and he stood on Kofi's throat.  Henry pounded Kofi, then tagged in Orton, who stomped Kofi, but missed a kneedrop.  Kofi tried a whip, but Orton pick up Kofi and put him gut first over the top rope.  From the apron, Kofi tried to fight, but Orton kneed him in the head, pulled him into the ring so he was hanging off the middle rope by his feet, and Orton delivered a DDT for the pin at the nine minute mark. 

Kofi Kingston is eliminated. 

Punk worked over Orton, who tagged in Rhodes, who hit Punk with a dropkick, then put him in a hammerlock and drove a knee into his arm.  Punk got to his feet, but Rhodes nailed him with a forearm.  Punk ducked a Rhodes punch and hit a second rope bodypress, then a neckbreaker for two.  Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner and then a bulldog for a two count. Punk kicked Rhodes from the apron, then went to the top rope.  Manu distracted Punk, and Rhodes shoved him off the top rope.  Rhodes hit Punk with a DDT for the pin at the fourteen minute mark. 

CM Punk is eliminated. 

Matt Hardy came in and gave Rhodes a Side Effect for a two count.  Hardy went for a second, but Rhodes escaped and tagged Mark Henry.  Hardy took it to Henry, hitting a second rope elbow smash, then a Side Effect for a two count.  Hardy went to the second rope again, but jumped into a Mark Henry powerslam to be pinned. 

Matt Hardy is eliminated. 

Batista speared Mark Henry to pin him. 

Mark Henry is eliminated. 

Batista gave Shelton Benjamin a spinebuster and a Batista Bomb for the pin.

Shelton Benjamin is eliminated.

Cody Rhodes ran in, mounted a brief bit of offense, then jumped off the second rope into a clothesline.  Batista hit a powerslam and yelled at Orton that he would be next. Manu got on the apron, but Batista knocked him off.  Batista lifted Rhodes for a Batista Bomb, and Orton tagged himself in, unseen by Batista.  Batista hit the powerbomb, and yelled at the referee to count.  Orton was waiting behind Batista.  As Batista got up, Orton hit Batista with the RKO for the pin at the seventeen minute mark.

Survivors: Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes.

Orton and Rhodes exchanged glares, and Orton left the ring.  After the replays, they showed Orton on the ramp, staring at Batista, who was getting up.

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