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By Buck Woodward on 2008-11-23 20:48:53

The history leading to the Casket match was shown.

The Undertaker vs. Big Show in a Casket Match.

Druids brought out the casket, then Big Show made his entrance, alone.  Undertaker then made his entrance. Jim Ross and Tazz called this match, as you would expect.

Undertaker called for the casket to be opened at the bell, angering Big Show.  Big Show went after Undertaker with body shots, but Undertaker dodged a right hook and pushed Show over the top rope.  Show narrowly avoided the casket.  Undertaker and Show traded shots on the floor, with Show getting the better of it and flinging Undertaker into the security wall.  Show hit bodyshots on the floor, then rammed him into the Smackdown announce table.  Big Show hit Undertaker with kidney punches and cleared off the ECW table. Show hit Undertaker with a headbutt, but Taker scooped up a TV monitor and hit Show twice in the head with it.  Undertaker decked Show, who slumped on the ECW table.  Undertaker stood on the Raw table, then jumped off and legdropped Show face first through the ECW table. 

Undertaker picked up Big Show and hit some knees to the gut.  They made their way back into the ring, and Undertaker grabbed an armwringer.  Undertaker hit and headbutted the arm, then went to the ropes for Old School, but Show hit him in the gut and delivered a vertical suplex. Show threw Undertaker in a corner, then delivered a side slam.  Show rolled Undertaker into the casket, then called for them to close the lid.  The referee told Show that the rules stated he had to close the lid.  Show argued, not wanting to touch the lid.  When he finally did, Undertaker stuck his leg out to keep the lid from being closed.  Undertaker popped up and hit some shots to the gut.  He got back into the ring and hit a flying clothesline, then a splash in the corner.  Undertaker went for a second, but Big Show caught him with an elbow.  Big Show went to the second rope for a V-Bomb, but Undertaker got up, grabbed Show by the throat, and chokeslammed him off the second rope.

Undertaker called for the casket to be opened, then kicked Show into it.  Undertaker went to shut the lid, but Show pushed to keep the lid open.  Show hit Taker with a jab to knock him away.  Show got back in the ring and hit Undertaker with a chokeslam.  Big Show got out of the ring and toppled over the casket. Big Show then gestured that he was done and started to walk out of the ring.  Show smiled, then Undertaker sat up and headed up the aisle.  Show tried to leave, but a wall of flames appeared in his path. The flames apparently caught part of the runaway carpet, as a stagehand ran out to stomp out the flames.  Undertaker attacked Show, but Show knocked him down.  Show started to walk out, but a group of Druids walked out, with a new casket, and placed it on the stage.  Show and Taker fought on the stage, with Show throwing Undertaker into a giant metal "V" that was part of the Survivor Series set.  Show stood up the new casket, and rammed Undertaker headfirst into it.  Show stood up the casket again, and went after Undertaker.  Undertaker hit a series of punches, knocking Big Show to the edge of the stage, where he teetered like he would fall off.  Undertaker grabbed Show and whipped him in the opposite direction, into the open, stood up casket.  Show fell into the casket, which went down with Show in it, and the lid closed shut at the twelve minute mark.

Winner: The Undertaker.

Carlito & Primo Colon flirted with the Bella Twins, mixing them up.  The Gobbledy Gooker showed up.  They assumed it was Charlie Haas. Charlie Haas walked in.  This left the question, "Who's in the Gooker outfit?"  The Gooker, unmasked, and it was the Boogeyman, complete with a mouthful of worms.

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