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By Mike Johnson on 2008-11-09 22:55:00

Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash

Good luck to these guys having to follow the Falls Count Anywhere match. 

They went nose to nose as soon as Joe got into the ring. They began slugging it out.  Joe kept ducking Nash's shots and hitting him time and time again.  Nash was reeling early, using the ropes to keep from falling over.  Joe nailed a a back splash in the corner, then shoulderblocked him over.  Joe began beating Nash with punches in the head and choking him.  Joe chopped at Nash's back and kicked him in the chest, then dropped a knee for a two count.

Joe drilled Nash with a punch and he went to the floor.  He slammed Nash's head into the announcing table.  Joe tried to whip Nash into the ringpost but Nash reversed it.  Joe ate the ringpost.  Nash whipped him into it again.  Nash grabbed a tool box from under the ring and began cutting off the turnbuckle pad in full view of the referee.

Joe ducked a chairshot and kicked Nash in the gut.  Joe tossed him back into the ring but was caught with a knee.  He whipped Nash into the exposed corner, then nailed him.  Nash went down but when Joe advanced, Nash sent him facefirst into the turnbuckle.    Nash kneed Joe in the lower back several times.  Nash set up Joe over the middle rope and nailed him with his legs.  Nash dropped an elbow for a two count.  Joe kicked up but his back was hurt.

Nash continued to work over Joe's lower back.  Joe finally came back with a forearm and a leg lariat to the face.  Joe hit the back senton for a two count.  Joe catches Nash with an elbow as he charged him in the corner.  Joe covered Nash for a two count.  Joe began nailing forearms and elbows.  Nash covered up, then thumbed him in the eye.

Nash went to the floor.  Joe teased a dive but Nash drilled him with a chair as he went to dive.  Nash returned to the ring and covered Joe, who got his shoulder up at two.  Joe began chopping away at Nash.  He rebounded off the ropes but was nailed with a big boot.  Nash called for the Jackknife powerbomb.  He nailed it but Joe got his shoulder up.  Nash looked shocked.

Nash threw Joe into the exposed corner again.   Joe began bleeding.  Nash nailed Joe again in the corner.  Nash went for another powerbomb and nailed it.  Joe kicked out again.  Nash went to grab Joe but Joe locked in a cross arm breaker.  Nash nailed Joe in the face to break it but began grabbing his arm.  When Nash went down, he bumped the ref.  Nash low lowed Joe.  He covered Joe and put his legs on the ropes for the pin.

Your winner, Kevin Nash!

This was far better than you would have expected going in.  Nash sold a ton for Joe and the match itself gave Joe a ton of hope spots.  It wasn't a bad match by any stretch.  I can see fans being angry about the result and I can understand that, but the story was Joe was more than enough for Nash and in the end, Nash had to cheat and lowblow him, then put his feet on the ropes to come out the winner.  This was the best Nash match since, well, I can't remember.  Terry Funk in WCW?

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champ Sting.  Sting didn't even have the belt with him.  Borash said that in six plus years, he's never seen AJ Styles as focused as he is tonight.  He asked Sting if he regrets making the issue with Styles so personal by bringing up his father.  Sting said he doesn't have any regrets and obviously struck a nerve.  He said that he did it to help Styles and for his own good.  Sting said that even now he wants to help Styles, but Styles keeps spitting in his face.  He said that tonight, he doesn't know how he's going to do it, but he's going to kick Styles out of his house.

TNA champ Sting vs. AJ Styles

They did the big match introductions with Jeremy Borash.  Earl Hebner is the referee.

They started slow with some solid back and forth counter-wrestling.  Sting began nailing elbows to the face to break a hammerlock.  Styles was nailed with a bulldog.  Sting rebounded off the ropes but Styles drilled him with a dropkick.  Sting went to the floor to slow down the pace. 

When Sting returned to the ring, Styles slammed him and hit a big kneedrop.  The Impact Zone was doing the dueling chants for both men.  Sting pressed Styles and tossed him over the ropes to the floor.  Styles clutched at his ribs.  Sting whipped him into the guard rail, then pressed and dropped him over the railing. 

Back in the ring, Styles cut off Sting with an over the knee backbreaker.  Styles tried for a hiptoss, but Sting cinched in an abdominal stretch.  Sting began nailing Styles in the ribs.  I keep waiting for Sting to reach for the ropes like a heel but he doesn't.  Styles finally gets out, but Sting pressed and dropped Styles over the top rope.  He began shoulderblocking Styles in the corner.   He went back to the abdominal stretch.  Styles escaped and he and Sting began slugging it out in the center.  Styles finally kicked Sting in the head.  The story of the match at this point was whether Styles could overcome all the damage to recover.

Styles began cleaning house with clotheslines and hit a back suplex on Sting.  Sting tried to backdrop Styles over the ropes but AJ landed on his feet and hit the springboard forearm for a two count.  Styles hit a snap suplex for a two count.  Sting took control and went to the top for a bodypress but Styles ducked.  Styles went for the Styles Clash but Sting kicked him in the head.  Styles staggered into the corner and was nailed with a pair of Stinger Splashes.

Styles fell to the mat in the corner.  Sting set him up again.  Styles was out on his feet and was nailed with a third splash.  Sting put Styles atop the ropes and went for a superplex.  Styles fought it off and hit a sunset flip powerbomb into the ring.  Styles was too hurt to cover Sting at first but finally made his way over.  He changed his mind and went to the top rope.  Styles hit the Spiral Tap off the ropes, then signaled for another one. 

Styles went to the top but Booker T and Kurt Angle came to ringside.  Styles nailed them both.  He went for the Pele Kick on Sting but missed and Sting rolled him up and scored the pin.  Styles looked shocked.

Your winner and still TNA champ Sting!

The other members of the Main Event Mafia (sans Christian Cage and Sharmell) came to the ring and stood triumphant at the end of the night.  They showed Styles, alone, sitting in the aisle distraught over his loss.

A flat ending to an otherwise good, solid match.  This was your typical TNA booking where the finish actually detracted from the quality of everything that came before it. 

They showed clips of the finishes of the top two matches to close out the PPV.

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