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By Mike Johnson on 2008-11-09 22:55:00

TNA Tag Team champs Beer Money Inc. vs. The Motor City Machineguns

James Storm and Chris Sabin started out.  Sabin used power early and worked a babyface style, taking down Storm with several hiptosses and armdrags.  The Guns tagged in and out to control the pace.  Beer Money retreated to the floor.  The Guns hit stereo dives to the floor.  Back in the ring, the Guns nailed the Dream Sequence. 

Beer Money took control, working over Shelley.  Beer Money stomped Shelley in the corner.  Shelley fought his way out of the corner, but was caught with a drop toe hold by Roode.  Beer Money continued their assault on Shelley.  He was tossed to the floor, where Jacquelyn joined in the fun.  She tossed him back into the ring, where he kicked up.  Weird to have Shelley be a total jerk heel in one segment and a babyface in-ring performer in the following one.

Shelley came back with a double DDT, then made the tag to Sabin.  Sabin nailed a cross body on both of Beer Money, nailed a sweeping kick on Storm, and tied them up in the corner.  He and Shelley nailed a kick to each of them.  Sabin went for the Cradleshock but Roode blocked in.  Storm made the blind tag but Sabin kicked him.  Sabin maneuvered Roode to into Storm.  Roode went to the floor, where Shelley hit a dive.

Sabin hit a top rope hurancana, then a frog splash for a near fall.    Sabin nailed several kicks and a twisting elbow in the corner.  Sabin missed a flyinhg clothesline but cauight Roode.  He nailed a backbreaker on Roode.  Shelley hit a top rope senton.  The Guns hit a springboard legdrop, surfboard combination for a two count, but Storm broke up the pin.

Storm tried to a spinning neckbreaker but Sabin hit a enziguiri.  Roode nailed a spinebuster for a two count on Sabin.  Shelley nailed Roode into the corner.  They went for a powerbomb/sliced bread combination but Roode broke it up.  It turned into a Tower of Doom suplex build with Roode getting the worst of it.  Sabin scored a near fall.  The Guns hit their stereo kick combination but Jacquelyn grabbed Sabin and pulled him off by the hair.  She begged off.  Sabin stopped, then slammed her.  Roode went after Sabin, who rolled him up.  Storm spit beer in his eyes, blinding him.  Roode and Storm hit their combination powerbomb/neckbreaker for the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money Inc.

Some good stuff here and at this point, the best match on the show.  There was nothing "awesome" in that blow away sense but some really fun wrestling.  I really, really enjoyed the last five minutes a lot.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with TNA Legends champ Booker T and Sharmell.  Borash said the belt represented the class and dignity the Main Event Mafia feel they deserve.  He asked what would happen if Christian Cage won the belt.  Sharmell spoke for Booker saying he won't be making a comment and he knows the time for talking is done.  She said that he knows what the belt means and that tonight. Christian Cage will become an official member of the Main Event Mafia.  If he loses, does he become a member of the Degrassi Junior High clique?

TNA Legends champ Booker T vs. Christian Cage

Booker was announced as the "self-proclaimed Legends champion."

Scott Hall and ICP were gone from ringside.  I guess they can't upstage the "stars?"  Cage shoulderblocked Booker down for an early pin attempt.  Cage chopped Booker and caught him with an elbow.  Booker kicked up at one and left the ring.  He stalled then returned to the ring.  Booker caught Cage with a spinebuster.  They battled to the floor.  Booker took down Cage and stomped his chest, then flung him into the ringpost with a catapult. 

They returned to the ring, where Booker nailed a superkick to keep Cage down.  He cinched in a side chinlock.  The crowd rallied behind Cage.  Mike Tenay announced the January PPV will be in Charlotte, NC.  TNA should really do a Mid-Atlantic Legends segment, considering how many stars live in that area.  Cage was taken back down to the mat.  Booker locked in a keylock but Cage fought his way to his feet. 

Booker missed a kick attempt and crotched himself.  Cage unloaded with chops in the corner and nailed a series of punches in the corner.  Cage nailed a forearm off the ropes for a two count.  Cage went for the Unprettier.  Booker escaped and Cage tried for a Sharpshooter, but Booker raked his eyes.  Booker nailed several knee strikes to the face.  Cage caught Booker with an inverted DDT after ducking a kick.  Booker kicked out at two.

Sharmell jumped up on the apron to distract Cage as he went to the top.  That allowed Booker to nailed Cage and crotch him.  Booker nailed a superplex off the top.  Cage kicked up at two.  Booker went for the Bookend but Cage escaped and pulled Booker down for a two count.  Cage teased doing a spinaroonie, then tossed Booker over the ropes.  They battled on the apron, where Booker caught him with an Axe Kick for a two count. 

Cage used a double leg takedown to set up a Sharpshooter.    Booker tried to battle to the ropes but Sharmell got on the apron.  Cage let the move go, which even Don West said he shouldn't have done.  She slapped Cage.  Booker charged and nearly nailed Sharmell but stopped short.  Cage caught him with a Bookend for a near fall.   Cage went for a rollup but Booker pulled the tights and scored the pin after reversing.

Your winner, Booker T!

Booker took the mic and said he didn't want to hurt Cage, because he'd like to welcome Cage to the Main Event Mafia.  He said they do things with a protocol and they have a meeting tomorrow morning at 8 AM.  He told Cage he needs him there and needs him on "this team."

Match was what you would expect.

Backstage, Lauren was with Abyss and Matt Morgan.  She asked Abyss if he was healed from his burns.  Abyss said he was fine and the only thing that's been on his mind was Kurt Angle.  Matt Morgan told him that if Abyss wasn't 100%, not only would Angle beat him but would hurt him.  Abyss said he requested Falls Count Anywhere and they would battle to the concession stands and the bleachers.  He said that when Angle opened his pull-filled wounds, he felt pain and tonight, his puss would be replaced with Kurt's blood.  Matt Morgan said that it should be him out there as he walked out.

By the way, Lauren looks hot as hell but in the last few weeks, she's really improved when it comes to facial expressions during interviews and did a great job here looking disturbed by everything Abyss was saying.

The video feature for Angle vs. Abyss mostly focused on Angle's feud with Jeff Jarrett.

Abyss vs. Kurt Angle - Falls Count Anywhere

Angle went right to the floor.  Abyss motioned for him to return to the ring.  I thought he wanted to brawl all over?  Angle avoided an Abyss charge when he returned to the ring, then went back to the floor.  Angle returned and nailed several uppercuts but was clotheslined down.  Angle stepped aside to avoid an Abyss charge, then started working on Abyss' knee.

Abyss nailed Angle and hit Shock Treatment for a two count.  He tossed Angle to the floor.  Angle hopped the railing "trying to escape" (in a Falls Anywhere match?).  Abyss followed and they brawled on the floor.  Angle went up into the bleachers across from the hard cameras and they battled.  Angle tried to use a fan to protect himself.  That was funny.  They made their way towards the entrance area as Abyss stalked behind Angle.  They teased Abyss tossing Angle off the side of the bleachers to the floor below.

Angle raked Abyss' eyes.  He went back to the floor but Abyss followed.  They ended up in the entrance aisle.  Angle grabbed a chair and nailed Abyss in the gut.  He smacked the chair over Abyss' back.  Angle began walking up the aisle to the stage.  Abyss made his way to his feet.  Angle did a running flip dive off the stage to Abyss.  That was awesome and the crowd popped huge for it.  

Abyss made his way to his feet and began taking it out on Kurt.  They battled on the floor in front of the stage.  Abyss tossed Angle facefirst into the wall of the staging area.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."  Abyss signaled for a chokeslam on the floor.  He goozled Angle but Kurt lowblowed him with a kick.  Angle speared Abyss and they crashed through a wall and ended up underneath the entrance stage.  The crowd chanted, "TNA." 

They disappeared under the stage with the cameras losing sight of them.  As the announcers were explaining the situation, Angle crashed through another part of the stage behind them with Abyss in pursuit.  Angle returned to the ring.  Abyss began mauling him with punches but Angle dropkicked him in the knees.  Angle began mauling and kicking the knees.  Abyss came back and hit a running splash in the corner.  Abyss nailed a sideslam for a two count.

Abyss went for Shock Treatment again but Kurt slipped through and nailed the Angle Slam for a two count.  Angle retrieved a chair but when he went to swing it, Abyss punched it into his face.  Abyss wedged the chair into a corner.  Angle tried to attack Abyss but was lowblowed and sent head first into the chair.  With his neck?  He's insane.   Then again, we all knew this.  Abyss hit a chokeslam for a two count.  I think everyone live expected that to be the finish.

Abyss set a chair on Angle's chest, but Angle moved out of the way.  Angle grabbed the chair and killed Abyss with it.  He put the chair on Abyss's chair and went to the top for a moonsault.  He nailed it but Abyss pushed him off before a three count.  Angle went for a bodyblock off the middle rope but was caught.  Abyss set him up for a piledriver but Angle grabbed an anklelock.  Abyss kicked him off with the free leg and nailed the Black Hole Slam for a two count.

Angle scampered from the ring and began crawling away.  Abyss followed him towards the Spanish Announcer's Table.  He then climbed up into the scaffolding behind it.  As someone who's been in the Impact Zone, I can tell you they were heading up pretty damn high.  Abyss pulled Angle down and teased sending Angle into the table.  He pressed Angle above his head but Angle escaped and landed on his feet.  Angle nailed a European uppercut and Abyss took the bump through the table, which exploded like it was made of cardboard.  It was a sick bump since Abyss could have easily missed the table and fallen even farther if he misjudged the fall.  Angle covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

Some great stuff here.  It was Abyss' best showing in months.  The brawling in the crowd didn't have a lot of intensity but the spots through the stage, the table bump and Angle's awesome dive off the stage made this one of the best matches I've seen of late. 

Samoa Joe was backstage being interviewed by Lauren.  Samoa Joe said that he's upset at himself because while Nash was his mentor, he knew that sooner or later, Nash would turn on him and come to him.  He said that he was just surprised that Nash was such a petty bitch, he would do it so soon.  He said Nash has stood next to a lot of people who are better than him that went on to great things because Nash can't stand to be that close to greatness.  Joe said tonight wasn't about respect but about getting revenge. OK promo.

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