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By Buck Woodward on 2008-10-26 22:40:21

Backstage, Chris Jericho pleaded his case to Raw General Manager Mike Adamle, saying he had no chance of retaining his championship if the referee stipulation stood.  Jericho tried to intimidate Adamle, who wouldn't back down.  Suddenly, Jericho looked at his phone, then said he and Adamle would discuss it later and walked off. 

A WWE Diva Halloween Costume contest.

Tazz announced that voting in the Halloween Costume contest was over, and brought out all the Divas in their outfits. After a really long drum roll, Mickie James, who was dressed as Tomb Raider, won.  Then a huge brawl broke out with all the Divas. The heel Divas were all thrown out of the ring, and the babyface Divas were left standing. 

Winner: Mickie James.

The history leading to the WWE Championship match was shown. 

WWE Champion Triple H vs. the fan's choice of: Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov or a Triple Threat match with both men.

Jeff Hardy won with 57%,  Kozlov had 5% and 38% wanted the Triple Threat match.  Unlike the other matches, Hardy and Kozlov were not standing together when the results were revealed. 

They locked up, with HHH backing Hardy into the corner.  He broke clean, then reminded Hardy how close he gets to the title without winning it.  Hardy grabbed a hammerlock, but Triple H used a drop toe hold to escape, only for Jeff to grab it again.  Triple H reversed, grabbed a side mare, and took Jeff down.  Jeff shoved off Triple H, fell down to a shoulderblock, but hit a hiptoss.  Triple H hit an upkick, but as he got to his feet Jeff grabbed an armdrag.  Hardy leapfrogged Triple H in a corner and teased a Twist Of Fate, but Triple H countered and set up for a Pedigree, but Hardy shoved it off. They locked up again and traded headlocks and headscissor reversals until Hardy scored with another armdrag.  There was a "Hardy" chant as Triple H broke out of an armbar with shoulderblocks in the corner.  Triple H ran into a back elbow and Hardy went to the top rope, but Triple H shoved him off the top and Hardy crashed into the security wall on the floor. 

Hardy crawled back into the ring, and HHH tossed Hardy shoulder first into the ringpost, then cradled him for a two count.  Triple H applied an armbar, but Jeff punched out of it.  He kicked away a backdrop, then went for a mule kick, but Triple H dodged it and scored a two count, then went back to work on the arm.  Hardy punched out of it again, but Triple H caught him with a facebuster on the knee.  Triple H then ran the ropes, but Hardy caught him with a clothesline.  Hardy hit a double legdrop between the legs, then a dropkick to a seated HHH for a two count.  Triple H reversed a whip, but Hard floated over a slam and hit a gourdbuster for a two count.  Hardy hit a clothesline in the corner, then went for the elevated kick, but Triple H caught him and hit a spinebuster for a two count. 

Triple H whipped Hardy into a corner, but Hardy jumped onto the ropes and went for a bodypress.  HHH caught it and drove Jeff into the mat with a Crippler Crossface.  Hardy started to go towards the ropes, but Triple H pulled him back into the middle of the ring with the crossface.  Hardy reversed it into a cradle for a two count.  Triple H got to his feet quickly and kicked Hardy out of the ring.  Triple H went to the floor and tried to whip him into the steps, but Hardy reversed it and sent Triple H into the steps.  Hardy then took a running start, and jumped off the ringsteps into a leg lariat, sandwiching Triple H into the security wall.

They got back into the ring, and Hardy went to the top rope and hit the Whisper In The Wind.  Hardy went to the top again as Triple H was getting up and hit a second Whisper.  Triple H kicked out at two. Jeff Hardy hit the elevated kick in the corner for a two count.  Hardy called for the Twist Of Fate and measured Triple H for it.  Hardy went for it, but Triple H shoved Hardy into the corner.  Triple H kicked Hardy and went for a Pedigree, but Hardy pulled his legs out and rolled over for a two count.  Triple H went for a sleeper, but Hardy lunged forward and Triple H went into the turnbuckles.  Jeff Hardy hit the Twist Of Fate for a two count.  Hardy nailed the Swanton Bomb, then instead of going for the cover, went for a second Swanton.  This time, Triple H got his knees up and Hardy crashed into them.  Both men got up and Triple H went for a Pedigree, but Hardy broke out and hit a mule kick.  Triple H fell to the floor.  Hardy hit a pescado, then tossed Triple H back into the ring.  Hardy went to the top rope, but Triple H punched him in the gut, crotching him in the corner.  Hardy leaned over and Triple H grabbed the double underhook, pulled Jeff off the ropes, and hit the Pedigree for the pin at the sixteen minute mark.

Winner: Triple H.

As Triple H exited, he looked back at the ring.  Hardy, on his knees, applauded Triple H and HHH nodded at him in return.

They hyped Survivor Series as "the return of John Cena".

The events leading to Chris Jericho vs. Batista were shown.

World Champion Chris Jericho vs. Batista with the fan's choice of referee: Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels or Randy Orton.

Batista and Jericho both entered before the referee was announced.  Steve Austin won with 74%.  Randy Orton got 4% and Shawn Michaels got 22%.  All three of them were standing together backstage, wearing referee shirts.

Jericho got in the face of Austin as soon as the bell rang.  Jericho then slapped Batista.  Batista shoved Jericho in the corner and hit some shoulderblocks.  Batista whipped Jericho across the ring, and Jericho slid to the floor for a breather.  Jericho started walking out of the building.  Austin got on the mic and said if Jericho gets counted out or disqualified, the belt is changing hands.  Austin began counting and Jericho ran into the ring.  Batista hit a clothesline, then stomped Jericho in a corner.  Batista whipped Jericho across the ring hard, decked him with a punch, and hit another clothesline.  Batista hit a suplex for a two count.  Batista worked over Jericho with elbows in a corner, then hiptossed him.  Jericho tripped Batista out of the ring, then hit a baseball slide.  Jericho went for a springboard dropkick as Batista got on the apron, but Batista swatted it away.  As Batista got in the ring, Jericho kicked him and Batista got his leg caught in the ropes.  Jericho immediately went to work kicking the trapped leg, sending Batista to the floor again.

Jericho went to the outside and kicked the leg, then rolled Batista back into the ring.  Jericho dropped some elbows on the leg, but Batista grabbed Jericho in a chinlock.  Jericho punched the leg to break out, then stomped the limb.  Jericho hit a chopblock, then stomped the leg into the mat.  Jericho stood over Batista and slapped him, and Batista responded with punches.  Batista missed a clothesline and Jericho dropkicked the leg out.  Jericho worked on the legs, twisting and kicking them.  Jericho applied a sleeper, but Batista got to his feet and backed Jericho into a corner.  Batista charged Jericho, who gave him a drop toe hold into the corner.  Jericho hit Batista with a forearm, but Batista stood up and lifted Jericho for a powerbomb.  Jericho floated over and cradled Batista for a two count, then kicked his leg.

Jericho drove Batista's leg into the mat, then kicked the thigh twice. Jericho got a head of steam, and ran into a Batista boot.  Both men got up, and Jericho kicked the leg, but Batista responded with punches, then hit a short clothesline in the corner.  Batista hit a powerslam, then set up for a powerbomb, but Jericho hit the leg and reversed into a Walls Of Jericho.  Jericho switched to a single leg crab on the bad leg, punching it as well.  Batista made the ropes, and Austin pulled Jericho off by the hair when he didn't break immediately.  Jericho complained, and Austin flipped him the bird.  Jericho went back to Batista, but got caught in a sidewalk slam for two.  Batista missed a clothesline and Jericho tried a bodypress, but Batista caught it and set up for a Batista Bomb.  Jericho wriggled and pulled out of it, ending up on the ring apron.  Jericho hit his leg, then went to the top rope.  Jericho jumped off the top rope and Batista caught him with a clothesline.  Batista went for the spear, but Jericho moved and Batista hit the ringpost.  Jericho went out of the ring as well, and set up for something on the ropes, but Batista shoved him back into the ring.  Batista hit a top rope shoulderblock for a two count. Batista went for a backdrop, but Jericho kicked it away.  Jericho ran into a spinebuster, but Batista hit his head on the move, and Jericho covered for a two count.  Jericho complained about the count.  Jericho ran into a back elbow. 

Batista went for a shoulderblock, Jericho moved, and Austin got shoulderblocked out of the ring.  Jericho hit the Codebreaker on Batista.  Shawn Michaels ran down, and counted a really slow two count.  Batista kicked out.  Jericho argued with Michaels, and Michaels teased a superkick, but Jericho moved away, and got hit by a Batista spear.  Batista covered, and Michaels went for a fast count, but JBL ran out, pulled Michaels to the floor and gave him a Clothesline From Hell.  JBL left, as Jericho nodded at him.  Jericho grabbed the title belt, and Austin was getting back in the ring.  Randy Orton ran out and knocked Austin back out of the ring.  Jericho hit Batista with the belt and Orton started to count, but Batista kicked out.  Austin got back in and gave Orton a stunner.  Austin then went to give Jericho a stunner, but Jericho shoved him into the corner.  Batista gave Jericho a spinebuster, then hit the Batista Bomb.  Austin made the three count at the seventeen minute mark.

Winner and new World Champion: Batista.

Austin toasted Batista with a beer to end the show.

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