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By Buck Woodward on 2008-10-26 22:40:21

They showed some more Diva Halloween Costume entrants. 

Fan's choice of the following tag team matches: Miz & John Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme, William Regal & Layla vs. Jamie Noble & Mickie James or World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. CM Punk & Kofi Kingston.

Miz & John Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme won with 38% of the vote. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. CM Punk & Kofi Kingston got 35% and
William Regal & Layla vs. Jamie Noble & Mickie James got 27%.

Morrison started out with JTG, jockeying for position on the lockup.  They broke on the ropes and JTG shoved Morrison.  Morrison grabbed a side headlock, but JTG rolled out and hit a back elbow for a two count.  Morrison hit a shot to the gut, then a forearm.  JTG punched away a backdrop.  Miz tagged in, but JTG hit a dropkick and tagged in Shad for a clothesline in the corner.  Shad slammed Miz for a one count.  Shad slammed Miz, then tagged in JTG and dropped him on top of Miz from his shoulders for a two count.  Miz hit a shot to the throat and tagged in Morrison for a double elbow.  JTG backed Morrison into his corner for a tag, and Shad tossed JTG into a corner splash on Morrison.  Miz and Morrison were thrown to the floor, and Shad press slammed JTG out of the ring onto Miz and Morrison. Shad tossed Morrison back into the ring for a two count. 

Morrison hit a jawbreaker on Shad and backed him into his corner.  Shad fought them both, until Miz hooked his leg and Morrison dropped a knee on it.  Miz then went to work on the leg with a leglace, then tagged in Morrison, who kicked Shad in the back.  Morrison took down Shad with leg kicks, then applied a single leg crab.  Miz tagged in and kept up the leg work, until Shad kicked him away.  JTG tagged in and hit a shoulderblock and a rolling neck snap.  JTG knocked Morrison off the apron, then hit Miz with a side neckbreaker.  JTG went on the ropes, but Morrison distracted him and Miz knocked him to the floor, giving them the advantage.  Morrison choked JTG on the ropes, then blasted him with a running knee for a two count.  

Miz tagged in and hit the through the ropes clothesline in the corner for a two count.  Miz put JTG in a chinlock, and went to catapult him into Morrison, but JTG gook advantage of it and punched Morrison off the apron.  JTG made the hot tag to Shad, who cleaned house, with Shad hitting Morrison with a flapjack for a two count.  Shad threw Morrison into the corner, but as he charged in, Morrison dropkicked his bad leg.  Morrison tried to put his feet on the ropes, but JTG knocked it off.  The match broke down, with all four men in the ring.  As the referee tried to get JTG out of the ring, Shad lifted Morrison for the pin.  Miz clipped Shad's bad knee, and Morrison turned the slam attempt into the Midnight Drive for the pin at the ten minute mark. 

Winners: Miz & John Morrison. 

They showed some more Diva Halloween Costume entrants. 

Chris Jericho tried to convince Great Khali to help him out with Batista.  No luck there, either.

Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella vs. the fan's choice of Roddy Piper, Honky Tonk Man or Goldust.

Santino Marella came out to cut a promo, and mentioned Shaquille O'Neal, who was seated at ringside.  Santino "realized" he was there, and moved on with his promo, which centered on athletic "has beens". 

Honky Tonk Man won with 35%.  Roddy Piper had 24% and Goldust had 31%.  Piper shook Honky's man for winning the vote.  Honky came out, no Jimmy Hart, and took the mic.  Honky cut a promo on Santino saying Santino can't sing or dance like the Honky Tonk Man.  Honky said Santino could be champion for ten years, and still not be as great as the Honky Tonk Man.  Honky then danced, then Santino danced, and hit Honky with a cheap shot.  They locked up, and Santino backed Honky into a corner, but Honky reversed out of it.  Honky put Santino in a side headlock and hit a right hand.  Honky grabbed another headlock, then hit a shoulderblock.   Beth Phoenix, from ringside, tripped Honky Tonk, but the referee saw it and disqualified Santino at the less-than-one-minute mark. 

Winner via disqualification: Honky Tonk Man. 

Santino Marella screamed at Beth Phoenix for costing him the match on this "important" Pay-per-view.  As Santino and Beth went to leave, Goldust's music hit and he came out.  Then Piper's music hit, and he came out, to a pop.  Piper spat his gum at Marella.  Marella ran back into the ring to avoid them, and was soon trapped between all three veterans.  Goldust gave him a gourdbuster, Piper gave him a series of punches, and Honky Tonk gave Santino the Shake, Rattle, N' Roll neckbreaker.  Honky Tonk man slipped, I think on Goldust's wig, as he got up.

They showed some more Diva Halloween Costume entrants.

The history leading to Big Show vs. Undertaker was shown.  Chavo Guerrero wheeled out Vickie Guerrero to announce the winning stipulation for the Big Show-Undertaker match.

The Undertaker vs. Big Show with the fan's choice of a Knockout Match, an I Quit match or a Last Man Standing match.

Last Man Standing scored 49%, I Quit got 42%, and Knockout match got 9%.  Vickie said the I Quit match won, but that appeared to be a miscue of some kind, as she then read down all the choices, then announced Last Man Standing as the winner (which we already knew since the graphic was already up).

Undertaker entered first, then Big Show entered, smiling.  They threw punches at the start, with Undertaker connecting and putting Show against the ropes.  Taker went for a whip, but Show sent him over the top rope and to the floor.  Show followed him out, and they threw punches again, with Show hitting some body blows before headbutting Undertaker.  Show tossed Undertaker into the timekeepers area.  Undertaker grabbed Show and yanked him chest first across the security wall.  Undertaker then hit Show in the head with a chair.  Show stumbled back towards the ring and crawled in.  Undertaker got in and hit two avalanches in the corner.  Show reversed a whip, but ran into an Undertaker boot.  Undertaker hit the ropes, but ran into a clothesline by Big Show.  Show headbutted Undertaker, then hit some body blows in a corner.  Show headbutted Undertaker, pulled him out of the corner, then headbutted him to the mat.  Big Show dropped a leg, and the referee began the ten count.  Undertaker was getting up at seven when Show stomped Undertaker down, kicking him from the ring.

Big Show put Undertaker up against the ringpost, but missed with a chairshot. Undertaker hit some punches, then put the chair under Show's chin and rammed it into the ringpost.  Show went down in a heap at ringside, and the referee got up to eight before Show was up.  Show went to crawl back into the ring, but Undertaker punched him and kicked him in the face.  Undertaker hit a forearm to the chest, then hit the ring apron legdrop.  Show crawled into the ring.  Undertaker hit some punches and kicked at Show's leg.  Big Show blocked another whip attempt and hit a short arm clothesline.   Both men were down on the mat, with Show up at five and Undertaker getting up at eight.  Show headbutted Undertaker, then hit a series of punches and kicks to the gut.  Taker dared Show to hit more, and Show headbutted Taker twice.  They traded punches and headbutts, then Show hit more body shots.  Taker hit some unanswered punches, but Show hit a knee to the gut, then headbutted Taker into the ropes. 

Undertaker hit a series of punches, ducked a clothesline by Show, and went for a chokeslam.  Show grabbed his own guzzle, knocked Taker's hand away and went for the chokeslam, but Undertaker turned it into a DDT.  Show was down for a nine count.  Undertaker started throwing punches, but paused due to being winded while Show tried to pull off a turnbuckle pad.  It didn't come off, so Show headbutted Undertaker, went to another corner and pulled off the pad.   Show went to slam Undertaker into it, but Taker floated over, shoved Show gut first into the exposed turnbuckle, then hit a clothesline.  Show got up at nine.  Undertaker charged for a kick, but Show moved and Undertaker crotched himself on the top rope, then fell to the floor.

Show came outside and rammed Undertaker into the ring steps.  Show hit some body blows, then rammed Undertaker into the Raw announce table.  Big Show grabbed a TV monitor and hit Undertaker in the face with it.  Show kicked Undertaker over the security wall and into the crowd.  Show grabbed a steel chair and approached Undertaker, but Taker punched the chair into Show's face.  Undertaker began to climb over the security wall, but Show grabbed Undertaker, pulling him up onto the security wall, then chokeslamming him through the ECW announce table.  Undertaker got up at the nine count, barely getting his knee off the ground on what Jim Ross called "a long nine".  Undertaker slumped back down, and Big Show approached him.  Undertaker threw some punches that had no effect, and Big Show headbutted him.  Big Show sent Undertaker back into the ring, and Undertaker got to his feet.  Undertaker threw a punch, but Show slammed a right hand into his side.  Show continued with kidney punches, but Undertaker came back with punches to the face.  Show responded with more body shots, then went for a backdrop and Undertaker counted with a DDT.

Both men were down.  Undertaker sat up.  Both men were slow to their feet, and Undertaker went for the rope walk.  Undertaker jumped off for the forearm, but Big Show caught him by the throat and hit a chokeslam.  Undertaker was down for a nine count, and Show called for a chokeslam, then instead clenched his fist.  Big Show hit a straight right hand to the face, decking the Undertaker.  Taker appeared out cold, but sat up at the eight count, then got his knees off the mat at nine, and slumped against the ropes.  Big Show grabbed a chair and blasted Undertaker in the head with it.  Big Show then pulled Undertaker up, teasing the jackhammer punch, but Undertaker grabbed the gogoplata (Jim Ross called it the "Death Valley Vice", so maybe it has a name now).  Show tapped like crazy, but the match can't be stopped on a tapout.  Undertaker released the hold, and Show seemed to be out cold.  The referee counted, and Undertaker got to his feet just at the ten count to be declared the winner at the twenty minute mark.  Undertaker then slumped down in the corner.

Winner: The Undertaker.

They showed Chavo Guerrero wheeling Vickie away from the Cyber Sunday Control Center.  Big Show eventually rolled out of the ring, clutching his throat as he walked off.  A tired Undertaker stood up, then posed in the center of the ring.

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