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By Mike Johnson on 2008-07-13 22:57:01

Ultimate X match was OK (I'm writing that a lot, but it just feels like nothing is getting out of first gear tonight after that awesome opener), but if it wasn't for that Kaz spot, it wouldn't be memorable.

The final Booker T vignette was Booker playing on a golf course he claimed was his own.  He said he was going to make Samoa Joe bow down and they were going to party in celebration of his title win.  He promised there would be a new champion and said, "It's great to be Booker T."

Frank Trigg joined the announce team for the six man tag.  He said where you find Kurt Angle, you'll find Frank Trigg.

Jeremy Borash announced Full Metal Mayhem had won the voting.  No big shock there since that's what they were pushing to the fans the entire time.

Team 3D & Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage & Rhino & AJ Styles

Styles and Angle began brawling into the aisle.  Cage choked out Ray against the table at ringside.  Styles hit a running dive out of the ring on Devon and Styles.  Trigg was doing full-on heel announcing.  Rhino nailed a spinebuster on Angle.  Yeah,. Angle's really going to protect himself, obviously.  Cage got a trash can and beat Brother Ray with it for a two count.  Ray came back with a back bodydrop on Cage.

Styles hit a springboard forearm on Ray for a near fall.  Styles is showing a lot of fire.  Devon cut him off.  Styles tried to avoid them but was caught with a flapjack.  Rhino and Christian nailed them with a ladder.  Angle nailed Cage and Rhino with a steel chair, then drilled Rhino in the back.  

Angle hit an overhead release belly-to-belly suplex on Cage.  Team 3D sandwiched Rhino between two ladders.  It's almost a shame these guys are busting out all these big spots in a match that wasn't advertised.  Styles went to the top of a ladder and dove off on Brother Ray, but almost lost his footing as he dove so it was a scary moment.  The heels tripled Styles.  That gave Cage the chance to climb to the top of one of the Ultimate X structures and dive off with a bodypress on all three in the ring.  Nice spot.

Cage grabbed a ladder but Ray nailed a chair into the ladder.  He then drilled Styles across the back with the chair.  Rhino gored Ray, then Devon, then Angle.  This match is awesome just for the crazy spots and chaos.

Rhino went under the ring and grabbed a table.  He set up Devon for a superplex into a table but Ray came from behind and got Rhino on his shoulders.  Devon hit a clothesline through the table.  Devon grabbed his ankle after he landed.  Cage hit a double-clothesline on the Dudleys.

Angle grabbed Cage for a suplex, but Cage turned it into an Unprettier attempt.  Angle escaped and rolled into the anklelock.  Cage turned it into a forward roll for a two count.  Cage went to the top but Angle tried to catch him with a suplex.  Cage bit Angle and shoved him off.  Devon cut off Cage and Team 3D hit the Dudley Death Drop through a table to the floor on Cage.  

Styles returned to the ring but Ray drilled him with a trash can.  Devon is still hobbling on his ankle. It was hurting to watch him.  AJ fought back against all three but Ray kicked Styles right in the face.  Ray turned to the camera and said, "You didn't know I had that one in me, did ya?"  

Team 3D set up another table in the ring while another was braced against the corner.  Ray went to the top after placing Styles on a table.  AJ nailed him with a low blow, then hit a facebuster off the ropes through a table.  Styles then nailed Devon, sending him through a table.  It was down to Styles and Angle.  

Styles hit the Clash but Angle kicked up.  Johnny Devine hit the ring with a Singapore Cane but Styles ducked and hit the Pele Kick.  Styles pointed at Frank Trigg with the Cane but was caught with the Olympic Slam.  Angle set up a table.  He shoved Earl Hebner, who began grabbing his ankle.

Angle went to his the Olympic Slam through a table but Styles escaped and began beating Angle.  Trigg left the commentary table and struck Styles across the head with it while Styles was at the top of the ladder.  Angle grabbed the stunned Styles and hit the Olympic Slam through a table and scored the pin.

Your winners, Team 3D and Kurt Angle!

I enjoyed this a lot.  There were a lot of fun spots and if they are building to Trigg vs. Styles, the finish made a lot of sense.  The only downside was the possible Devon injury.  There was a ton of great spots here and some good old school wrestling chaotic action.

TNA champion Samoa Joe was interviewed by Jeremy Borash.  Borash said that some think Joe might have doubts.  Joe said the only person who has doubts was Kevin Nash.  Joe promised he was going to take out Booker and didn't have a doubt about it.  Nash showed up and promised he was in Joe's corner and wished him luck.  Joe said he believed Nash but if Nash was really in his corner, Joe wanted him to stay in the back no matter what happened.  Nash promised that he would and they shook hands.

TNA champion Samoa Joe vs. Booker T

They showed Sharmell watching from the front row leading chants for Booker.  Joe and Booker faced off at the bell.  They teased locking up and acted like it was an MMA fight, circling each other early.  Booker slapped Joe.  They finally locked up and Booker backed up Joe, then slapped him.  Joe came back with chops.  They went back and forth.  Booker is the babyface live in a big way.  

Joe whipped Booker in the corner then hit a back elbow then a kick to the head.  Booker rakes Joe's eyes to break the momentum.  Booker missed a scissor kick, then hit a running knee lift for a two count.  Joe kept control with strikes and headbutts.  

Booker maneuvered Joe to the floor after a short-arm clothesline.  They brawled around ringside.  Booker thumbed Joe in the eye, then tossed him into the guard rail.    Joe was whipped into the ring steps right in front of Sharmell.  Joe was busted open.  Booker continued to work over Joe with punches, then brought him back into the ring.  Booker took him down with a big right hand.

Joe tried to fight back but Booker kept control.  Joe avoided a kick and hit one of his own to the chest.  Joe went for the senton splash but missed.  Booker hit the Axe Kick for a two count.  Booker controlled Joe, who finally came back with a snap slam and a suplex.  The story was how bad the blood loss was hurting Joe.  Booker went for the Bookend but Joe avoided and hit a suplex for a two count.

Joe ducked a kick and Joe nailed a big forearm.  Booker nailed the referee, who went down.  Joe gave the Stan Hansen Texas horns signal then hit a lariat on Booker.   They showed a lot of reaction shots of Sharmell.  Joe tossed Booker over the top.  He dragged Booker past her and puts Booker in a chair for the Ole Ole Kick.  Sharmell started screaming for Joe to stop it after he hit the kick. 

Joe throw Booker into the ringpost.  He looked at Sharmell who told him to stop, then slapped him.  Joe went after her but a "bodyguard" jumped in front and Joe nailed him, then took out others around her, including Atlas Security.  He then turned his attention to Booker, who was busted open.  Joe started taking out referees left and right. 

Joe began ripping at Booker's cut.  Several TNA "officials" came out to reason with Joe, who ignored them.  Security hit the ring, but Joe killed or suplexed them all.  Joe began dragging Booker by the hair.  Sharmell got in the ring asking him to stop, then began screaming for someone to help.  Cue Kevin Nash?

Joe continued to work over Booker.  Sting's music hit.  Hello, Bound for Glory main event!  Sting made his way out.  Sting tried to tell Joe to back off but was ignored.  Joe went back to work on Booker.  Sting got on the apron.  He told Joe he's gone too far.  Joe left the ring and followed Sting up the apron, then ran back into the ring and kept beating on Booker. 

Sting hit the ring and pulled off Joe by his hair.  He told Joe that he made his point.  Joe gave Sting a one finger salute and turned his back.  Sting nailed Joe with the baseball bat.  Booker covered Joe and Sharmell counted three.  Booker rolled out of the ring and Sharmell grabbed the TNA championship.  The announcers pointed out Booker never actually won the belt.

We went off the air with Sting standing over the comatose Joe.


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