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By Mike Johnson on 2008-07-13 22:57:01

TNA Tag Team champions LAX vs. Robert Roode & James Storm - Fans' Revenge Match

Let's just say 90% of the Lumberjacks, when compared with the crowd shots of fans at MMA shows, are from another universe.

Homicide and Roode started.  Roode got tossed to the floor and five fans started lashing him.  Roode tossed Homicide out, but the fans did nothing.  Homicide grabbed Storm's beer and started drinking.  Storm went after him and got whipped for his trouble.  Storm was tossed out of the ring but skinned the cat to escape the fans.  He gave Homicide the FU sign but Hector Guerrero hooked him and pulled him out so the fans could whip him again.

LAX worked over Storm.  The story of the match was all about the fans getting shots in early on the heels.  Roode finally nailed a spinebuster on Homicide.  Storm cinched in a rear chinlock.  Beer Money taunted Hernandez so they could double-team Homicide with the Hart Attack clothesline.  Homicide tried to make a tag out but Roode cut him off and dragged him back to the heels' corner.

Homicide came back with a T-Bone Tazplex.  Homicide tagged in and Hernandez hit a flying shoulderblock on Roode then a Crackerjack on Storm.  Hernandez charged Roode in the corner but was hit with a boot.  Hernandez shrugged it off and hit a sit-down powerbomb for another two count.  Hernandez went for the Crackerjack but Storm hit a flying clothesline.  Beer Money tried to superplex Hernandez off the top in stereo but he fought them off and hit a splash off the top on Storm for another two count.

Homicide hit a tornado DDT.  Roode ended up on the floor and was lashed.   LAX double-teamed Roode and scored the win.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champs LAX!

Match was OK but didn't scratch the surface of what they probably could have done with more time in a traditional setting.  it wads 

The second Booker T vignette was Booker working out in the ring at his school, interspersed with comments from his students about what a great man Booker is and what they've been taught by him.

They aired a video feature on Awesome Kong vs. Taylor Wilde

TNA Knockout champion Taylor Wilde vs. Awesome Kong

Not a big reaction for Wilde coming out.  Kong attacked Wilde immediately, then splashed her for a two count.  The story early seemed to be that Wilde got lucky but Kong won't be caught by surprise again.  Kong continued to beat her as Wilde tried to fight her way back to her feet.  Kong began punching and chopping Wilde, who crumbled into the corner.

Kong choked Wilde against the ropes with her leg.  Kong dragged her to the center of the ring and put her foot over Wilde's throat.  Kong locked on a Camel Clutch.  Wilde refused to give up and finally pulled one arm free.  Kong dropped down across her back, then locked in the Clutch again.  Wilde pulled Kong's hair but was caught in the corner.

Wilde avoided the Awesome Bomb and nailed a dropkick , then a missile dropkick.  An enraged Kong came back to hit a massive clothesline.  Kong went to the ropes for a splash but Wilde attacked her on the ropes and used her arm to take Kong down into the ring.  She went for the pin and got a two count.  Kong missed the spinning backfist and Wilde rolled her up for a two count.  Kong went for the powerbomb but Wilde rolled her into a forward roll and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockout champ Taylor Wilde!

Match was OK, which seems to be a pattern tonight.  Crowd really wanted Kong to win.

Saied attacked Wilde in the aisle and tossed her back into the ring.  They stomped and worked over Taylor.  Kong killed her with the Implant Buster.  Kong set up for the Awesome Bomb but Saied said to wait, then got a chair.  Abyss' music hit and he made his way to the ring, complete with pyro.  Kong got right in Abyss' face when he hit the ring.  Saied stepped between them and forced Kong to back off.  Saied then got into Abyss' face and slapped him.  Abyss nailed the Black Hole Slam on her.  The announcers were teasing that Jim Cornette would have something to say about that, since it was man on female violence.

The next Booker T segment was Booker talking about his businesses, including a restaurant called "Sharmell's" which I think was a work.  Booker was caught telling an employee to water down the drinks and make the portions smaller on the meals, so they saved money.  That was funny.

They showed Ultimate X bumps set to music.

Ultimate X: Team Japan's Naruki Doi vs. Team TNA's Kaz vs. Team Mexico's Volador Jr. vs. Team International's Daivari

Kaz went to the cables right away but was pulled down by Daivari.  They made it a point to note Kaz is the only one with UX experience.  Daivari was pushed into the steel structure and went to the ground.  Kaz nailed Doi with a series of kicks.  Volador nailed a rana on Kaz, but was then kicked by Doi.  Doi was kicked off as he went after Volador on the ropes.  Volador climbed the cables, then dropped down and snapped Doi with a rana.  

Kaz and Daivari brawled on the floor with Daivari getting the better of it with a whip into the railing.  Kaz was triple-teamed by the others, going after his arm in order to prevent him from maneuvering the cables to the X hanging above the ring.  Kaz fought them off and tried to go to the cables.  He fell right off due to his hurt arm.  The other three went right back to work on him.  Volador and Daivari nailed Kaz with moves in the corner.  They told Doi to do it as well but he flipped them off, so they turned on him.

Doi and Daivari battled on the structure.  A series of headbutts sent him taking a bump to the floor.  Daivari went to maneuver the cables but Volador pulled him down.  Daivari came down fighting and they went back and forth.  Volador got the better and went for the cables.  Kaz recovered but Doi hit the ring.  They went back and forth and Kaz maneuvered Doi to headbutt Volador low while he was hanging off the cables.  

Doi took Kaz out and began maneuvering the cables backwards.  Kaz joined him and kicked off Doi.  Volador and Kaz fought their way to the X.  Kaz kicked him off but was unable to get it before Daivari made his way to the center.  Kaz took a bump into the ring.  Daviari tried to grab it but Volador ran interference.  

Volador and Doi both nailed cross body blocks on the other and collided in the center of the ring.  Doi tried to make his way across but was dropkicked off by Volador.  Volador hit a moonsault off the top onto Doi on the floor. 

Kaz and Daivari climbed up one of the steel structures and battled atop of it.  They went back and forth with shots to each other, teasing one would fall.  Daivari began climbing across the cables, hanging underneath.  Kaz stood on the top of the steel girder and then hit an Alabama Jam off of it, legdropping Daivari off the cables to the mat, taking them both out.  That was insane and I hope we never see that spot again.  I had visions of Johnny the Bull destroying himself with a springboard legdrop to the floor that put him out of action for months.

Volador took the initiative to climb across and capture the X.

Your winner, Volador Jr.!

Your winners of the World X Cup, Team Mexico.

Mike Tenay, with a translator, interviewed Team Mexico inside the ring.  Volador thanked the Latin fans and said, "Wow."  Ultimo Guerrero said he was very happy and proud.


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