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By Richard Trionfo on 2008-04-13 22:52:46
Welcome to the live coverage of TNA’s Lockdown pay per view featuring every match inside a steel cage. I will be providing the live play-by-play for tonight’s pay per view since Mike Johnson is at the Paul Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts. Make sure to check out all of the coverage leading up to tonight’s pay per view on the site. After the pay per view, check out the Lockdown Audio Recap and Mike Johnson’s live thoughts and probably audio about his experience at Lockdown.

The pre-show starts off with the Lockdown commercial followed by the video package chronicling the feud between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe that aired on this week’s Impact. We next see the video package for the Booker T/Robert Roode feud. The next match previewed is the battle of the James Gang/VKM with comments from Kip James followed by BG James. The next video package is for the women’s tag match. The next package is for the Lethal Lockdown Match. This is followed by a longer video package that covers all of the matches on the card.

The show starts off with Mike Tenay in the cage talking about how tonight is about more than the TNA Heavyweight Title. It is about the career of one man. If Samoa Joe loses, he must say goodbye to the only thing he knows and the only thing he loves. Is tonight Samoa Joe’s Final Stand?

We begin with the standard TNA video package that focuses on the violence that we will see from Lockdown.

We see the Tsongas Arena as the camera pans around the arena. We get pyro and then we go to Don West in the crowd. He talks about how there is a fever pitch in the building. Don asks a few fans at ringside who they think will win the match between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Don sends it to Jeremy Borash into the stands where he asks a few fans who will win the main event. Jeremy says that the roof will be blown off the building tonight.

Mike Tenay welcomes everyone at ringside and he asks if it comes any bigger than putting your career on the line.

We get the X Factors for tonight. It focuses on Jay Lethal’s courtship of So Cal Val, Lethal’s friendship with Sonjay Dutt, and the rules of the match.

The opening match is the X Division Xscape Match

Match Number One: TNA X Division Champion Jay Lethal versus Shark Boy versus Curry Man versus Sonjay Dutt versus Consequences Creed versus Johnny Devine in an X Division Xscape Match for the TNA X Division Title

Before the match starts, we see So Cal Val applauding Lethal’s entrance into the cage. The match starts with Dutt and Devine in the ring. Devine with a kick and punch but Dutt with a rana and moonsault into an arm drag. Dutt hits Curry Man when he tries to go after Devine. Dutt and Lethal work together to hit a moonsault on Curry Man. Lethal with a backbreaker and he holds on to Devine for a moonsault from Dutt. Dutt and Lethal double team Shark Boy and then they hit a double drop kick on Creed. Lethal with a jawbreaker to Shark Boy and Dutt with a clothesline from a somersault. Dutt and Lethal continue to double team Devine. Dutt and Lethal try for a double superplex but Shark Boy and Curry Man hit power bombs on Dutt and Lethal while Devine holds onto the cage. Creed with an arm drag from the turnbuckles that sends Devine into Shark Boy and Curry Man. Lethal and Dutt take down Creed when Dutt uses Lethal for additional momentum on a head scissors. Dutt with a head scissors take down of Lethal with Lethal landing on Creed. Dutt shakes the ropes. Shark Boy with a Stunner on Lethal but Dutt makes the save for Lethal. Devine with a rollup to eliminate Sonjay Dutt.

Shark Boy with a missile drop kick to Devine followed by a jawbreaker. Shark Boy punches Devine against the cage and then he drops Devine on the top rope. Shark Boy with boots to Devine. Creed with a fisherman’s neckbreaker to Shark Boy. Creed punches Curry Man and then he Irish whips Curry Man. Creed misses a splash in the corner and Curry Man puts Creed in the turnbuckles and Curry Man with a running butt splash in the corner. Curry Man has Devine up for the Spicy Drop but Creed sends Shark Boy into Curry Man. Creed with a DDT to Shark Boy to pin Shark Boy.

Creed with a splash followed by a leaping clothesline on Curry Man for a two count. Curry Man dances on Creed’s back and then he hits a flying clothesline on Creed. Curry Man goes up top and he climbs to the top of the cage. Devine shakes the cage and Curry Man hangs on top of the cage. Devine with head butts to Devine. Lethal tries to slam Devine’s head into the cage but Devine knocks Lethal off the top rope. Devine misses a shooting star press and Lethal with clotheslines to Devine followed by a hip toss. Creed blocks Lethal’s drop kick. Devine and Creed with a double back body drop to Lethal. Creed and Devine battle in the ring and Curry Man hits a somersault splash onto Creed and Devine.

Curry Man sends Creed into Devine and Curry Man hits a running butt splash on Devine. Curry Man hits the Spicy Drop on Creed to eliminate Creed. Devine tries for a rollup on Curry Man. Curry Man holds Devine for a Hart Attack from Lethal but Lethal only gets a two count. Curry Man gets a near fall. Lethal with a boot to Curry Man and then Lethal goes to the top turnbuckle but he misses. Curry Man with the Spice Rack to Lethal but Devine with a kick to Curry Man’s head. Devine with the butterfly pile driver to Curry Man to eliminate Curry Man.

Devine goes for the open door but Lethal keeps him in the cage. Devine sends Lethal into the cage and then Devine uses the tape on his wrist to tie Lethal to the ropes. Devine punches Lethal and then he goes for the door. We see Dutt and Val on the floor. Dutt keeps the door closed and tells Devine that he needs to climb the cage. Dutt goes under the ring and he gets scissors. Devine is at the top of the cage but Lethal escapes from the tape and he dives out of the cage to win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

After the match Lethal celebrates with Dutt and Val.

Jeremy Borash is with Frank Trigg in the back and Jeremy asks about high profile matches like Joe and Angle are facing tonight. Jeremy asks who has the advantage right now. Trigg says that if Angle and Joe are like him, they would be throwing up now because it is nerve wracking. Trigg says that Angle has been in tough matches before. Trigg says that Joe hasn’t been in the spotlight like this before. He says that Joe might have an advantage but when Kurt Angle is punching you in the face, it will be hard. Trigg says that Joe will be able to hang for a while, but Angle’s intensity will win the match. Jeremy asks if Joe might have learned something. Trigg says that Joe had a great trainer, but to put eight weeks of training into five weeks it would be tough to win the match. It could happen, but he does not think it will happen.

The Queen of the Cage Match is up next.

Match Number Two: Velvet Sky versus Angelina Love versus Traci Brooks versus Rhaka Khan versus Roxxi Laveaux versus Christy Hemme versus Jacqueline Moore versus Salinas in the Queen of the Cage Match

The women start off outside the cage as Dave Penzer announces the rules. We see the women battle on the floor as some try to climb the cage. Velvet and Angelina work over Roxxi while Traci and Jacqueline fight on the other side of the ring. Rhaka Khan battles with Salinas. Angelina Love is at the top of the cage and she makes her way into the ring. Velvet Sky climbs the cage but so does Traci and Roxxi. Roxxi stops Velvet on the top of the cage. Traci and Jacqueline climb but Angelina stops them. Roxxi makes her way into the cage.

Roxxi Laveaux versus Angelina Love

Roxxi and Angelina get face to face to determine the number one contender. Roxxi with a forearm to Angelina followed by an Irish whip and running butt splash. Roxxi with a running boot for a two count. Angelina with a jawbreaker followed by a knee and flying clothesline. Love slams Roxxi’s head into the mat. Angelina chokes Roxxi with a scarf and then she tries to send Roxxi into the cage but Roxxi blocks it. Roxxi misses a clothesline but Angelina with a bicycle kick for a two count. Angelina throws a fit in the ring and then she chokes Roxxi in the ropes. Roxxi with a boot and then she gets Angelina on her shoulders for the Dominator but Angelina gets out of the hold. Angelina hits Lights Out but Roxxi kicks out at two. Angelina with a chop. Roxxi with a waist lock but Angelina with a standing switch. Angelina with a rollup but Angelina is sent into the cage and Roxxi hits the Voodoo Drop for the three count.

Winner: Roxxi Laveaux

We go to the back where Lauren is with Samoa Joe earlier today. She brings up the stipulation for tonight’s match. Joe says that there is no need to reiterate what he said five weeks ago. Joe says that he has not thought about what would happen if he loses and cannot wrestle again. Joe says that he can take from Kurt and he will not let Kurt take from him. He has bled and sacrificed for this sport so he is not going to let Angle take it away from him. Joe says that he has a mission because Kurt holds what he desires. Joe says that he will sacrifice his career and his life for the title. Joe says that he did not lay his hands on Angle at Impact because he wants Angle at his best.

The Battle of the James is next.

Match Number Three: Kip James versus BG James

Kip with a punch as the bell ring and Kip with boots to BG followed by more punches on the mat. Kip misses a clothesline and BG with jabs and Kip with an Ace Cutter to counter BG’s dancing roundhouse. BG is on the apron and Kip runs the back of BG’s head into the cage. Kip with an Irish whip but BG with an elbow to a charging Kip. Kip with a knee to the midsection and BG is down in the center of the ring. Kip with an elbow to the top of the head followed by a reverse chin lock. BG gets to his feet but Kip with a knee. BG with a kick to Kip but Kip sends BG face first into the cage. Kip with a kick to the midsection and he hits the Move Formerly Known as the Fameasser. Kip can only get a two count because he takes his time to make the cover. Kip goes to the second turnbuckle and BG moves. BG with a low blow to Kip and both men are down. They are up and Kip and BG exchange punches but BG with the advantage. BG with a back elbow to Kip. BG gets his chance for jabs and then he says no dance party and he sends Kip into the cage three times. BG with a punch to the top of the head. BG with a knee drop for a two count. BG misses a splash into the ropes and BG crotches himself in the ropes when Kip moves. Kip tunes up the high school band but he misses the splash in the corner and BG with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: BG James

After the match, BG offers his hand to Kip in the corner and he brings Kip into the center of the ring. They stand face to face and they talk. BG starts to walk out but Kip stops him and Kip raises BG’s arm. But it is just to set him up for a short arm clothesline. Kip stands over BG and he does a crotch chop. This feud will not die.

We go to the back where Kurt Angle is with Jeremy Borash. Jeremy says that he has gotten to know Kurt over the last year but over the last five weeks, Angle has distanced himself from everything important in his life for this match. Kurt says that when he was with the WWE, anyone they threw his way, he beat them and made them tap out. Angle says that he started to watch the competition, TNA. He saw Samoa Joe and Joe was more than a man, he was an animal. He only saw the intensity he saw in Joe one place, and that was in the mirror. Angle says that Joe has taken him to the limit four times. Joe also took everything that he gave him. He knew that he had to do something drastic because they both wanted one thing and both cannot have it. Angle tells Joe that it is not only about business, it is personal . . . it is very personal. In order to prove that he is the very best, he needs to make Joe tap out. He needs to end Joe’s career. He tells Joe it is not about winning or losing, it is about survival.

The Cuffed in the Cage Match is next.

Coverage continues on next page.

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