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By Richard Trionfo on 2008-04-13 22:52:46
As the ring entrances happen, we see Rellik and Black Reign attacking Eric Young. Kaz comes out to try to help Young and security comes out.

Match Number Four: Kaz and Eric Young versus the Motor City Machine Guns of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley versus LAX of Homicide and Hernandez versus the Rock and Rave Infection of Jimmy Rave and Lance Hoyt versus Black Reign and Rellik versus Petey Williams and Scott Steiner in the Cuffed in a Cage Match

There are only eleven men starting off the match because of what happened to Eric Young. The bell rings and Steiner clotheslines a lot of people. Hoyt hits Rave when Steiner moves out of the way. Steiner with suplexes to Black Reign, Hernandez, and Rellik. Steiner with a tilt-a-whirl slam to Homicide. Steiner hits a fireman’s carry slam from the turnbuckles on Rave. Hernandez sets up Steiner for a clothesline and Homicide with a senton onto Steiner while Steiner is on Hernandez’s knees. Rellik, Rave, and Black Reign cuff Steiner to the cage.

LAX work on Hoyt while the Machine Guns work on Williams. Eric Young tries to get into the cage but Rellik and Black Reign impede his entry. Young gives up, but I don’t think we have seen the last of Eric. Shelley kicks Williams in the corner. Black Reign and Rellik work over Kazarian. Shelley with a back kick to Williams but Williams sends Shelley into the cage and Williams tries to lock Shelley into the cage and he does it so Shelley is eliminated.

Sabin tries for a Tornado DDT on Kazarian but Kazarian blocks it and hits the Wave of the Future into the cage and Sabin is cuffed so the Machine Guns are out of the match. Williams with a drop kick to Rellik’s knee and an Ace Cutter. Rellik and Black Reign with a spike DDT and Black Reign cuffs Williams to the cage. LAX work over Hoyt and he hits a body block on Hoyt. Kazarian sets for the Flux Capacitor on Homicide but Homicide hits a Gringo Cutter. Hernandez gets Hoyt up for a Border Toss but Rave gets out of the hold and he hits a cracker jack on Rave into the cage. Hoyt with a clothesline to Hernandez. Black Reign sets Hernandez in the ropes and he punches Hernandez down low. Hernandez is cuffed by Black Reign.

Kazarian hits the Flux Capacitor on Rave as the camera men miss the set up of the move. Homicide has been cuffed to eliminate LAX. Kazarian with a spin kick to Hoyt. Hoyt with a boot to Kazarian. Kazarian with a kick to Hoyt as Hoyt gets on the top turnbuckle. Kazarian sets for the Flux Capacitor on Hoyt but Hoyt sends Kazarian into the cage and then he choke slams Kazarian from the top turnbuckle. Kazarian is cuffed to the cage by Rellik and Black Reign.

We are down to the final four (other than Eric Young) and Rellik and Black Reign attack Rave and Hoyt.

The music plays for Super Eric and he comes to the ring and he ha horns on his mask now. Young climbs the cage as Rave and Hoyt pull Black Reign and Rellik from the corner. Young with a cross body from the top of the cage onto all four men. Young cuffs Rave. Young back body drops Hoyt into the cage and Hoyt is cuffed. Black Reign kicks Young from behind. Rellik with a big boot to Young as Black Reign sends Young at Rellik. Black Reign and Rellik try to cuff Young, but Rellik is cuffed. Young with a Death Valley Driver on Black Reign and then he cuffs Black Reign to win the match.

Winner: Eric Young

After the match, Young breaks the cuffs holding Kazarian off the cage.

Lauren is in the back with her family and dance troupe. Lauren asks Joe’s father about his chances tonight and maybe having to walk away from wrestling. His father says that Joe will not fall short. This was all that Joe wanted to do. They are here tonight to support Joe and see him fight one of the icons of TNA. Even if Joe loses, he will love his son.

The women’s tag match is next.

Match Number Five: TNA Women’s Champion Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed versus Gail Kim and ODB

Kong and ODB start things off. They lock up and Kong pushes ODB into the corner but Kong misses a charge. ODB with forearms that do not move Kong. Kong misses a clothesline and ODB spanks Kong. Kong grabs ODB by the hair and she tosses ODB into the corner and Gail Kim tags in. Saeed tags in as well and Saeed with a full nelson but Gail with a standing switch into a waist lock. Saeed with an arm drag and then she works on Gail’s arm and drives it into the mat. Saeed continues to work on Gail’s wrist. Gail with a forearm to Saeed and then she hits an arm drag. Saeed takes Gail down and she works on Gail’s leg. Saeed with a forearm to Gail and then she connects with another. Saeed with a slam followed by a snap elbow drop for a two count. Saeed with a fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Saeed kicks Gail in the corner and connects with forearms. Saeed with an Irish whip but Gail with a floatover and hits a drop kick followed by a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Gail with a rollup for a near fall. Gail with forearms to Saeed. Gail goes to the turnbuckles but while Saeed is with the referee, Kong sends Gail into the cage. Saeed with an Irish whip and a running forearm into the corner. Saeed put Gail on the top turnbuckle but Gail pushes her off. Saeed with a slap to Gail and then Saeed climbs the cage and kicks Gail’s head into the cage and Gail is down. Saeed kicks the flask and that angers ODB. Kong is tagged in. Gail tries for a forearm, but Kong with a double thrust. Kong with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Saeed is tagged back in and she gets a near fall. Gail moves when Saeed tries for a knee in the corner but Gail with a desperation spear.

ODB is tagged in and she waits for Saeed to get up. ODB with a clothesline to Saeed and then she goes after Kong on the apron, sending Kong into the cage. Kong with a fallaway slam to Saeed and then she kips up and gets a cover but Kong breaks it up. Gail goes after Kong with forearms and ODB joins in. Saeed goes after Gail and Kong with a head butt to ODB. Gail climbs the turnbuckles and to the top of the cage. Saeed tries for a powerbomb from the top of the cage but Gail turns it into a super hurricanrana. Kong with a clothesline to Kim. ODB with forearms to Kong followed by a chop. Saeed pops up and she attacks ODB. Kong tries for the spinning back fist as Saeed holds ODB but ODB moves. Gail with a missile drop kick to Kong and then ODB hits a splash on Saeed for the three count.

Winners: Gail Kim and ODB

Kim and ODB get out of the cage and celebrate to avoid the Wrath of KONG.

Jeremy Borash is with Karen Angle in the back. Jeremy asks Karen why she is here. Karen says that regardless of their relationship, Kurt is the father of their children. She is here to provide moral support for Kurt. Karen says that this has changed Kurt’s life forever. Karen says that she is here to give Kurt her support.

The Booker T and Sharmell versus Robert Roode and Payton Banks match is next.

Match Number Six: Booker T and Sharmell versus Robert Roode and Payton Banks

The men start things off and Booker keeps Sharmell from getting in and Roode attacks Booker from behind and he punches and kicks Booker. Booker responds with punches and chops. Roode comes back with chops. Booker with more chops. Booker with knees but Roode with a knee of his own. Booker with a back heel kick to Roode. Booker punches Roode in the corner but Roode tries for a reverse atomic drop but Booker blocks it. Roode with a dropkick and he punches Booker. Roode chokes Booker in the ropes and he wants Sharmell to make the tag. Roode with a neck breaker for a near fall. Roode with a back elbow followed by a knee drop for a near fall. Roode with a reverse chin lock on Booker as he tries to wear down his opponent. Booker gets back to his feet and he connects with punches and forearms to Roode. Roode with a kick to Booker but Booker with a jumping side kick to Roode. Booker with a kick and he tries for the scissors kick but Roode with a spinebuster for a two count. Roode tries to mock Sharmell to tag in. Roode with a chop in the corner followed by an Irish whip but Roode charges into an elbow. Booker with a super kick and both men are down.

Booker blocks a punch and he responds with punches and chops to Roode. Booker with a forearm and clothesline. Booker with a suplex for a near fall. Booker with a chop to Roode. Booker with a float over into a sunset flip for a near fall. Roode with an elbow to Booker but Roode runs into a spinebuster from Booker.

STOP!!!! Spinaroonie Time because you aren’t in a blood feud over what happened to your wife.

Booker misses the scissors kick and he cannot hit the Bookend. Booker is sent into the cage and Roode wants Sharmell to tag in. Sharmell tags in and she slaps Roode. Roode grabs Sharmell by the hair and Banks tags in. Roode holds Banks and Banks slaps Roode when Sharmell moves about thirty seconds before she turns around. Sharmell with a rollup for the three count.

Winners: Booker T and Sharmell

After the match, Booker and Sharmell celebrate. Meanwhile in the ring, Robert Roode yells at Payton Banks and Roode leaves the ring.

Lauren is with Marcus Davis. Lauren reminds us about Joe’s training and she asks how it went. Marcus says that Joe did great and that they trained in the same way that he would train for a fight. He says that Joe came out as a complete fighter. She asks Marcus what Joe needs to do to win the match. He says that this is going to be a tough fight, but he needs to implement his plan. If so, then Joe will win.

Lethal Lockdown is next.

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