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By Mike Johnson on 2008-02-10 23:02:07

They aired a video feature on Samoa Joe.

Backstage, Kurt Angle told Karen that he's been neglecting her, so after he defeats Christian Cage, he wants them to renew vows on Impact.  She loved the idea.    Angle said he thought of the idea all by himself.   Karen off to make plans.  Kurt said now that Karen was taken care of, he could take care of Christian Cage.  He said that this would be Cage's last shot and when he was done, Cage was going to have to abide by Angle's rules, because it's his kingdom.  Angle then warned Samoa Joe to stay out of his way tonight.

They aired a video feature on the Hardcore Street Fight.

Scott Hudson interviewed Team 3D and Johnny Devine.  Brother Ray asked if the Machineguns and Jay Lethal have given the match any thought.  He asked if any of them have the will or heart to win a hardcore street fight.  He said that they give Lethal credit for having guts and heart.  He said that he wishes he could say the same about the Machineguns.  He said they don't look or act like pro wrestling and don't respect the wrestling business.  Ray said that might be why they don't respect the Machineguns.  He said that win, lose or draw, 3D goes down as one of the greatest teams in the history of wrestling but the Machineguns will go down as just another flash in the pan and their 15 minutes of fame are almost up.

X-Division champ Johnny Devine & Team 3D vs. Jay Lethal & the Motor City Machineguns - Hardcore Street Fight

All six brawl in the aisle and around the ring.    There was far too much early to cover.  Machineguns hit a double suplex.  They stole the famous Tommy Dreamer "Use My Sign" moment with Lethal nailing Bubba with a fan's sign that hid a yellow road sign.  

A ton of weapons - trash cans, chairs, sticks, even a kitchen sink, etc. got tossed into the ring.  Team Lethal worked over their opponents with trash cans.  They went for pins in triplicate but Team 3D and Devine kicked up.  Sabin nailed the Dudleys with the sink.  Devine choked out Lethal on the floor.

The Machineguns locked on sleepers but the Dudleys hit stereo electric chairs. Ray drilled Sabin with a trash can lid.  They continued to lay out Team Lethal and Bubba hit a sitdown powerbomb on an inflatable doll for good measure.  They smashed a keyboard over Lethal's head.  Devine suplexed Lethal onto a trash can for a two count and argued with the referee over the kickout.

Devine and DeVon held Lethal for Bubba to cane, but the Machineguns made the save.  The guns hit a series of double-team moves on Devon for a two count.  Bubba cut them off with clotheslines from behind.  They nailed Sabin with the 3D.  Alex Shelley fought them off but was drilled with it as well.  Lethal hit a springboard dropkick on Devon, but Bubba nailed him with a clothesline.  Lethal took a crazy spinning bump off the move.

Bubba began working over Lethal with rights.  They showed Socal Val playing the Miss Elizabeth role yelling for them to stop.  She got on the apron.  Bubba grabbed her by the hair and teased using a cheese grater on her.  Lethal made the save and put the cheese grater to Bubba's groin.  he checked on Val then hit a top rope hurancanrana onto Bubba.  He covered Bubba but someone pulled the referee out.

Lethal hit a running dive to the floor on Devon.  He came back to hit a springboard clothesline on Bubba for another two count.  It's obvious from the promo and the way this has been laid out, the match is all about making Lethal a star.  Lethal superkicked Devon for a two count.  Bubba caught him with a full nelson sitout powerbomb but Lethal kicked out.  

Team 3D pulled in a table.  They went after Lethal, who backdropped Devon out of the ring and hit an enziguiri on Bubba.    Lethal ducked a shot with the road sign from Devine, drilled him with it, then came off the top with a flying elbow through the table for the pin.

Your winners, The Motor City Machineguns & new X-Division champ Jay Lethal!

Lethal hit a plancha on Bubba to get the X-Division title back since the winner of the fall got the championship.  This was a fun match and obviously, all about Jay.  This should lead to some "funny" comedy with the Dudleys having to cut weight down to 275 lbs. to wrestle.

Lethal celebrated with Socal Val and Sonjay Dutt.

Scott Hudson interviewed Christian Cage.  Cage said that the cards have fallen into place and everyone knows where they stands, but the only thing that matters is the World title.  Cage said that Samoa Joe, himself and Kurt Angle don't get along.  Cage said he just wants Joe to come to the ring and do his job tonight.  He says that Joe yaps about how he wants a title shot and Joe does deserve one, but not tonight.  Cage said that tonight belongs to Cage and his peeps.  He said that he was going to take the title tonight.

TNA champ Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage with Samoa Joe as the Enforcer outside the ring

They did some back and forth wrestling to start the match.  It was solid.  Angle hit a backdrop suplex for a near fall, but Cage rolled over into a side headlock.  They went back and forth.  Cage sidestepped Angle, who hit his shoulder on the ringpost.  Cage jumped off the top rope to the floor on Angle.

Angle took back over on Cage as Joe left his seat at ringside.  Joe smothered Cage against the ropes and Joe jumped on the apron to make sure Angle listened to the five count.  Angle nailed a series of right hands..  Cage charged him but was caught with a belly-to-belly suplex over the top to the floor.

Angle stalked around ringside looking for a chair.  Joe stopped him from using it.  Angle shoved Joe, so Joe shoved him on his rear.  Cage recovered and attacked Angle, chopping him.  Angle picked up Cage with a fireman's carry, then slammed him backwards into the ringpost, although the move didn't hit the way they planned.  The announcers tried to cover that.

Back in the ring, Cage and Angle exchanged chops.  Angle powerbombed Cage into one of the corners for a two count.  He cinched on leg scissors around Cage's mid-section.  Cage finally mounted a comeback, nailing a flapjack on Angle.  Cage floated up and over Angle, then rolled him up for a two count.

Cage ascended to the top rope.  Angle went for a suplex but Cage had him scouted and knocked him off the ropes.  Cage hit a frog splash for a two count.  Angle came back to run Cage into the corner.   He went for the Olympic Slam but Cage turned it into an Lucha style armdrag.

They battled on the apron outside the ring.  Angle teased a German suplex off the apron.  Cage held on for dear life before letting it go.  Angle got an ankle lock while they were in the ropes and pulled him into the ring.  Cage broke it with a forward roll but Angle grabbed it again.    Angle went for the Olympic Slam, but Cage turned it into a sunset flip attempt.  Angle countered that into another ankle lock, but Cage hit a forward roll for a two.  Cage went for the Unprettier but Angle turned it into an Olympic Slam for a two count.  The crowd chanted TNA.

Angle missed a moonsault off the top.  Cage went to the top but was caught by Angle with a superplex variation for another near fall.  Really good match.  Angle began berating Cage and slapped him.  Cage nailed the Unprettier but Angle kicked out. 

The referee was bumped as Cage put an ankle lock on Angle.  Joe got inside the ring to call for the fall.  Angle got to the ropes, where Karen grabbed his hands.  Cage dragged Angle back to the ring's center, with Karen being pulled in.  Cage grabbed her and Joe teased stopping him, then tossed his hands up to say, "Whatever you want."  Karne shoved Cage and slapped him.  Cage grabbed her in the corner.  Angle saw it and charged but Cage moved and Kurt splashed his wife in the corner.  Cage rolled up Angle, who kicked out. 

Cage and Angle nailed a double clothesline in the center of the ring.  Joe carried Karen Angle out of the ring and put her in a chair.  AJ Styles hit the ringside area and tried to nail a springboard move but Joe yanked him down in mid-flight and tossed Styles into the crowd.  Joe battled with AJ in the crowd, dragging him out.

Angle grabbed a chair at ringside and tried to nail Cage, who ducked.  Cage got the chair, but Angle lowblowed him.  Angle nailed Cage in the back with the chair.  Tomko hit the ring and grabbed the chair from Kurt.  He teased laying out Angle, then hit grabbed Cage and drilled him with a F-5 variation.  Angle looked shocked.  Tomko walked out.  Angle scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA champion Kurt Angle!

Great main event until the finish.  TNA does far too many run-ins and turns and not enough clean finishes in their top matches. 

Overall, I thought it was a decent show.

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