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By Mike Johnson on 2008-02-10 23:02:07

They went backstage to Kurt Angle and Jeremy Borash.  Angle complained that Karen Angle walked out on him before the most important match of his life and didn't know what to do.  Borash said he was going to release a book about how to get the broads and would give Angle a few tips.  He told Kurt he had to treat Karen properly and showed him a few things, including how to hold her hand.  Angle said he needed something better.  Jeremy said, "What's Thursday?"  Angle said, "Impact."  That was classic.  Borash told him it was Valentine's Day and suggested the Angles renew their vows on Impact.  Borash told Kurt that on Thursday, he needed to look right into Karen's eyes and tell her "I love you."  AJ walked in on the "I love you", looked confused and walked out as Kurt and Borash tried to explain.  That was priceless.

They aired a video feature on the Drinking championship.

Eric Young vs. James Storm

Storm attacked Young as he was with fans at ringside.  Young came back with a Thesz Press.  Storm was clotheslined to the floor.  Young nailed a bodypress to the floor.   Young whipped him into the railing.  He tossed Storm into the ring.  Jackie Moore tripped Young, so he chased her around the ring, allowing Storm to take him out.  Young fought back but Storm caught him with a kick to the head, sending Young to the floor.

Storm removed the padding on the concrete, then hiptossed him onto it.  That was a lot more brutal than most fans will realize.  Storm worked over Young on the floor.  He teased a suplex, but Young blocked it.  Young then suplex him on the concrete.  Storm was bleeding slightly from the mouth.  The crowd chanted TNA.

Young was cut off as he returned to the ring and Storm nailed a DDT.  Mike Tenay and Don West plugged that tonight was the first time there would ever be a PPV emanating from two cities due to the South Carolina Athletic Commission not allowing them to have Barbed Wire Massacre 2.  They said it would be in Orlando and that Jim Cornette and Crystal would be on hand.

Storm continued to work over Young.  Young finally caught Storm with a powerbomb.  He clotheslined Storm as Moore distracted the referee.  Storm tossed Young into the corner.  Young took the Flair flop over the turnbuckles, then caught Storm with a shoulderblock.  Storm cut him off and went to the top rope.  Storm went for a swanton but missed.

Young nailed a moonsault off the top for a two count.  Young put Storm in the corner.  Jackie hit the ring but Young picked her up for a Fireman's Carry.  He used her as a battering ram to Storm's joy department.  Young fell over onto Moore and Young hit them both with a Death Valley Driver for a two count.

Young positioned Storm in a corner but Storm turned it into a sunset flip powerbomb off the top.  Jackie Moore tossed Storm a beer bottle and distracted the referee.  Storm prepared to nail Young with it, but Rhino hit the ring from the crowd and gored him.  From a storyline perspective, the return makes total sense.  

Young covered Storm for the three count.

Your winner, Eric Young!

Decent match.  Man, this is one hot crowd.  They are into everything.

Rhino took the mic and returned to the ring.  He said he had a lot to say, but tonight wasn't the time or place.  He said Thursday at Impact might be the time and place.  He said that one thing was for sure and that was he was back to kick some ass.

Mike Tenay sent the show over to Orlando. Crystal was with Jim Cornette.  Cornette said that when Abyss asked for this match, Mesias accepted, so Cornette booked it.  He said that after the match was advertised, the South Carolina Commission refused to allow it to take place in the State of South Carolina.  Cornette said that when TNA advertises something, they follow through (Pacman Jones says hi, TNA).  Cornette put over the dangerous nature of the barbed wire match and cut one hell of a promo.

They aired a video feature on the Knockout championship match.

TNA Knockouts champion Awesome Kong vs. ODB

They faced off at the bell and Kong shoved her.  ODB shoved her back and tols Kong to kiss her rear.  They grabbed each other by the hair.  ODB attempted a slam.  Kong cut her off with a running charge.

ODB went to the floor, where Raeesa got in her face.  ODB told her to speak English and returned to the ring.  Kong cut off ODB's offense and hit a running splash in the corner.  She pulled ODB up by her hair, then tossed her to the floor.  Kong drags her around ringside, throwing ODB into the railing.  Kong shoved her back into the ring.

Kong stalked ODB from behind and worked her over with kicks.  Kong set her up for a powerbomb but ODB battled her off.  Kong dropped ODB in the corner.  She grabbed Kong for the Dirty Dozen but Kong avoided it.  ODB ducked the spinning backfist and went for a tornado DDT, but was shoved off.

ODB ducked a clothesline.  ODB went for a Thesz Press but was caught and slammed on the mat.  ODB escaped a powerbomb attempt.  She nailed several dropkicks.  Kong staggered but didn't go down.  ODB hit the Thesz Press off the ropes, but Kong kicked up.  ODB went for a bodyslam but couldn't get her.

Kong clotheslined ODB down, then nailed the Impant Buster for a two count.  Kong went to the ropes but ODB attacked her in the corner.  She worked over Kong and slammed her out of the corner.  She made the cover but only got a two count.  ODB went to her flask for liquid courage.  

She nailed Kong with several shots.  Raeesa got on the apron, but ODB nailed her.  That allowed Kong to hit the spinning backfist and the Awesomebomb for the three count.

Your winner and still TNA Knockouts champ, Awesome Kong!

Another solid match with lots of stiff, hard work, but it wasn't at the level of the Kong-Gail Kim matches.  I'm enjoying the show so far.

In Orlando, Jim Mitchell cut a promo backstage.  He said he was going to send Judas Mesias into the Barbed Wire Massacre to destroy Abyss.  He told Abyss that when the barbed wire tears and cuts him, "Mommy won't be there to save you."  He said that when Abyss looks at Mitchell, knowing he can't take anymore, that's when Mitchell is going to tell Judas to send him straight to hell.

They aired a video feature on the Barbed Wire Match.

Judas Mesias vs. Abyss - Barbed Wire Massacre Match

We went to the Impact Zone, where Jim Cornette introduced the match.  There are no ring ropes and several barbed wire boards around ringside.    Mike Tenay said that Abyss had defeated Sabu in the first-ever Barbed Wire Massacre.  Actually I was there and Sabu got the pin after sandwiching Abyss between two barbed wire boards and hitting the Arabian Facebuster.  

They locked up with neither man getting the advantage early.  Abyss tried to drag Mesias to the barbed wire but he put his foot up.  He reversed the waistlock, but Abyss elbowed him away.  Abyss tried to pick up and drop Mesias on the barbed wire, but Mesias escaped and dropkicked Abyss' arm into the wire.  

Abyss came back and dropped Mesias chest-first into the wire.  Abyss unloaded with a series of rights.  Abyss missed a running charge and was hit with a drop toehold into the barbed wire.  Mesias unloaded with a series of stomps.  He charged Abyss but was caught with a kick.

Abyss went under the ring and retrieved a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire.  Abyss placed it on Mesias and went to hit a running sitting splash on Mesias, who turned the chair sideways so Abyss crotched himself on it.  Mesias nailed Abyss with a (soft) chairshot to the head.  Since this was taped, they slipped in a number of replays smoothly.  Abyss was busted open.

Mesias began biting at Abyss' bloody face.  They brawled on the floor.  Mesias was tossed into the steel steps at ringside.  Abyss bridged a barbed wire board between the railing and the ring.  A second was slipped into the ring.  Abyss teased a powerbomb onto the outside board but Jim Mitchell attacked him from behind.  Abyss grabbed Mitchell for a chokeslam on the floor but Mesias laid him out, then tossed his "half-brother" into the ring.

Mitchell handed Mesias a small piece of barbed wire.  He raked it across Abyss' arm.   He rakes it across Abyss' other arm.  Both arms were bloody as hell.  He battered Abyss with punches.  Mesias charged Abyss, who cut him off with a kick.  Mesias fought off an attempted chokeslam into the barbed wire, but Abyss sent him up and down into the barbed wire, chest-first.

Abyss tossed another barbed wire board into the ring.  Mesias caught him outside.  Abyss caught him and chokeslammed him off the apron through the board that was bridged.  Abyss chased Mitchell into the ring.  He caught Mitchell and nailed him with the Black Hole Slam.

Mesias attacked Abyss but was caught with the Black Hole Slam for a two count.  Mesias came back and tried to whip Abyss into a barbed wire board in the corner.  Abyss stopped short when he nearly ran into the referee.  Mesias used that moment to spear Abyss into the board.  

Mesias and Abyss exchanged blows on their knees.  Mesias got the better of the exchange.  Abyss came back with a Black Hole Slam into the barbed wire for the pin.

Your winner, Abyss!

The match was bloody and brutal.  I don't think it matched the level of the first barbed wire match promoted by the company, but you didn't have the crazy Sabu aerial offense either.  Still, it was enjoyable, which is a theme for this PPV.  It's been decent, not awesome but decent.

Mike Tenay put over Abyss big-time, saying his name was on the same level as Funk, the Sheik, Abdullah, Cactus Jack and Brody.

Back in South Carolina, Scott Hudson asked Robert Roode is he regretted his actions and what happened last month with Sharmell.  Roode said that he never wanted it to happen, but Booker did.  He said that Booker was responsible for what happened to Sharmell.  He said he tried to be a gentleman and apologize, but Booker wouldn't accept, so be it.  He said that tonight he takes his apologizes back tonight.  Roode said he was sick and tired of Booker.  He said he hates everything about Booker especially his "horse-faced skanky wife."  He said that he was going to shatter Booker's jaw tonight and prove it pays to be rude.  He closed with, "I know you can dig that....b***h."  Great promo.

They aired a Booker vs. Roode feature.

Jeremy Borash caught up with Booker T in his locker room.  Booker said that in 30 seconds, Roode will belong to him.

Robert Roode vs. Booker T

Booker and Roode went right after each other.  Booker got the better early, nailing a series of punches and kicks.  Booker worked over Roode in the corner.    He took control with chops in the corner, then whipped Roode into the corner, nailing another clothesline.  Roode went to the floor.  Booker followed, continuing to unleash chops.

Booker picked up and dropped Roode across the guard rail.  He nailed a short-arm clothesline on the floor.  Booker tossed Roode back into the ring, but Roode caught him with a stomp as Booker followed.  Roode rammed Booker into the turnbuckle and began kicking and chopping him.

Booker came back, cutting Roode off with a reverse kick.  Booker nailed several knee strikes to the head.  Payton Banks got in the ring and Booker nearly hit her before he realized who she was.  That allowed Roode to attack Booker from behind.  Roode whipped him into the ropes and cut him off with a knee to the gut.

Roode hit the running neck snap.  He nailed several rights.  Booker ducked a clothesline and went for the Bookend but Roode escaped.  Roode hit a dropkick and locked on a side chinlock.  The crowd rallied Booker to his feet and finally tossed Roode off.

Booker nailed a kick to the jaw of Roode.  Roode missed a punch and was hit with a spinkick.  Booker nailed a flying forearm and then a spinebuster.  Booker did the Spinaroonie, but Roode shot him to the floor to cut off the momentum.  Booker grabbed Roode's legs and pulled him to the ringpost, smacking Roode's knee.  Booker got back inside the ring and worked over his leg. 

Roode tried to cut off Booker but failed.  Booker nailed a series of kick variations.  Roode was backdropped to the floor.  Roode was tossed into the guard rail on the floor.      Roode escaped up the ramp towards the back with Payton.  Booker followed.  Booker caught up with Roode in the back and they brawled.  Roode yelled at Banks to get the car.

The referee counted both out, which the building hated.

The cameras followed them brawling in the back and outside.  Roode tried to get in the car but Booker cut him off and they battled around the car.  Roode yanked Banks out of the car and drove off.  Booker said it wasn't over.

Match was good for the first grudge match in the feud, although I could see a lot of fans being let down by the finish.  This was the best thing on the show so far in my opinion.

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