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By Mike Johnson on 2008-01-06 22:57:19

Backstage, Jeremy Borash followed Karen Angle into the men's room as she was looking for AJ Styles.  He was there.  She offered to relieve him of his tension and tried coming onto him.  ODB came out of the stall after flushing the toilet, saying they should light a match.  Ugh.  Karen walked off and Styles was in awe that she liked him, she really liked him.  I'm not liking any of the vignettes tonight.

They aired a video piece on Abyss vs. Judas Mesias.

Crystal interviewed Jim Mitchell.  She asked him if he was going to reveal the secret tonight to the world.  Mitchell said that the secret was one for Abyss to reveal and it was going to change the landscape of TNA.  Mitchell says that tonight could be the night that Mesias tortures Abyss into revealing the secret.  He said that Abyss was doomed to burn in hell if he didn't tell the truth.  Typical good promo from Mitchell.

Abyss vs. Judas Mesias

Abyss and Mesias brawled around the ring.  Mesias chopped him in the corner.  Abyss reversed a whip into the corner but was caught with an elbow.  Abyss nailed a clothesline, but Mesias came right back.  Abyss pressed and dropped Mesias.  Abyss clotheslined Mesias over the top to the floor. 

Abyss followed him outside the ring and slammed him into the ringsteps.  They brawled around ringside with Mesias being tossed into the steps.  It was nothing compared to Kim and Kong.    Mesias slammed Abyss' legs into a ringpost.  He teased tying his legs to the post with the chain but the referee stopped him.  Mesias began working over Abyss' knee.

He followed Abyss around the ring, kicking at the knee and nailing shots to the head.  He leaped up for a faceplant but Abyss grabbed him with a chokeslam, then fell to the mat.  Abyss went under the mat looking for something but the cameras showed Jim Mitchell had grabbed Abyss' sack of tacks.  Abyss chased him up the rampway, allowed Mesias to clip his knee from behind.

Mesias shoved Abyss into the ring steps and Abyss fell over them.  Mesias came off the top with a double axehandle but was caught with a chokeslam.  Abyss hits a running charge into the corner, then nails a second back splash into Mesias' face.  Abyss nails a sideslam for a two count.  Abyss went to the floor and grabbed a chair.  The referee tried to tell Abyss to stop but he ignored it, wedging the chair in between the top and middle turnbuckle.  The referee tried to remove it but failed.  Hey ref, how about DQing him then?

Mesias took over on Abyss.  Abyss tried to run him into the chair and Mesias avoided it.  Abyss kicked him low, then slammed him into the chair.  Still no DQ.  Abyss nailed the chokeslam, but Mesias kicked up at two.  Abyss went outside looking for something.  The cameras showed another bag brought out by Mitchell.  Abyss produced a chair wrapped in barbed wire.  The referee took it away and put it outside of the ring, taking forever.  Mesias used the distraction to nail Abyss with a chair to the head, then nailed a frog splash for a two count.

Mesias began working over Abyss who came back with a Black Hole Slam.  Jim Mitchell distracted the referee.  Abyss grabbed Mitchell by the throat, then grabbed Mesias as well.  Mesias blew mist in Abyss' head then nailed his drill DDT into the barbed wire chair.  Abyss was bleeding as Mesias scored the pin.

Your winner, Judas Mesias!

OK brawl but they couldn't follow the women, even with the weapons.  As a set up match for Barbed Wire Massacre, it was fine.

Mitchell told Mesias to grab Abyss and asked him if he was ready to tell the truth.  Abyss refused.  He said they he was a man of his word and promised Abyss he would burn in hell.  He pulled out a gas can and they poured it over Abyss.  Mitchell teased lighting a match but security came to the ring and took them away, then left Mitchell and Mesias standing over the fallen Abyss.  It seemed silly for security to save Abyss and then leave him in the ring.  Unless they are building to a fire gimmick match, this makes no sense.

Crystal interviewed Kevin Nash.  Nash said that the professional wrestling world was crazy and nothing was for sure.  He said he and Joe both know that anything can happen and usually does.  Crystal asked him what that means.  Nash said that it means he will do what he usually does - put asses in seats, win championship belts and make a ton of money.  Well, he knows how to make a ton of money, I will certainly give him that.

They aired a video feature on the mixed tag.

Crystal interviewed Booker T and Sharmell.  Booker said she's not a wrestler, but she gets what she wants because she is his queen.  He said that Robert Roode has to deal with Sharmell's alley cat side tonight.  Sharmell said she would do her talking in the ring.

Booker T & Sharmell vs. Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks

They showed Robert Roode's "fan" in the crowd.  Mike Tenay, talking about Booker being signed, said, "You know TNA management will do everything they can to improve the TNA product."   Yep, he said that.  

Roode backed off and walked out of the ring when Booker advanced on him.  They finally locked up and Roode raked Booker's eyes.  Booker came back with chops and punches in the corner on Roode.  Roode whips Booker into the corner but Booker floats over and continues the chop assault.

Booker suplexed Roode, but Roode landed on his feet, then kicked Booker in the gut.  He choked Booker by shoving him over the ropes.  Booker came back with a series of kicks, but Roode caught him with a DDT for a two count.  Roode nails Booker in the head with a series of knees, then dropkicks Booker down for a two count.

The crowd chanted for Booker.  Roode tossed Booker into his corner but Ms. Brooks refused to take advantage.  He berated Brooks.  He whipped Booker and Brooks tripped Booker, but was upset with herself that she did.  Brooks had some good facial expressions.  Roode works over Booker's knee and cinches in a rear chinlock, using a knee to apply pressure to the back.

Booker made a comeback, but missed a spinkick and crotched himself on the ropes.  Booker fell to the floor and Roode slammed him into the apron.  He tossed Booker back into the ring and went back to the rear chinlock.  Booker finally made a comeback, fighting off Roode with elbows.    He whipped Bobby into the corner, but Roode missed a charge.  Roode hit a Blockbuster off the ropes but Booker kicked up at the last second.  

Roode made Brooks slap Booker.  He tried to get her to do it again and she refused.  He grabbed her, which the referee said was a tag.  Brooks entered the ring and was speared and attacked by Sharmell.  Roode grabbed Sharmell to allow Brooks to get control, then attacked Booker on the floor.

Brooks whipped Sharmell into the ropes and Roode grabbed her leg.  Sharmell kicked him off but was rolled up by Brooks.  Brooks was kicked off and clunked heads with Roode, then was rolled up for the pin by Sharmell.

Your winners, Booker T and Sharmell!

Roode and Brooks argued in the ring after the match.  She finally slapped Roode, which the crowd loved.  Roode tried to manhandle her, but Brooks kept fighting back.  Sharmell hit the ring to grab Roode, but he turned around  and punched her dead in the face.  Everyone looked shocked.  Booker came to the ring as Roode ran out shocked.  Roode tried to say he didn't mean it.  West left the commentary booth as Tenay immediately said that TNA wasn't going to accept anything like that.  They teased Sharmell was knocked out as Booker cursed as Earl Hebner.  They teased Roode broke her jaw.

Crystal interviewed Christian Cage.  She said he could be the new champion tonight if he can defeat Kurt Angle and asked him if he had any help tonight.  Cage said he never needed or will need any help.  Cage said that he saw more potential in AJ Styles than anyone else and tried to give him tough love so he could approach his potential.  Cage started ripping on Karen Angle for trying to seduce AJ, saying she was showing her age and that tonight she was going to have to explain why AJ finally realized where his loyalties lie.  He promised that he would be the new TNA champion.

Mike Tenay and Don West said that Robert Roode went too far, accidental or not, and they would try to get an update on Sharmell later tonight.

They aired part two of the drinking contest where they had beer bottles taped to their hands and weren't allowed to leave the table until they were done drinking.  It turned out James Storm peed himself, so Young won.  

They aired a video feature on the Ultimate X match.  As the Ultimate X was set up in the ring, Tenay and West reviewed the history behind the bout.  They said Sharmell was taken to a local hospital with a jaw problem.

Team 3D & Johnny Devine vs. TNA X-Division champion Jay Lethal & The Motor City Machineguns

Brother Ray took the mic as they entered the ring.  He said that the time has finally come for the Ultimate X match.  He said that he and Devon have bene training for a very long time and are in the best shape of their career.  Ray said he has the speed of a gazelle while Devon can move around like a black panther, then turned to Devon and said, "Oh my brother, power to the people."  Ray said that Devine (who looks like Cassidy Riley's twin brother tonight) was made for a match like this.  

Ray said that they are the best tag team that ever existed and are the greatest hardcore wrestler in the world.  He then called Socal Val a two bit tramp and they are the masters of the table match.  He said they are the masters of the TLC match and the best wrestlers the world has ever seen.  He warned the referee that the X-Division wrestlers are "little cheating bastards" but was cut off by Jay Lethal's theme music before he could continue.

Lethal and The Guns hit the ring and everyone started brawling in the ring and outside of it.  Sabin tossed Devon into the railing.  Ray went after Alex Shelley's hands, playing off 3D caning the Guns' hands on Impact.  3D set up a table outside the ring.  Alex Shelley tried to climb the ropes but failed.  Chris Sabin had the same problem due to their problems.  Lethal took out Devon and started to make his way across the ropes but Devine yanked him off the ropes and slammed him to the mat.

Devine climbed up to the cables but the Guns swung him and Devine crashed down in one of the sickest bumps I've seen in a long time.  Ray clotheslined the Guns down.  Ray tried to lift up Devon to grab the belt, but Ray's back gave way.  Devon got on all fours but Ray was too heavy for him to stand on.  Sabin dropkicks Devon to the floor.  Ray grabbed him and tossed Sabin to the floor.  

Ray tried to go across the cables but Jay Lethal climbed across and in front of him, taunting Ray before slipping off.  Ray tried to make his way across but quickly slipped as he was too heavy.  The crowd chanted, "You're too fat."  Lethal tried to suplerplex Ray but was shoved off.  Ray teased a top rope elbow but Lethal moved.  He started across the cables but Devine pulled him down.  Devine drilled Lethal's chest across his knees, then hit him with a curb stomp.

Devine started across the cables but was caught by Shelley who drags him down into an inverted atomic drop.  Sabin nailed a DDT.  Shelley went for a slingshot dive to the floor but Brother Ray moved and nailed Shelley's hands with the Singapore Cane.  They took out Sabin with the cane.  Devon tried to get on Ray's shoulders so Ray could walk under him as he propelled across the ropes.  Lethal dropkicked Ray, then dove off the ropes to pull Devon off with a powerbomb variation.

Ray put Devine on his shoulders but Lethal jumped off the cables with an inverted frankensteiner.  Ray drilled Lethal with a monster clothesline.  Shelley accidentally took out the referee and was taken down by Ray.  Ray pulled out a ladder match.  Mike Tenay said there was an unwritten rule of pride ion the X-Division to never use a ladder in the Ultimate X but 3D were ignoring that.  

The Guns return to hit stereo enziguiris but Devine caned them down.  Devine set up the ladder and started climbing up.  Sabin tipped the ladder and Devine bumped off the ladder onto the tables outside the ring, which didn't budge.  He bounced off them to the floor.  3D nailed Sabin with 3D.  Lethal tried to come off the ropes but was drilled with the ladder in mid-air.  

3D started to climb the ladder.  Devon unhooked the belt and put it over his shoulder.  Ray removed the ladder and once the referee saw Devon hanging, he called for the bell.  Tenay called the finish the low point of the X-Division.  West said it was a mockery.

Your winners, Team 3D & Johnny Devine!

I actually have no problem with the finish as it makes sense that 3D would want to mock the X-Division as they stole a victory. There was a lot of good bumps and everyone worked hard. 3D even mocked themselves with the spots poking fun at their girth early as well. Entertaining match, but not at the level of any previous UX match. It was more storyline stuff with a few big bumps, as opposed to full throttle insane stunts. Elite subscribers will have access to our exclusive post-game show after the PPV concludes.  For information on subscribing,click here.

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