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By Mike Johnson on 2008-01-06 22:57:19

Crystal interviewed Samoa Joe, saying that while he and Kevin Nash didn't get off on the right foot, now they seemed to be on solid ground.  Joe said they started off on the worst foot they possibly could.  He said that maybe he was wrong about Nash and possibly even about Scott Hall.  Joe said he and Nash have been training and he learned a few things that he didn't know about mind games and he thanked Nash for that.  He told Tomko and Styles not to let their personal issues get in the way because Joe and Nash were coming to take their belts and destroy them.  Joe said that maybe, just maybe, the old guard and the new guard would be champions.

TNA Tag Team champions AJ Styles & Tomko vs. Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash

Before the match, they said that TNA fears Sharmell suffered a broken jaw.

Styles and Joe started off.  Every time they locked up, Joe smooshed him in the face.  Joe grabbed Styles with a body scissors into a leglock, then tagged Nash.  Nash hit AJ with an elbow to the head.  Nash beeled AJ out of the corner.  Styles ducked a pair of clotheslines and dropkicked Nash in the knee.  Styles was kicked off, so Tomko tagged himself in.  Nash snapped Tomko into the turnbuckle.  Nash drilled Tomko in the corner with several knees.  

Nash catches Tomko with a sideslam for a two count.  Joe tagged in and they cleaned house on the champions.  Joe fed Tomko into a big boot by Nash.  Joe hit an overhead T-Bone suplex by Joe, but Styles hit a springboard dropkick to Joe to break up the pin.  Tomko choked Joe.

Tomko chopped away at Joe in the corner.  AJ began nailing Joe with punches.  Joe fought back but Styles drilled him with a dropkick as Joe rebounded off the ropes.  Styles and Tomko tagged in and out.  Tomko nailed a short arm clothesline for a two count.  Tomko drills Joe with a back elbow for a two count.  Tomko and Styles continued to work over Joe.  

AJ locked on a Muta Death Lock.  Tomko nailed several chops and a DDT.  Joe and Styles exchanged forearms.  Styles teased going for the Pele Kick but Joe punched him in the face.  Tomko nailed Joe from behind.  That set up an AJ springboard move but Joe caught AJ and powerbombed him down.  Tomko knocked Nash off the apron and charged Joe but was caught with a powerslam.

Joe went to tag Nash, who dropped off the apron and walked off.  Styles and Tomko went for their finisher but Joe countered and DDT'd Nash.  Joe laid out Styles, then set up the muscle buster on Tomko.  Styles nailed Joe from behind.  Joe caught him with an uranage.  Joe nailed Styles with the muscle buster but Tomko dove onto Joe and broke the pin.  The crowd chanted, "Thank you Tomko."

Joe applied the choke on Tomko but Tomko fell backwards.  Joe almost fell out of the ring but pulled himself in.  Joe was nailed with the Pele Kick.  They drilled Joe with their finisher and scored the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions AJ Styles and Tomko!

Well TNA had Nash turn on Joe without ever putting the belts on them, which is fine with me.  The match was OK, but below the notch of what you expect from Joe because it was all about the Nash storyline.  Once Nash exited, it was good stuff all the way to the end.  Interesting to hear such a pro-Styles and Tomko crowd though.

The final part of the drinking contest saw them doing shots.  Borash pulled out the "He's gonna puke" line from Beyond the Mat.  Storm spiked Young's drink so he would win.  Storm gets to pick his match at the next PPV.

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champion Kurt Angle.  He said that AJ didn't have a decision despite Karen Angle's best efforts.  Angle didn't know what he was talking about, but was clued in.  Kurt said that no one can resist Karen.  Angle promised that Christian Cage's dreams of being TNA champion were going to be shattered tonight.

TNA champion Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage

The crowd was pro-Christian, even bringing back the old "You Suck" chant at Angle.  Angle grabbed Cage in a go behind and took him to the mat.  Cage made his way back to his feet with a side headlock.  Angle catches him and tried to suplex him but Cage escapes and goes for a a kick.  Angle catches his leg and takes him down.  He goes for an elbow but Cage escapes and they face off.

Angle took over on Cage and caught him with an elbow to the sternum.   He took Cage over with a side headlock, but Cage made his way back to his feet.  He leapfrogged over Angle, then tossed Angle to the floor.  Angle kicked the ring steps in frustration.  He returned to the ring and got in Cage's face.  Angle slapped Cage, who spit in his face.  Angle and Cage began unloading back and forth with blows and uppercuts.  Cage got the better of it.  

Angle tried to suplex Cage to the floor but Cage landed on the apron.  Cage used the ropes for leverage and kicked Angle to the floor.  Cage nailed a high cross bodyblock off the apron to the floor on Angle.  Cage dove off the top but was caught by Angle and suplexed over the ropes to the floor.

Angle began kicking and stomping Cage.  Angle catches Cage with a knee to the gut as he rebounds off the ropes.  Angle worked over Cage on the mat, but Cage fought to his feet and nailed Angle with several elbows.  Angle cut off Cage's momentum with a back suplex.  

Cage rolled out to the floor.  Karen Angle approached Cage and slapped him in the face.  No sign of AJ yet, so he's being left for the finish it appears.  Back in the ring, Angle scissors Cage's body with his legs as he applies a neck crank.  Cage finally kicked off Angle.  Cage locked in a sleeper hold, then snaps him down for a two count.

Angle takes over and nails a moonsault off the top, getting a two count.  Angle stalked Cage as he returned to his feet and went for a suplex, but Cage reversed it into a DDT.  Cage makes a comeback with a series of punches and chops, then drills him with an inverted DDT.  Cage goes to the top, but misses a frog splash.  Angle scored a two count.

Angle nailed a German suplex, then a second.  Angle stalked behind Angle for a third.  Cage floated over and went for the Unprettier, but Angle turned it into an ankle lock.  Cage kicks off but Angle held on,  Cage went for a small package but Angle turned it back into the submission hold.  Cage rolled up Angle for another near fall.  They battle in the corner.  Cage goes to the top and Angle tries to lock on the ankle lock while Cage is on the top rope.  Cage kicks him off but Angle returns to superplex him into the ring.  Cage gets his shoulder up at two.

Angle goes back to the anklelock.  Cage escapes and locks on the sharpshooter in the center of the ring.  Angle grabs Cage by the ankle and goes back to the ankle lock.  Cage grabs the ropes.  He goes for the Unprettier but is caught with a back suplex for a two count.  Cage goes back to the top rope but is caught and suplexed off.  Cage nails the frog splash for a two count.

Angle ducked a clothesline and Christian almost nailed the referee.  Angle low blowed Cage and hit the Olympic Slam but only got a two count. Karen got on the apron to argue with the referee.  Cage nailed the Unprettier for a two count.  Karen distracted Cage on the apron, but Cage reversed the takedown into an ankle lock of his own.  Angle was tapping but the referee was distracted.

AJ came down to ringside and removed Karen from the apron, then got on the apron to face Cage.  He hugged Cage and then hit a springboard forearm from behind.  Angle hit the Olympic Slam on Cage and scored the pinfall.

Your winner and still TNA champion Kurt Angle!

The match was really good but I don't think anyone was shocked by Styles turning on Cage.  A more shocking turn would have been AJ laying out Cage and Angle both, telling them to go to hell and walking out with Tomko as his own man.  Instead, we got the swerve that wasn't a swerve because we all expected it.  The match itself was really good as both Cage and Angle really turned it on.

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