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By Richard Trionfo on 2007-10-14 23:00:00
Samoa Joe versus Christian Cage with Special Enforcer Matt Morgan

Christian starts the match outside the ring and he takes his time getting in the ring. Joe leaves the ring and gets in Morgan’s face. Christian takes this time to enter the ring. Joe waits for the crowd to chant that ‘Joe’s gonna kill you’ to enter the ring. Christian has a few things to say to Joe. Joe tries for a kick but Christian moves out of the way. They lock up and Joe slams Christian’s face into the mat. Christian with a waist lock but Joe with a side head lock. Christian tries for an Irish whip but Joe holds on to the side head lock. Joe with a shoulder tackle to Christian as there is a dueling chant in the building. Christian backs Joe into the corner and he teases a clean break and slaps Joe. Joe responds with a slap of his own. Joe with a running knee into the corner followed by the face wash and running boot to the face but Christian moves out of the way. Christian with chops and kicks to the leg. Christian charges into an elbow and then Joe hits a leg lariat from the turnbuckles. Joe with a chop followed by a kick. Christian tries for a leap frog but Joe with a flap jack followed by a knee drop. Christian goes to the apron and then he goes up top. Joe puts Christian in the top turnbuckle and chops Christian followed by a running drop kick to Christian in the tree of woe. They go to the apron and Joe tries to suplex Christian but Christian blocks it. Christian uses the ropes for momentum to kick Joe. Christian goes up top but misses a cross body and hits the guardrail. Joe with a flying forearm on a suicide dive. Joe takes a chair and he sets up for the Ole Kick. Christian Irish whips Joe into the apron and then he charges at Joe but Joe tries to send Christian into the ring but Christian bounces off the ropes and hits a DDT. Christian rolls Joe into the ring and he kicks Joe in the head. Christian chokes Joe in the ropes and then plays off the crowd. Joe with elbows and forearms followed by punches. Christian with a back elbow for a near fall. Christian with a triangle choke but Joe gets to his feet. Christian with an inverted DDT for a two count. Christian goes to the apron and up top but he misses a Frog Splash. Joe and Christian exchange punches but Joe with a number of slaps and he sends Christian to the apron. Christian tries for a springboard move back into the ring but Joe with a jumping spin kick.

Christian backs into Matt Morgan and then Joe hits a corkscrew plancha onto Christian. They return to the ring and Joe with a number of clotheslines. Joe charges into an elbow and Christian tries for a move from the turnbuckles but Joe moves out of the way. Joe with a lariat but he can only get a two count. Joe puts Christian on the top turnbuckle but Christian fights out of the muscle buster. Christian jumps over Joe and Joe sets for the choke but Christian tries for the Unprettier. Joe gets out of the hold and then he hits a power bomb into the turnbuckle followed by a reverse atomic drop, Yakuza Kick, and running senton splash for a two count. Joe punches Christian in the neck and then he punches Joe in the corner. Christian with a power bomb and uses the ropes for leverage but Joe kicks out at two. Christian tries fro a rollup but Joe counters with the choke. Christian escapes the choke. Joe with a kick to Christian’s head followed by a scoop power slam for a two count. Christian goes to the apron and then they both go up top. Joe with head butts to Christian and Joe goes to the mat while Christian falls to the floor.

Tomko comes to the ring but Matt Morgan gets in the way. Morgan and Tomko exchange punches at ringside. A.J. Styles comes out while Morgan puts Tomko into the table. Morgan pulls Styles off the apron and then Styles is thrown into Tomko.

The action returns to the ring and Christian with a low blow followed by the Unprettier but Joe kicks out at two. Christian with a choke on Joe but Joe gets up and runs Christian into the turnbuckles and hits an enzuigiri and then the muscle buster. Joe puts Christian in the choke and Christian taps in just under sixteen minutes.

Winner: Samoa Joe

This was a great match except for the interference by Tomko and Styles. Why would they focus on Morgan and Tomko fighting at ringside instead of the actual wrestling match. I really liked that Joe got the win. The Ole Kick looked great. Both men were able to steal the show like Christian said on last week’s Impact.

We go to the back where Jeremy Borash is with Kevin Nash and Jeremy asks Nash if he wants to do it. Nash stops to talk to Sting. He says that this is just a wrestling match at the end of the day. What Kurt did was wrong. Sting says that it went to far when he laid his hands on his son. Sting says that this is about respect and that is something that Angle does not know. Sting wants to know why Nash is protecting Angle. Nash says that Angle is all that he has. Sting is in the main event and this is the closest that he is going to get to the game. Sting says that he is sorry but Game Over.

We have the video package for the Monster’s Ball Match, and that is the next match.

Monster’s Ball Match: Raven versus Abyss versus Rhino versus Black Reign

Rhino starts the match before Abyss comes to the ring and he goes after Black Reign and Raven. Abyss comes to the ring as Raven and Black Reign stop for Abyss to enter the ring. Abyss with a boot to Raven and then he tries for a clothesline on Black Reign but Black Reign moves. Raven hits Abyss with the kendo stick and then Rhino hits Raven with the shopping cart. Rhino hits Raven and Black Reign with a trash can lid. Rhino with a drop toe hold to Raven on the shopping cart. Rhino runs the shopping cart into Black Reign’s groin. He hits Raven with the trash can and put the can in front of Black Reign. Rhino tees off on the trash can. Rhino hits Black Reign in the head with the trash can. Raven charges at Rhino but he misses and goes into the shopping cart. Abyss punches Rhino but Rhino clotheslines Abyss over the top rope to the floor. Rhino sends Raven out of the ring. Rhino hits Raven in the head with a trash can lid. Abyss and Black Reign fight towards the entrance. Black Reign punches Abyss and sends him into the guardrails. Raven is sent into the guardrails by Rhino. Abyss climbs on the stage but Rhino takes Abyss down. Rhino sets for a Gore off the stage but Abyss moves and Rhino goes through the wall and to the floor. Raven and Black Reign attack Abyss while Rhino is down. Black Reign goes into the crowd while Raven puts Abyss on a table. Black Reign signals for Raven to come up but Raven tells Black Reign to get Abyss. Black Reign has second thoughts and pushes Black Reign out of the way. Raven hits an elbow drop from the bleachers through the table. Raven is bleeding from the head while he holds his wrist. Black Reign carries Abyss to the ring and he rolls him into the ring. Black Reign is pulled out by Raven and Raven covers Abyss. Raven puts the snot rag in Black Reign’s face. Black Reign and Raven battle and Raven is put in the corner as Black Reign kicks Raven in the groin. Abyss is up and he has one of his bags. Black Reign with a Pedigree on Abyss.

Rhino staggers into the ring while Raven grabs the kendo stick. Rhino sets for the GORE on Black Reign but Black Reign has his weapon. That does not stop Rhino from hitting the GORE. Raven hits Rhino and Abyss with the kendo stick. Abyss pours the tacks on the mat but James Mitchell brings another bag to the ring. Raven kicks Abyss in the head as Raven mixes glass with the thumbtacks. Raven sets for a DDT but Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on the glass and tacks for the three count in about ten minutes.

Winner: Abyss

This was an okay match. All four men gave everything but I thought this was a falls count anywhere match. Raven was probably the MVP of the match.

We see a video package for the Heavyweight Title Match since the main event is next.

Don and Mike talk about the main event and how two of the greatest are going to lock up in the ring. We go to the tale of the tape for the main event.

TNA Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle versus Sting

They lock up and Sting backs Angle into the ropes. Sting with a clean break. They lock up again and Angle with a waist lock but Sting with a standing switch. Angle makes it to the ropes and Sting with another clean break. Angle with an arm bar and single leg trip. Angle continues with the arm bar but Sting reverses and wrings the arm. Angle makes it to the ropes and Sting with another clean break. Sting with a side head lock and take down. Angle with a head scissors but Sting escapes the hold and both men are at a stalemate. Angle with a side head lock to Sting and shoulder tackle. Sting with a hip toss and Angle goes to the floor. Angle returns to the ring and he kicks Sting followed by a European uppercut and chop. Angle with another chop but Sting turns the tables with a punch and kick. Sting with the punches of ten to Angle and Sting screams for the fans.

Angle with a kick and European uppercut. Sting misses a drop kick but Angle goes for the legs. Sting pushes Angle off and hits a drop kick followed by a clothesline that sends Angle over the top rope to the floor. Sting sends Angle into the guardrails as he takes Angle around the ring and then he slams Angle’s head onto the announce table. Sting rolls in to break up the count. Sting rolls Angle back into the ring. Angle with a kick to Sting followed by an Irish whip but he misses a charge into the corner and runs his shoulder into the post. Sting tries for the Scorpion Death Drop but Angle counters and hits a German suplex. Angle with a backbreaker to Sting for a two count. Angle with another two count.

Angle with a European uppercut in the corner followed by punches and kicks. Angle chokes Sting with his boot. Angle hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Angle with a body scissors on Sting and he turns it into a side head lock. Sting with elbows to Angle but Angle with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle with a snap mare and then he has Sting in a rear chin lock with his knee in Sting’s back. Sting gets to his feet and gets out of the hold. Sting and Angle each hit clotheslines and both men go down in the center of the ring.

Sting and Angle get to their feet and they exchange punches with Sting getting the advantage. Sting with clotheslines to Angle but Angle with a kick. Sting with a spinebuster to Angle for a two count. Sting sets for the Stinger Splash and he hits it. Sting with one to Angle’s back. Sting with a bulldog and then Sting goes up top. Angle is up and he hits an overhead belly-to-belly superplex for a two count. Angle tries for the Olympic Slam but Sting with a counter into a sunset flip for a two count.

Angle hits the Three Rivers German suplex combination but he can only get a two count. Angle’s straps are down and he puts Sting in the ankle lock and he pulls Sting into the center of the ring. Sting counters and he puts Angle in the Scorpion Death Lock. Angle is about to tap but Karen Angle comes to the ring. Sting releases the hold and he tells Karen to leave. The referee sends Karen out of the ring. Kevin Nash comes into the ring and he clotheslines Sting. Angle with the Olympic Slam but the referee is dealing with Karen Angle. Angle can only get a two count. Angle puts Sting on the top turnbuckle for a superplex, but Sting knocks Angle off. Sting tries for a frog splash but Angle gets his knees up and Angle is only able to hit a two count.

Angle with a standing power slam to Sting and then he goes up top. Angle hits a 450 splash on Sting with his knees but Sting kicks out at two. Angle puts Sting in the ankle lock and Nash taunts Sting. Sting rolls through and sends Angle into Nash. Angle knocks the referee out and Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting covers Angle but there is no referee. A second referee comes into the ring but Nash pulls that referee out of the ring and Nash punches the referee.

Nash enters the ring and he punches Sting and connects with elbows in the corner followed by knees. Angle and Nash Irish whip Sting but Sting with a double clothesline. Sting punches Nash but Angle with a low blow to Sting. Angle gets the baseball bat but Sting blocks it. Sting hits Angle with the bat and then he hits Nash with the bat while he tries to get back into the ring. Sting is bleeding and he hits the Scorpion Death Drop for the three count to become the New TNA Heavyweight Champion in eighteen and a half minutes.

Winner: Sting

After a slow start that was a bit sloppy, this turned into a very good match until Karen Angle came to the ring. Why did Sting release the hold? Is it impossible for TNA security in any venue to stop anyone from coming to the ring. The Jarrett formula took away from my enjoyment of this match. The other two and a half hours of this pay per view were good enough that it did not affect what I thought was a very strong pay per view. If you did not watch the final seven or eight minutes of the match, this might have been TNA’s best pay per view in a long time.

We end the pay per view with a teaser video for Genesis next month.

Make sure to check out the post-PPV audio show.

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