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By Richard Trionfo on 2007-10-14 23:00:00
We see the video packages that aired earlier during the pre-show.

Jay Lethal gets on the mic and he says that looking into the crowd it makes him want to say one thing. Lethal lets out an ‘Ooooooh Yeah’.

X Division Title Match: Jay Lethal versus Christopher Daniels

Daniels looks for advice from above before they lock up. Lethal with a side head lock but Daniels with a shoulder tackle and flying forearm that does not knock Lethal down. Lethal tells Daniels to do it again, but Daniels punches Lethal instead. Lethal with more punches but he misses a clothesline. Lethal with jabs to Daniels and Lethal with slingshot rana from the apron and that sends Daniels out of the ring. Lethal with a suicide dive onto Daniels. Lethal with a chop but Daniels with a thumb to the eyes. Lethal with a hip toss on the floor but Daniels rolls back into the ring. Lethal with a double sledge from the top for a two count. Lethal with a chop to Daniels followed by an Irish whip and a clothesline that sends Daniels over the top to the floor and then Lethal with a pescado onto Daniels. Daniels with an uranage into the guardrails. Daniels grabs a chair and then he slams Lethal onto the guardrails and he appears to have satisfied the entity that he talks to. Daniels rolls into the ring to stop the count.

Lethal is rolled back into the ring and then Daniels follows. Daniels with a forearm to the back followed by a high back body drop. Daniels signals one for him before he returns to Lethal. Daniels with a suplex to Lethal and then he stands on Lethal’s back before hitting an Arabian press and puts Lethal in a crossface. Daniels with a hard Irish whip. Lethal with two near falls on rollups. Lethal with jabs to Daniels but Daniels with a drop kick. Daniels chokes Lethal on the mat while the referee admonishes him. Daniels with the Blue Thunder Driver for a two count. Daniels continues to work on Lethal’s back with more forearms. Lethal lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Lethal with an elbow and head scissors. Lethal with punches and a knee lift before he goes over the top rope to drop Daniels’s throat on the top rope. Lethal with a neck breaker and a butterfly suplex and bridge for a two count. Lethal with an enzuigiri but Daniels stays on his feet. Lethal misses a super kick. Lethal counters the Angel’s Wing and gets a two count with a rollup. Lethal with a face driver from a wheelbarrow position for a two count. Lethal with a chop to Daniels and then he is sent to the apron. Lethal tries for a springboard move but Daniels catches him and hits a Death Valley Driver. Daniels hits the BME but he can only get a two count. Daniels punches Lethal and the referee admonishes him again.

Daniels looks above and he sets for Last Rites but Lethal gets out of the hold. Daniels misses an enzuigiri and then Lethal hits a Dragon suplex. Lethal misses a charge and Daniels puts Lethal on the top turnbuckle and hits a palm thrust. Daniels goes for a rana from the top but Lethal stays on the top turnbuckles. Lethal sets for the elbow drop but Daniels moves out of the way. Daniels gets a two count on a cover. Daniels puts Lethal on the top turnbuckle again and gives Lethal another palm thrust. They fight on the top turnbuckle and Lethal with chops to Daniels’s back. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination from the top for the three count in eleven minutes.

Winner: Jay Lethal

This was a very good match. I liked that Lethal appears to be getting out of the Randy Savage gimmick with some of the moves that he hit. I did not expect to see Lethal hit the Dragon Suplex on Daniels. This match gave Lethal back any momentum that he lost over the last month. I would not mind seeing another match between these two men.

Crystal is with the Steiners and Scott tells Team 3D that they are out of their minds to come to Atlanta and to have a tables match. He tells them that they are going to be taking splinters out of their fat a**es and Scott focuses on that phrase. Rick says that this is the dog pound.

We have a video package for the Tables Match.

Tables Match: Team 3D versus Steiner Brothers

Scott runs after Team 3D and the match starts at the entrance. Scott fights with Ray and he is sent into the guardrail. Scott is handed a beer and he takes a drink before showering Ray with it. Ray is slammed into the guardrail by Scott. Rick and Devon are in the ring while Scott and Ray finally make it into the ring. Rick with a clothesline to Devon and Scott with a Saito suplex to Ray. Time for the Steiners to pose as Team 3D leaves the ring. Team 3D head to the back but the Steiners stop them and they continue to work over Team 3D. Rick battles with Ray while Scott battles with Devon. Scott spits some beer in Devon’s face. Rick and Ray battle into the crowd and Rick hits Ray with a trash can. Devon and Scott join them and Scott punches Ray. Scott slams Ray into the wall. Scott hits Ray with a chair after he throws a trash can at him. Scott puts the trash can on top of Ray and Scott punches the trash can. Scott throws the trash can on Ray. Rick and Scott send Ray and Devon into each other as Ray calls for a time out. Rick and Devon battle into the seats and then Devon is sent into the wall.

We return to ringside and Scott puts a table in the ring. Rick sends Devon into the ringside area. Scott sends Devon into the guardrail. Devon is Irish whipped into the guardrail. Ray rolls into the ring and a table is set up by Scott. Devon and Rick also roll into the ring. Scott puts Ray on the top turnbuckle and Devon hits Scott in the back and Scott is sent out of the ring. Team 3D send Rick through the table with a 3D in about six minutes to get the one-to-nothing advantage.

Ray rolls Scott into the ring and Devon chokes Scott while Ray brings another table into the ring. They set up the table for Scott. Ray goes up top and Devon tries to get Scott up. Scott with an elbow to Devon and then he punches Ray in the groin. Scott with a Frankensteiner that sends Ray through the table to tie it at one table apiece at about eight minutes.

Devon punches Scott from behind on the floor and then Scott is rolled back into the ring. Devon follows and he kicks Scott. Devon kicks Rick from the apron and then he goes up top. Devon misses a diving head butt on Scott when Scott moves out of the way. Scott with a series of clotheslines and then Ray with a low blow to Scott when Devon holds on to the ropes. Ray takes off his belt and then he whips Scott. Team 3D goes outside the ring. Devon gets a table while Ray gets a few chairs from ringside. Devon chokes Scott. Devon puts Scott on the table, but the table collapses under Scott’s weight. Ray throws the table to the floor while Devon grabs another table. Scott is placed on the new table and then Ray pushes the referee away. Ray has the chair for Scott’s throat but the Motor City Machine Guns come to ringside to distract Team 3D. Devon tries to hit Scott with the chair but Scott moves and Devon hits Ray with the chair. Scott gets Devon up and Rick hits a bulldog through the table to win the match in about thirteen minutes.

Winners: Steiner Brothers (2 Tables to 1)

This was a good match but I would have liked it better if they did not spend so much time outside the ring. It is a pattern that there is a table that collapses when Team 3D uses them. I was a bit surprised that the Steiners won the match because it would be logical for there to be a rubber match. I guess the next feud for Team 3D is the Motor City Machine Guns.

Jeremy Borash is with some of the women in the Gauntlet Match. Jeremy is with the four new women who did not wrestle on Impact. ODB takes the mic from Jeremy and she says that she is going to be the first Knockouts Champ. ODB says that Shelly Martinez is advertising. ODB says that Talia Madison knows what she is. ODB says that she has no idea who the other one is. Angel Williams yells at ODB and the other three women yell at ODB as she leaves. The other women leave and Jeremy says that the interview is not over. Jeremy turns around and sees Amazing Kong. He says that the interview is over.

The Women’s Gauntlet is next.

Women’s Gauntlet Match to determine First TNA Women’s Champion

The first entrant in the Gauntlet Match is Traci Brooks. The second entrant is Jackie Moore. Traci has a few things to say to Jackie as the bell rings and Jackie punches Traci. Traci and Jackie exchange chops. Traci with a running boot to the head but Jackie with a back kick. Jackie with jabs followed by an elbow. Jackie with forearms to the back followed by a German suplex. Jackie kicks Traci in the back.

The third entrant is Shelly Martinez. Martinez hits Jackie but Jackie grabs Shelly by the throat. Shelly with a kick to Traci followed by a form of a DDT and a running forearm. Traci goes up top while Jackie punches Shelly. Traci with a senton from the top onto Martinez.

The fourth entrant is Awesome Kong. As Kong comes to the ring, the other three women wait for her entrance. Jackie does not appear to be afraid of Kong. Kong finally enters the ring and all three go after Kong. Kong fights them all off. Martinez kicks Kong.

The fifth entrant is ODB. Jackie Moore eliminates Traci Brooks and Kong eliminates Martinez. Kong with a butterfly piledriver to Jackie Moore and then she eliminates Jackie. ODB with forearms but they have no effect on Kong.

Angel Williams is the sixth entrant as Kong throws ODB to the mat. Williams climbs on Kong’s back and ODB punches Kong but Kong punches ODB. Kong snap mares Williams off her back. Williams with an enzuigiri and Kong does not move.

The seventh entrant is Christy Hemme while Kong with a double suplex on Williams and ODB. Christy hesitates as she gets to the apron. Kong pulls Christy into the ring and then she gets Christy up on a Torture Rack and has Christy kick herself in the head.

The eighth entrant is Gail Kim as Kong power bombs Hemme. Gail with a missile drop kick as she enters the ring. Kong pushes Gail off. Williams and ODB go after Kong and then she connects with a double clothesline. Hemme is down on the floor. Gail tries for a rana but Kong stays up. Gail chokes Kong and ODB and Williams help eliminate Kong.

Talia Madison is ninth and she hits a drop kick on Gail Kim. Williams does the Flair flip but she hits a stunner on Madison on the top rope. ODB and Gail Kim knock Williams out. ODB and Gail chop each other and ODB with a clothesline.

The final entrant is Roxxi Laveaux. ODB with a fallaway slam on Madison. ODB with a forearm to Madison’s back and then she slams Gail’s head into the turnbuckle. Roxxi goes after Gail but ODB pulls Roxxi off Gail. Roxxi punches ODB and runs her into the turnbuckles. Gail with forearms to Madison. Gail blocks a boot from Madison and Madison is eliminated. ODB is eliminated.

We are down to the final two between Roxxi Laveaux and Gail Kim. Gail and Roxxi exchange forearms but Roxxi with a fallaway slam for a two count. Roxxi with an Irish whip but Roxxi misses a charge. Gail with the octopus on Roxxi but Roxxi makes it to the ropes and Gail releases the hold. Gail goes up top but misses the missile drop kick. Roxxi is only able to get a two count. Roxxi gets Gail up for the Dominator but Gail with a rollup counter for a two count. Roxxi with a powerbomb and bridge for a two count. Roxxi spasms in the ring and misses a clothesline. Gail hits a version of the Kryptonite Krunch for the three count in twelve minutes.

Winner: Gail Kim

This was a very good match. I don’t know if Christy was really hurt but she looked like Kong made her into a pretzel. I was a little surprised that Gail won but she made up for the losses to Kong and Roxxi. I thought they did a good job to build ODB, Angel Williams, and Talia Madison. They did not do too much with Shelly Martinez and it looks like they are going to lessen their emphasis on Jackie and Traci with their performances.

Jeremy Borash is in Kurt Angle’s locker room with Kevin Nash. Nash says that he knows that Angle’s mind is set on what he is going to do. Nash says that he can schmooze with Sting and says that Kurt lost his mind and apologize for what he did to Sting’s son. Kurt wonders if Nash is a p***y. He says that Nash lost his edge. Kurt says that Sting needs to apologize for slapping Karen. Nash says that he is not going to have Kurt’s back tonight. He says that he is not going to mess with Sting. Angle laughs at the suggestion that Nash is going to have his back and wonders if Nash can get in a ring. He tells Nash to get a ticket and watch like the rest of the fans. Nash yells at Angle and says that if he loses, he loses everything. Angle says that he is going to take a big, nasty, Nash.

We see the Samoa Joe/Christian Cage video package, and that match is next.

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