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By Buck Woodward on 2007-08-12 22:40:57

The events leading to The Steiners vs. Team 3D were shown. 

Crystal interviewed the Steiner Brothers. The Steiners said Team 3D would go out in a blaze of glory, just like ECW.  The Steiners were with Kohei Suwama, who Scott noted he would be teaming with in the future. 

Jeremy Borash interviewed Team 3D, who mocked Scott Steiner's injury in Puerto Rico. Team 3D said they no longer had any respect for the Steiners. 

The Steiner Brothers vs. Team 3D 

Suwama didn't come out with the Steiners.  DeVon choked Rick at the start and hit some right hands.  DeVon missed a clothesline and Rick hit a powerslam.  Brother Ray came in, but Rick bit him on the leg.  Scott backdropped Ray and Devon. Team 3D went to the floor, and the Steiners did their old pose. Team 3D went to leave, but the Steiners went after him.  They brawled at ringside, with the Steiners getting the better of it.  Rick threw Brother Ray into the ring, but Ray poked Rick in the eyes.  Scott tagged in and locked up with Ray.  Ray missed a punch and Scott hit some chops.  Scott hit Ray with a clothesline, then dropped an elbow.  Scott did his pushups instead of going for a cover.  Ray fought back with a chop and a sideslam. Devon tagged in, but Scott hit them with a double clothesline.  Devon ran into a Scott boot and Scott hit a belly to belly suplex.  Rick tagged in and hit Devon with some crossface shots.  Scott tagged in and booted Devon in the face, but Ray grabbed Scott's arm and yanked it across the top rope.  Devon then kicked Steiner, right where Steiner's scar is.  Devon stood on Scott's side, and Ray yanked at his arm and hit his side from ringside. 

Devon put Scott in an abdominal stretch.  Ray ran in and took a shot at him when the referee went to stop Rick from running in.  Ray tagged in and pounded the scar.  Rick ran in and hit Ray with right hands, but Hebner forced him out of the ring.  Devon tagged in, but missed an avalanche.  Scott gave Ray a clothesline and tagged in Rick.  Rick went to work on both men, hitting a Steinerline on D-Von and backdropping both opponents.  Rick gave both men overhead belly to belly suplexes.  Rick put Devon on the top rope and tagged in Scott.  Rick went to work on Brother Ray on the floor and Scott gave Devon a second rope overhead belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Scott pounded Devon in a corner, but Ray came in and hit Steiner in the back.  Ray put Scott on his shoulders and Devon hit the Doomsday Device for a two count.  Rick came in, and Ray slammed him.  They went for the What's Up headbutt on Rick, but Scott broke it up.  Scott knocked Ray down and went to Devon, who was sitting on the top rope.  Scott gave Devon a top rope Frankensteiner, to a huge pop (from a crowd that wasn't really reacting to much to this point).  Scott put Devon in a Steiner Recliner, but Ray broke it up.  Ray and Devon gave Scott Steiner a neckbreaker/back suplex combo.  Team 3D set up for 3D on Rick, but Rick gave Devon a Steinerline and suplexed Ray.  Scott picked up Devon on his shoulders and Rick hit a top rope bulldog for the clean pin at the eleven minute mark. 

Winners: The Steiner Brothers.

Kurt Angle came into Kevin Nash's office and slumped on a couch.  Nash said there are more important things than his family ... like him.  Nash said Kurt was the "A&P Champion in Japan", the TNA Champion, and he was going to beat Samoa Joe.  Nash told Angle he needed the "Eye Of The Tiger".  Angle got psyched up, but as soon as Nash left, he slumped back on the couch and started crying. 

In the ring, Mike Tenay introduced Pacman Jones, who had an elaborate video entrance.  Some ringside fans made it "rain" fake money as he came out.  Jones refused to shake hands with Mike Tenay.  Tenay asked Jones why he was coming into wrestling.  Jones said because he loved it as a kid.  Tenay asked why he came to TNA, and Jones said it was because TNA is a "trendsetter", like him.  Tenay asked what his goal in TNA is, and Jones said to show he is a "team player".  Ron Killings came out on the rampway and welcomed Jones to the "snakepit".  Killings said professional wrestling is not a "team sport", it is all about individuality.  Jones took off his T-shirt.  Killings said wrestling is about "who is going to screw who first" and said in this business no one has your back.  Killings said that Jones' contract prevented him from touching anyone.  Killings said "Ain't that a bitch?" and some fans started a "He's a bitch!" chant.  Killings said that because of that contract, Jones won't be beating anyone up, but he better watch out, because there was a locker room of wrestlers that want to beat him up, and Killings said he was on the top of the list.  Jones said that there was nothing but "space and opportunity" between the two of them.  Fans chanted "Shut the f*** up".  Killings was tackled by security as he approached the ring and dragged off.  Jones said security should let him go, then said Killings "Didn't want any of this". Jones then left.  With the exception of those that were chanting, the crowd was apathetic to the whole thing. 

Crystal interviewed Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Tyson Tomko.  Christian said that he wasn't bleeding tonight, and said he would hold Sting, Abyss and Martin responsible if AJ bleeds one drop.  Christian walked off.  Styles said to Tomko that he wouldn't be bleeding, and pulled out a box of Band-Aids.  Tomko explained that Band-Aids stop bleeding, they don't prevent it. 

They cut backstage, and Pacman Jones has apparently been "laid out", holding his shoulder.  Don West said he had blood near his eye, but I didn't notice that, and soon security was blocking the shot.  Tenay and West noted what Killings has said earlier about the locker room wanting a piece of Jones.  So, now we all know how they got around the "no physical contact" problem. 

Doomsday Chamber Of Blood (Steel Cage with Barbed Wire roof, you must be bleeding before you can be pinned or forced to submit, winner to receive future World Title match) - Sting, Abyss & “The Punisher” Andrew Martin vs. Christian Cage, AJ Styles & Tomko.

Christian, Styles and Tomko attacked Abyss as he made his entrance.  Martin then ran out and started throwing opponents around.  Tomko got in the cage and dared Martin to come in.  The lights went out, and when they came back on, Sting was in the ring with a chair.  He blasted Tomko with it.  Tomko and Sting exited the cage, and Abyss and Styles got in it.  Sting and Tomko were fighting on the floor, and Tonko was already bleeding.  Styles kicked Abyss out of the ring, then dove out of the cage onto Abyss.  Good thing the cage has a really big door.  The brawl at ringside continued.  Martin and Cage made it into the cage, while at ringside Tomko rammed the cage door into Sting's face.  Martin gave Christian and big boot and a pumphandle slam, but since Christian isn't bleeding, the pin didn't count. 

They cut backstage, and showed Pacman Jones, in a neckbrace, being stretchered onto an ambulance. 

Back to the match, Abyss was throwing Cage into the cage, but Tomko used a chair to take down Abyss and Martin.  The heels tried to keep Sting from entering the cage, and Tomko knocked him to the floor with a big boot.  Styles and Christian locked the cage door, so Sting was stuck outside.  Tomko, Styles and Christian worked over Abyss and Martin. Christian used a shard of broken glass to cut open Abyss in the forehead and arm.  Christian covered Abyss for a two count.  Tomko hit Martin with a chairshot.  I don't see Sting around ringside.  

Tomko powerslammed Martin.  Styles wedged a chair between two turnbuckles. Abyss was a bloody mess.  Martin fought back against three opponents.  Sting came out with a pair of wire cutters and climbed the cage.  Sting started cutting away the barbed wire.  Styles and Tomko tried to stop him, but Sting climbed into the cage.  Sting gave Styles a facecrusher off the top rope.  Sting threw Christian into Tomko and gave them a Stinger Splash.  Sting gave Styles a Stinger Splash.  Sting went for the Scorpion on Christian, but Tomko broke it up with a chair shot.  Tomko gave Abyss a chokeslam, then Styles and Christian gave Abyss top rope splashes.  Christian covered Abyss, but he kicked out.  Christian dumped a back of broken glass in the ring.  Abyss grabbed Christian for a chokeslam, but Tomko hit him with a chair.  Martin kicked the chair into the face of Tomko.  Christian climbed out of the cage.  Styles tried to do the same, but was caught and thrown into the chair that he had wedged in the buckles earlier. Abyss gave Styles the Black Hole Slam into the broken glass and got the pin at the ten minute mark.  They kept cutting to Christian, watching from the aisle, as Styles was pinned. 

Winners: Abyss, Sting & Andrew Martin.  Abyss receives a World Title match at the next PPV. 

The events leading to the main event were shown. 

Crystal interviewed Samoa Joe, who said "the worst of things happen to the worst of people".  Joe said Kurt Angle had to ask himself "Is it still great to be Kurt Angle?" 

TNA World Champion & fake IWGP Champion Kurt Angle vs. X-Division Champion & TNA Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe - Winner Takes All

Angle slowly walked to the ring, dropping one of his title belts at one point, looking defeated. Samoa Joe came out with the Samoan dancers.  Karen Angle isn't at ringside yet. They did the "big fight" introductions. 

Joe backed Angle into the ropes on the initial lockup, but Angle took Joe down with a headlock.  Joe shoved off the headlock and hit a shoulderblock.  Angle shoved Joe, but Joe shoved Angle to the mat.  Angle rolled out of the ring and looked like he was going to cry.  Karen Angle and her boyfriend, champagne in hand, came out and sat at ringside.  Angle yelled something at them, then reentered the ring.  Angle took Joe down with an overhead wristlock, but Joe powered up, only for Angle to pull down Joe by the hair.  Angle left the ring as an angry Joe got up.  Angle reentered the ring, and Joe put him in a headlock.  Angle put Joe in a wristlock and pulled him down by the hair again.  Again, Angle went to the floor to avoid an angry Joe.  Karen Angle kissed her boyfriend at ringside.  Angle went into an overhead wristlock with Joe, and Joe shoved Angle down this time before Angle could grab the hair.  Joe put Angle in a side headlock, using Angle's singlet to prevent Angle from shoving it off.  Angle made the ropes to break the hold, then pulled down his straps.  

Angle hit a punch to the head, then Joe hit a sunset flip.  Joe pulled down Angle's trunks, and Angle's bare ass was exposed to the crowd.  Angle left the ring and went to ringside to argue with his wife.  She threw the glass of champagne into his face.  Joe came out and chopped Angle, then threw him into the ring for a kick, a chop and a kneedrop for a two count.  Joe hit a series of right hands, then side stepped an Angle charge and Angle ran shoulder first into the ringpost. Joe hit some punches in the corner, then face washed him with the boot.  Joe then nailed the running kick to the head.  Joe chopped Angle in the corner, but Angle ducked a shot and hit a German suplex.  Angle hit an uppercut and a series of punches. Angle hit a vertical suplex for a two count, then applied a chinlock.  Joe fought up, but Angle gave him a pair of German suplexes.  Angle went for a third, but Joe reversed and flipped Angle with a German suplex of his own.  

Then two men traded punches, then Joe hit a pair of elbows and a pair of clotheslines.  Angle came back with an uppercut, but Samoa Joe snapped him with a powerslam for a two count.  Angle elbowed a charging Joe and went to the second rope, but Joe jumped up with a kick to the head for a two count.  Angle raked Joe's eyes and hit a German suplex.  Karen and her boyfriend were shown drinking with linked arms.  Angle went for an Olympic Slam, but Joe blocked it and hit some punches.  Angle whipped Joe into a corner, but then ran into a uranage for a two count.  Joe set up for a Muscle Buster, but Angle turned it into a sunset flip and grabbed an Ankle Lock.  Joe turned it and rammed Angle into the corner.  Joe applied the Kokina Clutch, but Angle dropped down into the ankle lock.  Joe kicked it off and grabbed a small package for a two count.  Angle kicked Joe in the gut and hit the Olympic Slam for a two count.  Angle hit Joe with a forearm and sat him on the top rope.  Angle went for a second rope belly to belly suplex, but Joe headbutted Angle to the mat. Joe went to stand on the top rope, but Angle ran up the ropes and hit a belly to belly suplex off the top for a two count.

Angle yelled something to his wife at ringside.  Angle went to the top rope for a moonsault, but Joe rolled out of the way.  Joe sat Angle on a top rope, hit a chop, then grabbed the Muscle Buster for a 2.999999 count. Joe grabbed the Kokina Clutch, but Angle bit Joe's hand to break the hold and grabbed the ankle lock.  Joe rolled over, pulled Angle down towards him by his trunks, and grabbed the Kokina Clutch again.  Angle got his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Joe hit a series of punches to Angle in the corner.  Fans were chanting "This is Awesome".   Angle tried to reverse a whip, but ended up colliding with the referee.  Joe applied the Kokina Clutch, and Angle tapped out, but there was no referee to see it.  Angle hit Joe with a low blow. Both men down on the mat.

Karen Angle came up to ringside with a chair and gestured for Joe to take it.  As Joe reached for it, she pulled it away and smiled.  Angle chopblocked Joe in the back of the leg.  Angle blasted Joe with the chair in the head, woke up the referee, and got the pin at the eighteen minute mark.

Winner: Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle, Karen Angle and the boyfriend all celebrated together in the ring. Kurt Angle is now the TNA World Champion, X-Division Champion, TNA Tag Team Champions and fake IWGP Champion.  They quickly went off the air, with Mike Tenay noting that Angle will have to defend against Abyss next month at No Surrender. Elite members will also be able to hear our exclusive post-PPV audio show.  To become a Elite member, click here.

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