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By Buck Woodward on 2007-08-12 22:40:57

They went backstage to their new interviewer, Crystal.  She started talking about Pacman Jones, but was interrupted by Ron Killings.  Killings cut a promo about a "football player" coming into the wrestling world, and said if he gets a hold of Pacman Jones, "this publicity stunt is over".  

As they were still cleaning the ring, Tenay and West talked about the Kurt Angle-Karen Angle situation for a while. 

The Latin American Xchange (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. The Voodoo Kin Mafia (Kip & BG James) with Roxxi Laveaux.

Homicide started out with BG James, hitting a right hand, but BG shoved him into his corner for a double team.  Hernandez came in to break up the double team, but was taken out by the referee while Kip whipped Homicide hard into a corner and then hit a side slam.  BG tagged in and hit Homicide with some kicks.  BG kicked Homicide in the back and applied an armbar.  Kip tagged in and have Homicide a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Kip applied a bear hug while on one knee.  Homicide broke out, but Kip grabbed the bearhug again. Homicide bit out of it, then Kip gave him an overhead belly to belly suplex.  BG tagged in, but Homicide got the hot tag to Hernandez, who hit VKM with a double slingshot clothesline.  LAX cleared the ring of Kip, and the referee escorted out Homicide while Hernandez set up BG for the Border Toss.  Roxxi got on the apron and threw powder in Hernandez' eyes.  Kip gave Hernandez the Fameasser for the pin.  However, Hector Guerrero came in and told the referee about the powder.  The match was restarted, Hernandez brawled with BG and Homicide rolled up Kip with a Victory Roll for the pin at the six minute mark. 

Winners: LAX

LAX had some words with Guerrero before leaving. 

The events leading to Eric Young vs. Rober Roode were shown. 

Jeremy Borash interviewed Eric Young, who talked about all the times he has been humiliated in his life.  Borash told Young that this isn't high school, and that he's not a kid, and got him fired up for his match.  Kurt Angle entered, and told Borash that he didn't find Karen.  Young said that he saw Karen making out with her new guy.  Borash tried to calm Angle, and Angle said that "Dr. Nash is the only one who understands me".  Angle said he was going to go find Samoa Joe. 

Humiliation Match - Eric Young vs. Robert Roode with Ms. Brooks

Roode attacked Young before the bell.  Young leapfrogged Roode and slid under him, then hit a Thesz Press and some right hands.  Young clotheslined Roode to the floor, then went outside and hit some punches.  Young threw Roode back into the ring, but was distracted by Brooks (he actually had to go around the ringpost because she was on the wrong side of the ring) who grabbed his leg as he got on the apron.  Roode knocked Young to the floor, then rammed him into the guard rail.  Roode punched Young and stomped him down, then choked him.  Roode backdropped Young, then hit a lariat in the corner for a two count. Roode then applied a chinlock, then a surfboard.  Young got out of it with a mulekick.  Young tried a leapfrog in the corner, but Roode caught it and hit a spinebuster.  Roode slammed Young, then pulled down his kneepad and went to the second rope. Roode nailed the kneedrop and got a two count, then another two count. Roode argued with the referee.  Young and Roode traded punches, and they knocked each other down.  They both got up, and Young ran into a Roode elbow, but came back with a backdrop.  Young grabbed a crucifix for a two count.  Young got another two with a belly to belly suplex, but Roode then raked his eyes and went to the top rope.  A blinded Young stumbled into the ropes, and Roode slipped and was crotched on the top rope.  Brooks ran in, but Young grabbed her and catapulted her head first into Roode's groin.  Young lifted Brooks and Roode into a fireman's carry, but Roode slipped off and kicked Young, so he dropped Brooks.  Young rolled up Roode for a two count.  Roode hit a blockbuster for a two count.  Brooks tried to give Roode brass knucks, pretty much right in font of the referee, but dropped them.  They did a distraction bit, and Brooks threw the knucks to Roode. Roode decked Young with the knucks and put them in his trunks.  Roode covered Young for the pin at the ten minute mark. 

Winner: Robert Roode. 

Roode got on the mic and said it was time to humiliate Young.  Gail Kim came out and tried to stop them, but Roode grabbed her.  Kim slapped Roode, and Brooks attacked her.  Brooks held Kim for a punch by Roode, but Kim ducked and Roode nailed Brooks.  Roode choked Kim, and Young kicked Roode in the gonads.  Roode, holding his package, started stumbling up the aisle.  Young got on the mic and said he told everyone he wasn't going to get tarred and feathered.  Young and Kim then tarred (syruped) and feathered Brooks.  Roode saw what was happening, but just waved it off and left while Brooks was sitting on the floor, covered in feathers, screaming. 

A video package on Dustin Rhodes and how "Black Reign" is his evil personality was shown. 

Crystal interviewed Chris Harris.  Harris said he didn't take Dustin's spot, Dustin lost it on his own, while Harris was earning his.  Harris said he was tired of "has-beens" getting in the way of his future. 

Chris Harris vs. Black Reign.

Reign entered from the opposite entrance than the one he was expected it, and ambushed Harris from behind.  Reign has silver and black facepaint, and a vinyl baggy outfit that is black with silver tribal designs.  Harris was busted open as Reign rammed him into the guardrail.  Reign kept pounding Harris around ringside, then knocked down the referee as he tried to break things up.  Reign pulled a cover off the turnbuckle connector, then rammed Harris into it.  Reign pulled Harris into the ring and gave him a neckbreaker.  A second referee came in, and Reign clotheslined him. Reign hit Harris with some right hands, then moaned in his face.  Reign set up Harris for the old Shattered Dreams kick, but then stopped and gave him a bulldog instead.  Reign choked Harris with his own handcuffs.  Referee number three, Earl Hebner, came out, and was shoved away.  Reign bit Harris' head.  Hebner called for the DQ at the five minute mark. 

Winner via DQ: Chris Harris. 

Reign handcuffed the bloody Harris in the corner and pounded him.  A few security guards ran in, but Reign knocked them all away.  Reign then took a cane that has a hand holding a knife as the top piece and sat on the top rope, over the body of Harris.  Reign rammed the cane into Harris' head, but not the knife part.  Kaz, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt ran out and stood between Harris and Reign.  Reign slowly backed up and left.

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