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By Mike Johnson on 2007-07-15 23:02:41

They aired a video feature on the Match of Champions. Can you believe all the graphics list them as NWA titles? Someone's in trouble for THAT!

TNA champion Kurt Angle & X-Division champion Samoa Joe vs. TNA Tag Team champions Team 3D

They hire fire dancers for Samoa Joe's entrance. Backstage, Kurt Angle asked Serotinin's Havoc and Martyr to back him up tonight, since Joe wasn't going to be there for him. He asked them for help and they just laughed at him. Angle said it was kind of funny and then laid them out as well with the title belts. They did the big introductions with Jeremy Borash.

Samoa Joe and Devon started the bout. Devon and Joe started slugging it out cneter ring with punches and kicks. Devon began unloaded on punches in the corner on Joe. Joe hit a running elbow in the corner, followed by a kick to the back of the head. Angle asked for a tag and Joe obliged after looking at him with disgust. Angle took over on Devon, who then tagged to Ray.

Angle outwrestled Ray early with hiptosses and armdrags, but Ray finally caught him in the corner with chops and punches. Ray kicked Angle, who returned the favor with a back suplex. Joe tagged in and peppered Ray with right hands. Devon tagged in but Joe caught him with an inverted atomic drop. He kicked Devon, then nailed a senton splash for a near fall.

Angle tagged in and suplexed Devon over, then tried to score several quick pins. Joe tagged in and began drilling Devon with knee strikes and kicks. Angle tagged in and nailed a series of European uppercuts for a near fall. Angle and Joe drilled Devon with elbows together, then knocked Ray off the apron. Joe worked over Devon in the corner with strikes.

Angle charged Devon, who caught him and slammed him down. Devon scored a two count, but Ray broke up the pin. Devon and Ray had words. Ray tagged himself in by slapped his "brother." Joe began kicking Ray in the legs and rebounded off the ropes. Ray caught him with a uranage but Devon broke it up. 3D had words. The crowd chanted for Devon. Ray begins paint brushing Devon with slaps. Talk about a reversal of their old roles. Ray teased walking out, but returned and lowblowed Joe. They then worked over Angle and hugged. West and Tenay said 3D were playing mind games with everyone.

Devon measured Joe and drilled him with an elbow. He brought Joe into the corner, allowing Ray to smother Joe in the corner with his boot. Devon continued working over Joe in the corner. They clotheslined Joe's throat over the rope. They take turns working over Joe. Joe tried to battle his way out but Devon caught him. Joe nearly got to Angle for a pin but Ray nailed Angle and mocked the crowd. Devon worked over Joe with a side chinlock.

Devon missed a splash in the corner, then drilled Ray with a clothesline. He makes the hot tag to Angle. Angle begins unloading with clotheslines and punches. He backdrops Devon, then Ray. Angle hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Ray. He teases the Olympic Slam but Ray escapes and slams him. Devon goes for the wazzup headbutt but Joe nails him. Angle leaped to the ropes and suplexed Devon into the ring. Ray broke up the pin.

Joe and Angle took turns nailing suplexes and nearly getting pins. Angle goes to the top and hits a moonsault for a two count. Team 3D takes over and Ray teases getting the tables but Joe and Angle grab them each in anklelocks. Ray escaped and kicked Angle off. Angle went to clothesline Ray, who ducked. Angle nailed Joe and looked shocked because he didn't mean to do it.

Team 3D hit the Dudley Death Drop on Angle. Devon covered Angle but Rick Steiner pulled Earl Hebner out of the ring. Devon and Steiner began brawling on the floor. Ray watched but Scott Steiner hit the ring from the crowd in street clothes and nailed Bubba with a lead pipe. Joe covered Ray but Angle broke it up. Angle went for the Olympic Slam on Ray but Joe clipped him from behind. Angle cradled his leg as if he was injured. Joe then covered Ray for the pin.

The winners of the match, Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe!

They announced Joe was the new possessor of the Tag Team championships and he held all three titles above his head. The PPV ended with Joe triumphant.

A really good and fun main event. I thought this was a really good top to bottom PPV with only one match really failing to click. If you have the money and want to see a fun three hours of wrestling, order the replay.

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