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By Mike Johnson on 2007-07-15 23:02:41

They aired a video feature on the mixed tag match.

Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks vs. Eric Young & Gail Kim - Mixed Tag Match

Eric Young and Robert Roode started.  Young was scared but Kim convinced him to get to it.  She kissed him on the cheek, which set Young off like a rocket attacking Roode and whipping him into the corners.  Young nearly gets an early pin.  Brooks breaks it up  Kim speared her.  Roode went to hit Young, who ducked.  He nearly hit Brooks, but stopped short.  Kim dropkicked them into each other.  Young dove out of the ring on Roode.  Kim then dove out of the ring on Brooks.  Really hot opening.  

Back in the ring, Kim nails a backbreaker on Brooks.  Roode tries to menace Kim but she nails him with a forearm and tags Young.  Young backdrops Roode for a two count.  Brooks trips Young as he rebounded off the ropes.  She and Roode grab Young's legs and pull him back, crotching him on the ringpost.  Roode began stomping Young.  Brooks and Roode took turns working over Young.

Roode locked in a side chinlock.  Young ducked a clothesline, then kicked Roode in the face.  Roode Grabbed Young and nailed a uranage.  He tagged in Brooks, who began kicking Young.He grabbed her, but Roode attacked him from behind.  Roode slammed Young, then hit a kneedrop off the middle rope.  He only scored a two count and began yelling at the referee when he didn't get a three count.  You can see Roode really finding himself more and more every month.  Brooks clotheslined Young, but when she went for another, Young shoved her down and tagged Kim.

Kim hit a hurrancanrana on Roode, then drilled Brooks with kicks.  Kim went to the top for a top rope hurrancarana, but Roode caught her and turned it into a Boston Crab.  Young DDT'd Roode.  Brooks goes for a superplex on Kim, but is shoved off.  Kim nails a missile dropkick.  Kim hits a droptoehold on Roode, sending him into Brooks.  She then avoids a Roode elbow and he nails Brooks.  Kim and Young hit a double dropkick on Roode, sending him out of the ring.  Kim covers Brooks and scores the win.   Outside, Roode throws a chair, kicks over the ring steps and has a tantrum.

Your winners, Eric Young and Gail Kim!

Roode began screaming at Brooks, blaming her and shoving her several times.  He screamed at her to leave the ring.  They kept showing Young watching and he finally hit the ring, then yanked Roode's tights down, forcing him to moon the crowd.  

A fun mixed tag match,.  I enjoyed this one a lot.  The right mix of comedy and athletics.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Tomko.  Borash said that Cage thinks Chris Harris is trying to make a name at Cage's expect.  Cage said that if Harris wants to be big time, tonight is his chance.  He said Harris has been trying to make his way to the top of TNA from day one, but the difference is Cage walked in the door and was immediately on top.  He told Harris that tonight he was going to be made a star and was going to become a bigger star than he ever wanted to be.  Cage warned him there's only room for one star player in TNA.  AJ Styles butted in, saying he has some star qualities to himself.  Tomko got mad at Styles being goofy and reminded him they have Abyss and Sting tonight.

Kurt Angle showed up looking for them to back him tonight, but Cage blew him off and the others followed.  Sonjay Dutt showed up carrying a tambourine and told them he was taking up collections for that "ebola vorus epidemic" in Kenya  Oh Lord, I see where this is going.  Angle told him to stop worrying about world causes and start worrying about Kurt Angle.  Dutt smiled at him and Angle told him to stop smiling.  Dutt responded, "but, I love you."  That was hilarious.  Angle told him that without Angle, Dutt wouldn't have a job because without him, there wouldn't be a TNA.  Dutt started talking about love and unity.  He asked for a donation.  Angle said, "You want a donation.:"  Angle attacked him.  He threw Dutt into the lockers and said, "This! Is! For! Your! World! Cause! You! Stupid! Bast**!" punching him with every word.  It was hysterical, but why in the hell are we killing X guys?

They aired a video feature on Chris Harris, which was an excellent video.  The storyline is that Harris needs to prove he's a top singles guy tonight by beating Cage.

Chris Harris vs. Christian Cage

Cage and Harris go face to face, nose to nose at the bell.  Cage shoves him.  They go into the collar and elboe lockup.  Cage gets caught with reverse hammerlock.  Cage shoots Harris into the ropes but gets shoulderblocked after the rebound.  They go back and forth and face off.  They are measuring each other early.  Cage spit at Harris to try and get under his skin.  Harris slapped him.  Harris began working over Cage in the corner with chops.  Harris kicks him in the mid-section, then holds him high for a delayed vertical suplex.  They go back and forth with Cage finally taking over, locking in an abdominal stretch.

Harris tossed Harris to the floor.  They battle in front of the announcers.  Cage grabs a chair but the referee takes it away.  Cage goes to whip Harris into the ring steps, but Harris reversed.  Cage was supposed to hit the stairs and bump over, which is what the announcers said happened, but there was no real contact.  Back in the ring, Harris tried to fight to his feet but Cage kept cutting him off.  Harris finally nailed a bulldog out of the corner.  Cage missed a running charge in the corner and was hit with a leaping lariat as Harris rebounded off the ropes.

Cage tossed Harris back to the floor.  Harris returned and hit a flying bodypress off the top rope.  Cage tried to beg off, then used a double leg takedown for a pinfall attempt, even putting his legs on the ropes.    Harris escaped.  They battled in the corner.  Harris tried for a superplex.  Cage fought him off and came off the ropes with an inverted suplex.  Cage went for the Unprettier but Harris escaped.  Harris failed with the Catatoni.  Cage went for the Unprettier, but Harris reversed and nailed Cage with his own finisher.  Cage got his shoulder up at the last moment.

Harris speared Cage for another two count.  Harris went for the Catatonic, but Cage shoved him off.  Cage shoved Harris into the corner and nailed the Unprettier.  Harris kicked up.  Harris hit a catapult into a corner, followed by a full nelson slam, but Cage kicked up.  Cage, on the floor, went for a chair, and drilled Harris with it.  Cage went to the top rope and nailed a frog splash, but harris got his shoulder up.

Dustin Rhodes, in a suit, walked out of one of the entrances.  Cage looked at him surprised.  The announcers noted that he was partners with Harris and James Storm in the past.  Uh, maybe once or twice, maybe.  Tomko ran out and distracted the referee.  Rhodes hit the ring and did something but we missed it since Tomko apparently distracted the cameramen and the director as well.  As Rhodes was leaving, Cage small packaged Harris and pinned him.  I think Harris was going for the Catatonic and Rhodes hit him from behind with handcuffs, but I don't know for sure.

Your winner, Christian Cage!

The match was good but not a blow away match.  They were working hard.  I thought the finish took it down a notch, but it was what they wanted to do to go in a new direction.  The problem as I see it though, is that there is a crew of guys who need clean wins over the stars so they are on the same level, although the booking of James Storm is a step in that direction.  As we broke earlier today, Rhodes will be a regular here.

They aired a video feature on Tomko & AJ Styles vs. Sting & Abyss.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Sting and Abyss.  Sting said they were a tag team a long time in the making and all the blood and hurt and tacks he suffered were worth it.  Sting said that tonight was the passing of the torch from a legend to someone who was going to have an impact on wrestling for many years to come.  Abyss was brandishing a barbed wire bat.  Abyss said, "Tomko...Styles....your!"  Abyss roared.  I'm kind of enjoying this new aspect of Abyss' character but I don't want to see him talking long monologues like WWE has done with Kane in the past.  For Abyss, less is more.

Tomko & AJ Styles vs. Sting & Abyss

Styles and Abyss started the bout.  AJ kicked Styles in the leg and jumped around, all cocky.  Styles tricked Abyss to chase him around outside and kicked him as Abyss returned.  He began nailing rights.  Abyss aborbed them.  Styles tried to hit a high cross bodyblock off the ropes but simply bounced off.  Abyss caught him with a backbreaker across the knee.  

Styles tagged in Tomko.  Abyss and Tomko battled back and forth.  Tomko chopped Abyss back into his corner.  Sting tagged in.  Tomko and Harris go back and forth.  Sting tricks Styles into splashing Tomko.  Sting hits the Stinger Splash.  He whips Abyss into Tomko.  Abyss then drills Styles.  Abyss goes for the chokeslam  but Tomko fights him off with elbows.  Styles and Tomko took turns wearing down Abyss.  Tomko holds Abyss, allowing Styles to drill him with kicks.

Styles taunted Sting, who tried to come after him.  The referee stopped Sting, allowing Tomko a chance to choke Abyss in the corner.  Tomko and Abyss drill each other with a double clothesline in the center of the ring.  Tomko tagged Styles, who used Abyss like a springboard to attack Sting in the corner.  He then turned his attention to Abyss, who drilled him.  Sting tagged in and DDT'd Styles, then hits a faceplant on Tomko.

Sting clotheslined Tomko over the top rope to the floor.  Sting began peppering Styles in the corner with punches, but Styles pulled out from under him and dropped Sting across the turnbuckles with snake eyes.  Abyss was preparing to come off the ropes to the floor so Styles dropkicked him, sending him into Tomko on the floor.  The storyline was Styles didn't realize that he got Tomko by getting Abyss.  Sting began nailing Styles.  Styles went for a springboard move but Sting shoved him forward.  Styles took out Abyss and Tomko.  Sting went to the top rope and dove to the floor on everyone. 

Sting grabbed a chair and drilled Tomko.  Back in the ring, Sting went for the Scorpion Deathlock, but Styles escaped and hit an enziguiri.  Tomko hit a Fall Away Slam on Sting for a two count.  Styles hit a monster dropkick on Sting for a two count.  Tomko tagged back in .  He picked up Sting and hit a running powerslam for another nearfall.  AJ worked over Sting in the corner.  He set Sting up for a top rope hurrancanrana but Sting held on.  Sting hit a clothesline from the top rope.  The crowd rallied behind Sting.

Abyss tagged in and went for a double chokeslam.  Tomko kneed Abyss but was hit with a big clothesline.  He nailed AJ, then chokeslammed Tomko for a two count.  AJ hit the Pele Kick.  Sting made the save to break up the cover.  Styles was going for a discus punch but Abyss drilled him and hit Shock Treatment.  He called for Doomsday but Tomko hit the ring.  Tomko hit the sit down slam but Abyss got his shoulder up right before the three count.

Sting put the Scorpion Deathlock on Tomko, who began tapping but Styles had the referee distracted.  Styles springboarded off the ropes onto Abyss with a forearm.  Abyss fell backwards and clunked heads with Sting, who released the hold on Tomko.  Sting backdropped Styles over the top.  Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Tomko and scored the pin.

Your winners, Sting and Abyss!

Another good back and forth tag match.  I don't know what has the roster fired up but I really think everyone is putting on a really good work ethic tonight.  Even Sting seems more fired up than usual.

James Mitchell appeared on the stage.  He told Sting and Abyss to enjoy their moment because there are debts to be paid and "The Doomsday clock is ticking."

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