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By Buck Woodward on 2007-04-01 22:38:00

They showed the finish from the dark match earlier tonight, which saw Carlito & Ric Flair defeat Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms in a Lumberjack tag match when Carlito gave Guerrero the backcracker.

WWE Women's Champion Melina vs. Ashley in a Lumber Jill Match with Kristal, Victoria, Layla, Jillian Hall, Candice Michelle, Kelly Kelly, Trinity, Torrie Wilson, Brooke, Michelle McCool and Mickie James surrounding the ring. 

JBL and Michael Cole got to call this one.  Melina had a fur covered hooded jacket as part of her ring gear.  Ashley hit some punches at the start and Melina rolled to the floor, and was tossed back in.  Ashley rolled her up for a two count.  Melina tripped Ashley into the ropes and choked her with her boot.  Ashley hit some forearms and punches and choked Melina.  Melina screamed "You think you are better than me?" and choked her against the ropes.  Melina gave Ashley a Giant Swing and got a two count.  Melina choked Ashley.  Melina put Ashley in a surfboard, and drove her face first into the mat.  Ashley grabbed a flying headscissors.  Ashley whipped Melina across the ring and did a monkeyflip.  Ashley missed a second rope elbow and Melina got a two count.  Melina picked up Ashley, but she got behind her and rolled her up.  Melina rolled through it into her own rollup, and got a Backlund Bridge for the pin at the four minute mark. 

Winner: Melina.

Ashley sort of kicked Melina to the floor, and the babyface Divas threw her back in the ring.  There was a very brief all Diva catfight in the ring.  The heel Divas then left with Melina and the belt, and the babyface Divas were left standing in the ring.

They showed the results of another WWE Text message poll, which saw John Cena favored with 59% of the vote over Shawn Michaels.  A video package on the events leading to the main event were shown. 

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels 

Shawn Michaels entered to the DX music, and was not wearing his World Tag Team Title belt. They did a big video entrance for John Cena with him supposedly driving into the building in a Ford Mustang and going through a glass wall with the Wrestlemania logo on it. As they were about to lock up, a fan ran in the ring and was removed.  Shawn sat on the top turnbuckle and watched him being removed (they didn't show the fan on camera).

Shawn Michaels called Cena into center ring for a handshake.  Cena refused, so Michaels slapped him and then decked him with some right hands.  Michaels gave him a crotch chop.  Michaels applied a side headlock, then went into a hammerlock.  They traded reversals, then Michaels ducked Cena's punches and delivered his own punches and chops.  Cena slumped down in a corner, frustrated.  They locked up again, and Michaels hit some short arm shoulderblocks.  Michaels took Cena down with a side mare. Cena rose up, and Michaels took him down with a side mare again.  Michaels worked Cena over with the side headlock, but Cena got to his feet and shoved it off.  Cena missed a clothesline and an elbow, but hit a second clothesline attempt to a chorus of boos. 

Michaels sat in a corner and stared at Cena.  He got to his feet and Cena hit a shoulderblock, but Michaels came back with a Thesz press and a series of right hands.  Cena tossed Michaels to the apron, but Michaels hiptossed Cena from the apron to the floor.  Michaels chopped Cena on the floor and hit an enzugiri.  Michaels got on the apron and hit a second rope springboard moonsault onto a standing Cena on the floor.  They crashed into the announce table, which didn't break.  Michaels tossed Cena into the ring and hit a chop, then forearmed him in the corner.  Michaels hit some chops, then whopped Cena hard across the ring.  Cena tried to catch Michaels with a boot as he charged in, but Michaels caught the kick and pounded Cena's leg.  Michaels stomped the leg, then dragged it outside and whipped the leg into the ringpost.  In the ring, Michaels hit a kneedrop to the leg and chopblocked it. 

Michaels chopped Cena, then went back after the leg, wrapping it around the middle rope and yanking on it.  Michaels kicked at Cena's leg, then hit a chopblock.  Michaels got in Cena's face and said something, but it wasn't audible.  Michaels worked on the leg some more, then Cena fired off a few punches.  Michaels returned fire with chops, but Cena was getting more out of his punches, finally decking Michaels. Michaels got up and rammed Cena back into the corner with a shoulderblock.  Michaels kicked at Cena's leg, and they went returned to the punch-kick thing. Michaels went for a shoulderblock and Cena moved, and Michaels went head first into the ring post.  Michaels was busted open.

Cena hit a running clothesline and a series or right hands on the mat.  Cena hit a flying shoulderblock, then a second.  Cena gave him a back suplex into a powerbomb, then did the "You Can't See Me" to a mixed reaction of mostly boos.  Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop.  Cena went for the FU, but Michaels floated out and hit a chop.  Cena reversed a whip and Michaels went upside down in a corner. Michaels ducked a Cena punch, and Cena almost hit the referee.  Michaels went for a superkick, but Cena ducked and the referee got knocked out of the ring.  Cena went for the FU, but Michaels reversed it into a DDT.  Both men were down on the mat. 

Michaels rolled to the floor and took apart the ring steps.  Michaels went took Cena outside the ring and gave him a piledriver on the bottom half of the ring steps.  Cena was bleeding from the back of the head.  Michaels rolled Cena into the ring, and a second referee eventually came out.  Michaels covered Cena, but he got his shoulder up at two. Michaels lifted up Cena, but Cena reversed his attempted whip.  Michaels rebounded off the ropes and hit a flying forearm.  Michaels kipped up, then hit a top rope elbowdrop.  Michaels started stomping in the corner, but Cena lunged at him and hit a clothesline.

Cena and Michaels got to their feet and exchanged punches.  Cena scooped up Michaels for an FU, but Michaels floated over into a sunset flip for a two count.  Michaels went for a Thesz Press again, but Cena caught it and hit the FU. Cena covered, but only got a two count.  Cena put Michaels on the top rope and set up for a second rope FU.  Michaels elbowed out of it, and punched Cena to the mat.  Michaels hit a flying bodypress, but Cena rolled through it, got to his feet holding Michaels and went for the FU.  Michaels flipped out of it and went for a superkick, but Cena ducked it and tripped Michaels.  Cena went for the STFU, but Michaels rolled over and Cena went for it again, but Michaels turned it into a cradle for a two count.

Michaels went for an enzugiri, but Cena ducked it and hooked in the STFU. Michaels made the ropes, and Cena finally broke the hold.  The referee warned Cena that he has to break on the ropes, and the momentary distraction allowed Michaels to nail Cena with the superkick as he turned around.  Michaels crawled onto Cena for a two count.  Both men were down, and slowly got up, leaning on each other.  Cena went to lift Michaels for the FU, but Michaels floated out and Cena went right into the STFU in the center ring.  Michaels struggled a bit, then tapped out at the twenty-eight minute mark.  

Winner: John Cena.

Cena celebrated in the ring, then went in the aisle where Michaels was walking out.  He tried to turn Michaels around, but Michaels walked off.  Michaels turned around halfway down the aisle, and Cena saluted him. Cena then went back in the ring to continue his post-match celebration.   Confetti dropped down as the show ended.

One final note, Vince McMahon and Donald Trump are scheduled to appear on The Today Show tomorrow morning.


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