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By Buck Woodward on 2007-04-01 22:38:00

Backstage, Vince McMahon was checking out his hair in the mirror.  Stephanie McMahon entered, with a baby carriage.  Vince chastised her for bringing his grandaughter to Wrestlemania.  Vince then said maybe she would bring Vince luck.  Vince then talked to his granddaughter about how he was going to give Donald Trump a skull fracture.  We saw this from the point of view of the baby.  Seriously.  Vince suddenly acted like he smelled something.  He said the baby just "took a Trump." 

Joey Styles and Tazz, sans table, talked briefly about the ECW Originals vs. ECW New Breed war. 

ECW Originals (The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu & Rob Van Dam) vs. New Breed (Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, Marcus Cor Von & Matt Striker) 

The ECW Originals entered through the crowd.  The New Breed entered as a group, accompanied by Ariel.  Elijah Burke has new ring gear.  Sabu started off with Matt Striker.  Striker missed a clothesline and Sabu hit a springboard clothesline and a springboard leg lariat, then another springboard clothesline.  Sabu dropkicked Striker in the face, then hung him over the top rope.  Sandman was tagged in and hit hit a top rope legdrop to the back of Striker's head.  Cor Von broke up the cover.  Burke tagged in, but Dreamer did as well and Dreamer & Sandman hit a double clothesline and a double elbowdrop.  Cor Von hit Dreamer from the apron and Burke nailed him with a clothesline. 

Cor Von tagged in and worked over Dreamer with punches.  Cor Von hit a double underhook suplex, then tagged in Burke for a double backdrop.  Burke hit a jumping double knee to Dreamer's back and got a two count, as Sabu broke it up.  Thorn tagged in and hit a splash on Dreamer in the corner, then a clothesline.  Thorn put Dreamer in a chinlock and hit some forearms to the chest.  Dreamer elbowed out, but Thorn rammed him in a corner.  Dreamer booted him in the face as he charged in, but Thorn caught him with a spinebuster for a two count.  Cor Von tagged in and hit a vertical suplex for a two count, then put Dreamer in a chinlock.  

Cor Von lifted Dreamer for a slam, but he floated over and gave Cor Von a reverse DDT and Burke, who had run in, a neckbreaker at the same time.  Dreamer crawled for a tag, kicking away Burke.  RVD got the hot tag and cleaned house on Striker and Thorn.  RVD nailed Striker with a kick to the head, then hit Thorn with a top rope kick.  RVD gave Striker a monkeyflip, then hit Rolling Thunder, but Cor Von pulled RVD to the floor and laid him out.  Sabu dove over the top rope onto Cor Von.  Dreamer DDT'd Striker.  Burke knocked Dreamer out of the ring.  Sandman knocked Burke over the top rope, and went over with him.  RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash on Striker for the win at the seven minute mark.  

Winners: The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu & Rob Van Dam

Joey Styles let out an "Oh My God" in celebration.  

They showed a video package for next year's Wrestlemania, which will be in Orlando, Florida at the Citrus Bowl. 

The Hitman was shown in the crowd.  Thomas Hearns, that is. Yeah, cheap joke.

For the last time (thankfully) we saw the celebrity predictions for the Battle Of The Billionaires, followed by a long video recap of the events leading to the match. 

ECW Champion Bobby Lashley, with Donald Trump, vs. Intercontinental Champion Umaga, with Armando Alejandro Estrada & Vince McMahon in a hair vs. hair match, with Trump and McMahon putting their hair on the line. Steve Austin will be the special referee for the bout. 

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are the announcers for this match.  A barber's chair was pulled to ringside, complete with it's own entrance music.  Vince McMahon then entered, alone. Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA were shown at ringside. Umaga, accompanied by Armando, then made his entrance.  Donald Trump then made his entrance, accompanied by Tara.  They dropped money (yes, real money) from the ceiling as Trump walked to the ring.  Bobby Lashley then made his entrance.  Steve Austin then made his entrance, wearing a sleeveless referee shirt. 

They charged into each other at the start, and neither man budged.  Lashley hit a series or right hands, and Umaga shoved him, but Lashley hit a clothesline in the corner.  Lashley hit some punches in the corner, and Austin told him to break.  When he didn't, Austin pulled Lashley out of the corner.  Umaga kicked Lashley and whipped him into a corner.  Lashley dodged a charge and hit a second rope clothesline.  Lashley covered Umaga, but Armando put Umaga's foot on the bottom rope.  Lashley pulled Armando into the ring and gave him a running powerslam.  Lashley tossed him out of the ring.  Umaga charged Lashley, but Lashley dodged it and pulled the ropes down.  Umaga went over the top rope and landed on the floor.  Armando is totally out.  Vince convinced Umaga to get back in the ring and fight. 

Umaga got back in and dodged a Lashley charge and Lashley went through the ropes and landed on the floor.  Umaga got Lashley back into the ring and hit a splash for a two count.  Umaga choked Lashley against the bottom rope.  Austin told him to break, and when he didn't, Austin slapped Umaga in the back.  Umaga and Austin had a staredown.  Umaga choked Lashley again, and Austin pulled him off by the hair.  They had a staredown again.  Lashley hit Umaga with some shots, but Umaga took him down with a clothesline.  Umaga used the second rope to hit a Bonsai Splash on Lashley, then hit a second. Lashley came back with some punches, but Umaga caught him with a Samoan Drop. 

Lashley went to lift Umaga for a slam, but fell under the weight and Umaga went down on top.  Vince got on the ring apron.  Umaga went to slam Lashley, but Lashley floated over and bounced into the ropes, knocking Vince to the floor.  Umaga gave Lashley a faceplant.  Umaga went to the top rope, but Lashley went over and slammed him off the top.  Lashley hit Umaga with a running clothesline, and both men were down.  Austin counted both men down, but stopped at nine, refusing to end the match in a draw.  Austin said there would be no countouts in the match.  Shane McMahon came down to help up Vince, who had been lying on the floor since being knocked off the apron.

Umaga got up and hit Lashley with some punches, then choked him in the corner.  Austin pulled Umaga off by fish hooking his eye.  Shane McMahon got on the apron, but Austin chased him away.  Umaga gave Austin the Samoan Spike, knocking him to the floor.  Shane McMahon got in the ring and gave Lashley some right hands.  Lashley grabbed Shane for a suplex, but Umaga hit him.  Shane stomped Lashley down in the corner, and Umaga gave him the running posterior shot in the corner.  Vince got a trash can out from under the ring, and Umaga held it over Lashley in the corner.  Shane went to the top rope and hit the Coast To Coast dropkick, crushing the trash can into Lashley's face. 

Shane McMahon took off his shirt and jacket, and had a referee's shirt on.  Shane pulled Lashley into the center of the ring, and Umaga hit a top rope splash.  Shane counted two, but Steve Austin pulled Shane out of the ring, hit a series of right hands and tossed him into the ring steps.  Austin got into the ring and Umaga hit him with another Samoan Spike.  Austin was down, and McMahon trash talked him from the floor.  Trump gave McMahon a clothesline on the floor and hit a few punches.  There's your highlight moment for the new programs.  In the ring, Umaga lifted up Austin for a third spike, but Austin ducked it and hit a stunner on Umaga.  Lashley hit a spear and covered Umaga and got the pin at the fourteen minute mark.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

Austin grabbed Vince on the floor and tossed him into the ring.  Shane attacked Austin, but Austin gave Shane a Thesz press.  Austin gave Shane a series of right hands, an elbowdrop, and a stunner.  Meanwhile, Vince was trying to sneak off.  Austin was raising Trump and Lashley's hands in the ring, when they saw Vince escaping.  Lashley ran down the aisle, scooped up McMahon and brought him back to the ring. McMahon yelled at Lashley from the ring, and backed into Austin.  Austin gave Vince a stunner, and Lashley put him in the chair. 

Austin held down Vince while Lashley and Trump used razors to shave Vince bald.  Vince screamed for them to stop, but they shaved it all off.  Ross joked that we now knew the truth, and that it was Vince's real hair all along.  They played the "Bald Headed Blues" as Lashley and Trump put Shaving cream on Vince's head, and then used razors on it.  Austin was drinking a beer.  They unstrapped Vince from the chair, and Lashley had a mirror to show Vince how he looked.  Vince saw his bald head, and tried to fall back over the chair, but the chair wouldn't topple, so Steve Austin knocked it over.  Bald Vince staggered down the aisle.  Steve Austin had a beer celebration with Trump and Lashley in the ring.  Austin then gave Trump a stunner and walked off.  Trump takes a stunner like Linda McMahon takes one.  Austin walked off, while Lashley checked on Trump in the ring. Austin gave a double bird from the stage as Lashley helped Trump from the ring.

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