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By Buck Woodward on 2007-01-28 22:48:00

Backstage, John Cena was being checked by the doctor, and was in pain when the doctor touched his ribs.  Vince McMahon entered, noting he was interrupting John Cena the way Cena interrupted him at Raw.  McMahon questioned if Cena could wrestle, then mocked Cena's "You can't see me" gesture, saying he "didn't see" Cena being the last man standing tonight.  McMahon then left the room as Cena looked annoyed. 

The events leading to Batista vs. Kennedy were shown.

World Champion Batista vs. Ken Kennedy.

They locked up and Batista threw Kennedy to the mat.  They locked up again, and Batista tossed him down again.  A third lockup saw them go to the corner, and Batista broke clean, but Kennedy kicked Batista's knee, hit a right hand and rolled him up for a one count.  Batista backed Kennedy into a corner and Kennedy poked him in the eye.  Kennedy hit some shots, but ran into a boot by Batista (sort of).  Batista delivered a vertical suplex for a two count. Kennedy rolled to the floor and Batista rammed him into the security wall.  Kennedy grabbed Batista low and rammed him knee first into the ringsteps.  A limping Batista threw Kennedy back into the ring.

Batista hit some forearms and elbows, then worked over Kennedy with shoulderblocks in the corner.  Batista was heavily favoring the leg, and Kennedy dropkicked it out from under Batista.  Kennedy stomped Batista down and dropped an elbow and a knee on Batista's leg.  Kennedy dropped his weight on Batista's leg, then got a one count.  Kennedy applied a standing figure four, which he then turned into a reverse figure four.  I haven't seen one of those in a long time.  Kennedy used the middle rope for leverage, and the referee caught him, so Kennedy released it.  Kennedy kicked Batista down in a corner and continued to target the leg.  Kennedy was bleeding from the nose. 

Kennedy hit a running facewash kick to Batista as he was slumped in the corner.  Kennedy then hit a running knee to the head for a two count.  Kennedy applied a single leg Boston Crab, and Batista went for the ropes, but Kennedy dragged him back into the center of the ring.  Batista managed to roll through the move, then grabbed a small package for a two count.  Batista went for a slam, but Kennedy floated over it and chopblocked his leg.  Kennedy charged Batista, and Batista grabbed a spinebuster, but hurt his knee in doing so. 

Both men were slow to get up.  Batista hit some punches, but Kennedy kicked out his knee.  Kennedy kicked Batista in the face, and Batista hulked up.  Batista hit two short clothesline and a backdrop, then hit a clothesline in the corner.  Batista slammed Kennedy.  Batista lifted Kennedy into a fireman's carry and hit a rolling Samoan Drop.  Batista called for the Batista Bomb, but Kennedy hit his knee to block the move.  The referee caught an errant elbow from Batista and fell to the mat as Kennedy kicked Batista low.  Kennedy gave Batista a neckbreaker, but there was no referee. There actually seems to be fan support for Kennedy, despite Batista getting a huge pop for his entrance.

Kennedy revived the referee and hit a DDT, but Batista kicked out at two.  There was actually a "Kennedy" chant from a large group of ringside fans.  Batista reversed a whip, but ran into a Kennedy boot in the corner.  Kennedy got on the second rope, and jumped right into a Batista clothesline.  Batista hit a Batista Bomb for the three count at the ten minute mark.

Winner: Batista.

Backstage, Ariel picked out the number from Kevin Thorn.  As Coachman was commenting about the "freaks" in ECW, The Little Bastard came in.  Using a chair to reach the tumbler, he picked Finlay's number, then jumped on Coach and bit his ear.  He kicked Coach's leg and started to leave ... bumping into the shin of the Great Khali.  Khali drew three number balls.  Coach said he could only take one, so he dropped the other two and left.   Kelly bent over and picked up the balls.  She said "Theses are the biggest balls I've ever held".  Ron Simmons entered and said "Damn!"

The band Saliva were at ringside, drinking beer.

The events leading to Cena vs. Umaga were shown.

Last Man Standing: WWE Champion John Cena vs. Umaga, with Armando.

Cena had his ribs taped up.  They went nose to nose at the bell.  Umaga shoved Cena, and Cena hit some punches.  Cena floated over an attempted slam by Umaga and hit a jawbreaker, but Umaga hit one shot to the body and Cena fell to the floor, clutching his ribs. Umaga punched Cena as he got on the apron, and Cena fell back to the floor.  Umaga threw Cena into the ringside steps, then hit some punches as the two men worked their way up the aisle.  Cena returned fire with punches, and they went back towards the ring.  Cena rammed Umaga headfirst into the ring apron, but Umaga hit him in the gut and Cena doubled over in pain.

Back in the ring, Umaga hit a headbutt and kicked Cena in the ribs.  Umaga hit a punch to the gut, then a forearm to the back.  Umaga hit some headbutts to the midsection in a corner.  Umaga went for a charge, but Cena got his feet up.  Cena then ran into a clothesline by Umaga.  Cena was down, and the referee began to count, but Cena was up at seven.  Umaga slammed Cena, then grabbed a section of ringsteps and prepared to toss them into the ring, but Armando had him wait to see if Cena was going to get up.  Cena was getting up at six, so Armando told Umaga to throw the steps in.  As Umaga got on the apron, Cena grabbed him and yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Umaga fell to the floor.  In the ring, Cena lifted the steps overhead and threw them to ringside, hitting Umaga in the head.  The referee began to count, but Umaga was up at eight.

Cena went outside to toss Umaga back into the ring.  Cena went to rebound off the ropes, but Umaga hit him with a spinkick.  Cena was up at six, and Umaga hit a shot to the ribs and applied a bearhug.  Umaga planted Cena with a belly to belly suplex, and the ref started counting.  Umaga got the other half of the steps and placed them in the ring. Cena got up at eight.  There was a "We want tables" chant.  Umaga propped the steps in a corner, then placed Cena in front of them with some punches.  Umaga went for his running butt blast, but Cena moved out of the way and Umaga ran into the steps.  Cena lifted the steps and ran into Umaga with them.  Umaga got up at seven.  Cena went to the top rope and went for a bodypress, but Umaga caught him and delivered a spinning sidewalk slam. 

Umaga placed the steps in the middle of the ring.  Umaga kicked Cena in the ribs, then used the second rope to hit a modified Banzai Drop.  Umaga hit a second, but on the third Cena got his knees up in Umaga's groin.  Cena gave Umaga a Throwback, sending Umaga face first into the steps.  Cena slammed Umaga back first on the steps, then collapsed to the mat.  Cena was up at five, then did the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop to Umaga.  Cena lifted Umaga for the FU, but Umaga's weight caused Cena to fall face first into the steps.

Cena was busted open, but got up by nine.  Umaga hit a series of right hands to the bloody Cena.  Cena got up at eight, and Umaga delivered more punches.  Cena hulked up, daring Umaga to hit him more.  Cena hit some punches, but Umaga grabbed Cena and planted him with a Samoan Drop.  Umaga called for the Spike.  Cena got to his feet, and Umaga went for the Spike, but Cena blocked it, so Umaga headbutted him down instead. Umaga tied Cena to the Tree Of Woe, then went for a diving headbutt, but Cena sat up in the ropes and Umaga crashed to the mat.  Cena delivered a top rope legdrop, Rocker Dropper-style, sending Umaga headfirst to the mat.  Cena threw Umaga shoulder first into ringpost.  Cena rolled to ringside, knocking out Armando.  Cena grabbed a TV monitor and blasted Umaga in the head with it. 

Umaga got up at eight, so Cena hit a shoulderblock, sending Umaga to the floor.  Cena got on the apron and jumped at Umaga, but Umaga caught him and rammed him back first into the ringpost.  Umaga rammed the bloody Cena head first into the ringsteps, then headfirst into the ECW announce table.  Umaga then ran across the Raw and Smackdown announce tables, looking to splash Cena through the ECW table, but Cena moved and Umaga crashed through the ECW table alone.  Cena rolled into the ring, and Umaga, amazingly, stood up on the floor at nine.

Armando was unhooking the top rope in one corner, as Umaga approached the ring and hit Cena in the gut.  Armando got the one turnbuckle unhooked and barked orders at Umaga, telling him to hit Cena with the steel connector.  Umaga charged, but Cena ducked it and hit Umaga with an FU.  Cena knocked Armando off the apron, then hit Umaga with the steel connector.  Cena then applied at STFU, wrapping the broken top rope around Umaga's throat and choking him with it.  Cena screamed as he choked him.  Cena rolled off, and the referee started to count.  Umaga started to rise, so Cena jumped on Umaga and choked him with the rope again.  Cena rolled off, and got to his feet.  This time, Umaga stayed down for ten, ending the match at the 23-minute mark.

Winner: John Cena.

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