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By Buck Woodward on 2007-01-28 22:48:00

There were two balls left in the tumbler.  Sandman entered, took one of them and got beer all over the Coach.  Ric Flair entered and took the last ball.  Kelly said "You're last, but not least".  Kelly, Layla and Brooke then gave Flair a quick standing lap dance. 

Our announcers for the Royal Rumble will be Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler. 

A history package on the Royal Rumble was shown.   90 second intervals this year.

Royal Rumble

Number one is Ric Flair. 

Number two is Finlay.

They locked up, and Finlay hit a shoulderblock.  Finlay pounded Flair in a corner, and Flair responded with chops. Finlay backdropped Flair, then lifted him in a fireman's carry and tried to toss him out.  Flair held onto the ropes and raked Finlay's eyes.  Flair punched Finlay down in a corner, then chopped him. 

Number three is Kenny Dykstra.

Flair chopped Kenny as he got in the ring.  Finlay hit Flair with a running forearm, then stomped him down.  Kenny shoved Finlay to get at Flair, and Finlay grabbed Kenny and tried to toss him over.  Flair tried to get behind them and throw both men out.  Kenny and Finlay started double teaming Flair. 

Number four is Matt Hardy. 

Matt hit a Side Effect on Kenny.  Flair tried to sent Finlay over the top rope.  Matt tossed Kenny over the top, but he held onto the ropes and landed on the apron.  Finlay raked Flair's eyes.  Kenny hit Matt with some shoulderblocks. Kenny went after Flair, Matt tried to toss Finlay.  Flair hit Kenny with some chops. 

Number five is Edge. 

Edge hit Flair and then Finlay with spears.  Matt dodged an Edge spear, and gave Edge the Twist Of Fate.  Kenny and Matt clotheslined each other. Everyone was down.  Flair went under the ring and pulled out two chairs to give Edge a Conchairto.  Kenny kicked one of them out of the ring.  Edge and Kenny worked over Flair, and Edge tossed Flair over the top rope.  Edge and Kenny high-fived, then Edge tossed Kenny out. 

Ric Flair and Kenny Dykstra are eliminated. 

Number six is Tommy Dreamer. 

Dreamer started pounding Edge, and there was an "ECW" chant. Dreamer put Edge in the Tree Of Woe and hit a dropkick.  Finlay then blindsided Dreamer and worked him over while Matt and Edge went at it. 

Number seven is Sabu. 

Sabu came out and pulled out a table, then set it up at ringside.  Sabu and Dreamer started slugging it out.  Finlay tried to eliminate Edge. Sabu hit a springboard leg lariat on Dreamer, then slugged Hardy.  "Sabu" chant.  Sabu springboarded into a Dreamer clothesline.  Dreamer and Edge tried to eliminate Finlay, while Matt and Sabu went at it. 

Number eight is Gregory Helms. 

Helms and Hardy immediately went at it.  Sabu tossed out Finlay, who landed on the apron.  Helms gave Matt a neckbreaker.  Dreamer tried to eliminate Edge. Finlay lifted Sabu in a fireman's carry, but Sabu fought it off.  Still a "Sabu" chant going. Sabu grabbed Helms and tried to toss him over the top. 

Number nine is Shelton Benjamin. 

Benjamin went after Matt, then Dreamer.  Matt went over the top rope, but held on.  Helms tried to eliminate Edge.  Sabu and Dreamer went at it.  Finlay tried to toss Benjamin, but he held on.  Hardy got behind Finlay and tried to sent him over.  Finlay entwined himself in the ropes to save himself.  Dreamer sat Sabu on the top rope and tried to send him over.  Hardy and Benjamin teased suplexing each other over the top. 

Number ten is Kane. 

Kane started cleaning house, hitting everyone.  Kane gave Helms a powerslam, then chokeslammed Edge.  Kane threw Dreamer over the top rope and to the floor. 

Tommy Dreamer is eliminated. 

Kane lifted Sabu, but Sabu floated over him.  Sabu hit Kane with a clothesline, then tried for another.  Kane backdropped Sabu to the apron, then chokeslammed him off the apron through the table Sabu had set up. 

Sabu is eliminated. 

Number eleven is CM Punk. 

CM Punk went right after Edge, but was cut off by Finlay.  Benjamin choked Kane from behind.  Helms and Hardy went at it.  Finlay tried to toss Punk out, then Edge tried to do the same.  Punk gave Edge a jumping knee, then tried to toss him.  Hardy stomped Helms in a corner. 

Number twelve is King Booker. 

Helms and Punk went at it, and Booker inserted himself in that fight, grabbing Helms and tossing him over the top rope. 

Gregory Helms is eliminated. 

Kane tried to eliminate Matt, and Finlay got behind Kane and tried to force him out.  Benjamin went at it with Edge.  Booker stomped Punk down, and he and Benjamin tried to toss him over.  Matt went after Edge. 

Number thirteen is Super Crazy. 

Crazy went after Booker, but was hit by Kane.  Kane gave Super Crazy a back elbow, then decked Edge, Punk and Benjamin.  Booker and Finlay went at it in a corner.  Matt tried to toss out Crazy, with Shelton helping.  Booker almost eliminated Finlay.  

Number fourteen is Jeff Hardy. 

The Hardys went to work on Finlay, suplexing him.  The Hardys then gave Edge a double elbow and elbow/backsplash como.  The Hardys gave Crazy a double back suplex.  The Hardys went after Kane, but Kane.  Air Hardy on Kane.  Finlay and Punk went at it.  Edge and Benjamin went at it. 

Number fifteen is The Sandman, who entered through the crowd. 

Sandman hit Jeff, Crazy and Matt with the cane, but Booker grabbed him from behind and tossed him out. 

Sandman is eliminated. The fans were not happy. 

Finlay tossed out Jeff, but Jeff skinned the cat.  Kane tossed Punk out, but he held on. 

Number sixteen in Randy Orton.  

Orton and Edge tossed out Super Crazy.

Super Crazy is eliminated.  

Orton gave Matt a side neckbreaker and started to toss him out as Jeff went to help Matt, and Edge got behind Jeff.  Orton and Edge eliminated the Hardys at the same time. 

Matt and Jeff Hardy are eliminated. 

Orton went at Benjamin.  Edge fought Punk.  Finlay and Booker worked on Kane. 

Number seventeen in Chris Benoit. 

Benoit went after everyone, throwing people around with suplexes.  Edge went after Booker.  Punk tossed Benjamin out, but he held on.  Benoit and Finlay went at it.

Number eighteen is Rob Van Dam.

Van Dam hit Edge and Benjamin with kicks, then punched Kane.  RVD kicked Booker in the head, and Kane grabbed Booker and sent him over the top rope.

King Booker is eliminated.

Booker ran back in and gave Kane a sidekick, then an ax kick.  Booker then clotheslined Kane over the top rope.  They are counting the elimination.

Kane is eliminated.

Booker rammed Kane into the steps on the floor and beat him up.

Number nineteen is Viscera.

Booker had to be pulled off of Kane by officials on the floor.   In the ring, Finlay and Benoit went at it.  Viscera, RVD and Benjamin tried to eliminate Edge.  Orton kicked Punk in a corner.  RVD went after Finlay.  Viscera stepped on Orton in a corner.  Benjamin went after Benoit. 

Number twenty is Johnny Nitro.

Nitro tried to toss out RVD, then he got decked by Viscera.  Viscera crushed Punk in a corner.  Benoit tried to toss Benjamin out.  Finlay tossed out RVD, but he landed on the apron.  Edge and Orton worked over Nitro.   Benjamin was tossed out by Benoit, but he held onto the bottom rope and kept his feet off the floor.

Number twenty-one is Kevin Thorn.

Viscera and Nitro tried to toss RVD out.  Benoit went at it with Thron.  RVD hit Viscera with a series of shots, then Viscera decked him with a clothesline.  Benjamin tried to powerbomb Nitro, but he punched out of it and dropkicked Benjamin.

Number twenty-two is Hardcore Holly.

Holly tossed Nitro out, but he landed on the apron.  Orton went at it with Punk.  Edge went at it with Finlay.  Viscera grabbed Holly so Nitro could hit him.  Benjamin catapulted RVD over the top, but he landed on the apron. A group of men tried to push Viscera out.

Number twenty-three is Shawn Michaels.

Everyone was tried to eliminate Viscera.  Michaels grabbed Finlay and went nuts on him, clotheslining him over the top rope and to the floor.

Finlay is eliminated.

Michaels superkicked Viscera, and a group of people pushed him over the top rope.

Viscera is eliminated.

Michaels backdropped Benjamin out of the ring.

Shelton Benjamin is eliminated.

There was an "HBK" chant.

Number twenty-four is Chris Masters.

Nitro gave Benoit a neckbreaker.  Edge and Orton went after Michaels.  Benoit knocked Nitro over the top rope as Nitro got on the second rope.

Johnny Nitro is eliminated.

RVD and Holly went at it.  Masters and Punk went at it.  Edge and Orton tried to get Michaels out.

Number twenty-five is Chavo Guerrero.

Guerrero went after Chris Masters.  Benoit, from the apron, pulled Thorn over the top rope and to the floor.

Kevin Thorn is eliminated.

Punk and RVD went at it.  Chavo and Masters went at it.  Holly and Benoit went at it.  Michaels was starting to get the better of Edge and Orton.

Number twenty-six is MVP.

MVP went after Benoit, but Michaels grabbed him so Benoit could chop him.  RVD dropkicked Masters over the top rope and to the floor after floating over a suplex attempt.

Chris Masters is eliminated.

Orton tried to eliminate Punk.  Chavo and RVD tried to get Holly out.  MVP went at it with Benoit.  Edge and Michaels went at it.

Number twenty-seven is Carlito.

Carlito went after everyone, then started stomping Orton.  Carlito then went after Michaels, then Edge.  RVD tossed Michaels over the top rope, but Michaels landed on the apron.  RVD and Chavo tried to kick him off the apron.  Holly and MVP worked over Benoit.

Number twenty-eight is Great Khali.

Many wrestlers stopped fighting when they saw Khali.  Khali got in and headbutted and swatted everyone away.  No one was effective against him.  At one point, everyone was knocked down except Khali. Khali grabbed Hardcore Holly and tossed him over the top rope.

Hardcore Holly is eliminated.

Number twenty-nine is The Miz.

Khali tossed out Chris Benoit, then the Miz, then RVD, then CM Punk.

Chris Benoit, The Miz, RVD and CM Punk are eliminated.

Khali tossed Carlito, who landed on the apron, then chopped him off the apron.

Carlito is eliminated.

Khali tossed out Chavo.

Chavo Guerrero is eliminated.

Michaels tried to chop Khali, and Khali chokeslammed Michaels. They asked "Who can stop Khali?"

Number thirty is the Undertaker.

We have Undertaker, Khali, Michaels, Edge, Orton and MVP left in the ring.

Undertaker and Khali exchanged shots.  Khali grabbed Taker by the throat, but Taker broke free and pounded Khali with punches.  Undertaker clotheslined and shoved Khali over the top rope.

The Great Khali is eliminated.

Michaels was down.  Taker decked Edge, Orton and MVP, then hit the Old School ropewalk forearm on MVP. Undertaker tossed out MVP.

MVP is eliminated.

Taker gave Edge a flying clothesline, then tossed him out, but Edge held on. MVP tossed a chair in, and Randy Orton hit Undertaker with it.  Edge went to spear Orton, and Orton turned around and Edge put on the breaks.  Orton and Edge argued, then Orton saw Michaels getting up, so Orton gave Michaels an RKO.  Michaels rolled to the floor, under the bottom rope.

Edge convinced Orton to team up and work on Undertaker.  Undertaker was bleeding from the chairshot.  They double teamed him, but Taker battled back with punches. Undertaker clotheslined both men, then gave Edge Snake-Eyes and a running boot to the face.  Undertaker measured Orton for a chokeslam, but Edge speared Taker before he could complete the move.  Edge hit Undertaker with a chairshot.  Edge rolled to the floor and got a second chair.  Orton put one chair under Taker's head, so Edge could hit the Conchairto.  Michaels rolled back into the ring.  Orton charged him, and Michaels backdropped him out of the ring.

Randy Orton is eliminated.

Edge swung the chair at Michaels and missed, and Michaels superkicked Edge over the top rope.

Edge is eliminated.

Undertaker sat up in the ring.  Michaels kipped up in the ring. 

They had a staredown, then Undertaker went for a punch, but Michaels ducked and hit some right hands.  Taker shoved Michaels away, and Michaels charged back with more punches.  Taker tossed Michaels in a corner, and punched him with an uppercut that sent Michaels onto the ropes, but not over them.  Taker missed a punch in the corner and Michaels hit some chops.  Undertaker whipped Michaels across the ring, and Michaels flipped to the apron.   Undertaker went for a big boot, Michaels ducked and Taker went over the top rope and to the apron.  Michaels went to hit Taker, Taker ducked and knocked Michaels to the mat.  Undertaker got back into the ring.

Michaels and Undertaker exchanged punches.  Michaels ducked a punch and went off the ropes, but Taker hit him with a big boot. Undertaker lifted Michaels for a vertical suplex and put him in the apron.  From the apron, Michaels rammed Taker into the top turnbuckle.  Michaels went to the top rope, but Taker crotched him.  Undertaker went for a superplex.  They battle for position, and Taker headbutted Shawn.  They were teetering on the top and middle ropes, and Michaels punched Taker, knocking him into the ring.

Michaels hit a top rope elbowdrop on the Undertaker. Undertaker slowly got up, and Michaels prepared for the superkick.  Undertaker caught the superkick and chokeslammed Michaels. Undertaker called for the tombstone.  Undertaker lifted him, but Michaels floated over it and superkicked Undertaker, then collapsed on the mat. 

They both slowly got up, and Michaels measured Undertaker for another superkick.  Michaels went for the superkick, Undertaker ducked it, lifted Michaels and sent him over the top rope and to the floor.

Shawn Michaels is eliminated.

The Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble.

Michaels sat on the floor, looking disappointed.  Undertaker stood up in the ring, and looked down at Michaels.  Undertaker turned and looked at the Wrestlemania 23 sign, then looked at Michaels and pointed at him, as Michaels was leaving.  Undertaker looked at the Wrestlemania sign again, then posed in the ring to end the PPV as fireworks went off. Elite Subscribers are able to enjoy the coverage on an ad-free site, and will also be able to hear the exclusive post-PPV audio show. To become a Elite Subscriber, click here

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