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By Dave Scherer on 2022-11-26 20:13:00

OK, I am old.  I own it.  I am good with it.  With that said, opening the PLE with War Pigs?  Big, big pop!  Sabbath brings me back to an earlier day, much of which I don’t remember.  I am OK.  Let the WAR begin!  

Cole and Graves are your announce team.  They talked about the history (actual history, with Dusty and all that) of the match.  The women are out first for their War Games.  Unless something changes, the men are last.  Returning Becky Lynch came out first.  Then Alexa Bliss, Asuka and then Mia Yim.  They went into the cage and then came out the champ.  She is starting for her team.  Of course she is.  She is a babyface, and a bad ass.

Their opponents came out next.  Rhea Ripley is out first.  They are using the heel trope of saving the baddest for last.  Nikki Cross is out next.  She climbed on top of the cage, cuz she is crazy.  Rhea is doing chin ups in the cage.  Damage CTRL came out as a unit.  Bayley and Iyo went in the cage, Dakota is starting.  Ding Ding, we are underway.

Cole and Graves are dropping legit facts about War Games.  Love it.  It wouldn’t have happened if Vince’s dingle never dangled.  I am thankful for Vince’s bad decision making skills.

As expected, Bianca took out Dakota as the clock went to 0.  Iyo came in and we are in the three minute block of time.  Bianca just needs to survive.

Bianca just got a friend as Asuka came in to even things up.  She went to town on Iyo.

Nikki is in and she isn’t coming alone.  She us bringing a ton of plunder (which I was literally typing when Graves said it).  Nikki is going nuts.

Heels are in control as we go down to zero.  Alexa is in next.  Five feet of power came in like a house afire.

It’s all plunder at this point as Nikki went to the top of the cage.  Not for long, splash attack on everyone.  

Who is next, Bayley or Rhea?  Bayley, they saved the strongest for last, which I said makes the most sense for the strongest heel to come in last.  Bayley put two ladders in the ring.  The crowd asked for tables.  She obliged.  This isn’t a match yet but it’s leaving a mark on the competitors.

The heels are in kill  mode, taking out the faces in a big way.  Just when they needed it, Mia Yim came in.  She is bringing in her own plunder.  Rhea will be 9 and Becky will be last.

Yim is giving her team a chance.  Cole said  she has made a difference and she has, but Rhea is waiting.  And then Nikki put a sleeper on Mia so the heels are coming back.  

Seems like the clock has gone sideways.  Rhea should be in. There is it.  Here comes Rhea just as everyone go lead out.  She is coming in to kill people.  

The fans are already chanting for Becky.  When she comes in, the match begins!

Here she comes.  The Man is here and the match finally starts.

The War Games have begun as Becky is going to work.  The fans love it.

Becky is facing off with Bayley.  She put her down and Rhea faced off with The Man. Asuka nailed Rhea with the mist but Bayley made the save.  It won’t end that quickly.

Iyo came off of the top of the cage on Bianca and Mia but before that Bayley took a stiff shot to the head.  Hope she is OK.  The fans are loving it and why not.

Nikki remembered she can use handcuffs and told Alexa, “You think I forgot!”  She didn’t.  Nikki was about to handcuff her to the cage when Alexa cuffed her to herself and then wiped her out.  Lots is going on.  A ladder just got destroyed. 

With the others down it’s Becky and Bianca vs. Iyo, Bayley and Dakota.  Becky says they want tables.  They set it up.  They put Dakota and Iyo on it.  Becky went to the top.  Bayley tried to make the save but Bianca nuked her.  Becky came off the top with a leg drop, blasting them them through the table.  The faces win.  That was fun as hell!  Great start to the show.

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