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By Dave Scherer on 2022-11-26 20:13:00

After a recap about what went down with The Bloodline last night on Smackdown, with KO, Sami and Jey, we went to the locker room with Jey and Roman.  Jey is telling the Chief that he knows what Sami did with KO and he cost us the advantage.  He asks Roman what they are going to do.  Roman said you are going to go out and be the right hand man.  Roman will be the Tribal Chief.  He is going to look Sami in the eyes and he will know if he is telling the truth.  He will know where his loyalties lie.  Focus on tonight.  

Jey leaves and Roman tells Heyman to get him Sami.  Heyman puts in the call.  

Finn Balor is out first, with Dom and Damien.  Then AJ with the OC.  Cole is dropping tons of legit history.  Will Tony Khan complain about it?  I am kidding  I think.  

To that point,I am watching with my son-in-law.  He noticed the history that Cole told us about.  He said it makes sense.  It tells you the story.  You don’t have to manufacture heat.  People listen to what the announcers say my friends.

Back and forth early on.

The Judgment Day are the first to get involved as Dom took out AJ’s legs.  That brought The OC into it.  Brawling on the floor.  AJ went out to help his boys and that let Finn get control back in the ring.  

While on the offense, Finn is selling the leg that AJ went after.  It’s been mostly Finn through the early part of the match.

Finn has some welts on his lower back.  It’s pretty red.  He went for a Styles Clash but AJ got out.  They are both down now.  But, not for long.  Balor has been in control most of the way.

In the back, Sami came to Roman’s summons.  Roman asked about Sami talking to KO at Smackdown.  Sami said he did talk to him.  He asked why he lied to Jey.  He said he lied to Jey because he had a huge match and he didn’t want it on his plate.  He said he doesn’t trust him so he didn’t want it on his plate.  Sami said he didn’t talk to KO, he said he talked to him.  He listed.  Roman asked what KO said.  Sami said he should turn on The Bloodline before they turned on him.  Roman said he gets that was his friend but this is family.  He needs to look in Roman’s eyes and tell him he is either with him or if he will turn.  Sami pledged allegiance.  He took him in and made him part of the family.  He won’t ever let him down.  He is with The Bloodline.  Roman pondered it and said get up.  Then he said let’s do it and gave him a hug,.  Sami thanked him. Roman looked like he wasn’t sure if he believed him.  

US Title time as Seth Rollins is defending against Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory.  The biggest reaction was for Seth.  If the people love him, make him a face.  Makes sense to me.  Cole reminds us that it has been 10 years since The Shield debuted.  Time flies.

Lashley is in control early, showing his freakish strength.  How many wrestlers do their best work at 46 years old?  Dude is a monster.

Theory is taking the other two out.  It’s wild, there is a mid 20s guy, a mid 30s guy and a mid 40s guy here.  Good workers come in all ages.

Good stuff here.  The Peeps love Rollins.  He is so good in the ring.  So good.  This is good three way action.  I like all of these guys.  Fans are chanting for Rollins.

This is the way a three way should be.  Everyone is kicking ass and Seth is focused keeping his Title.  

The finish came when Lashley took down Seth as he was going for a Falcon Arrow and Theory made the most of it and fell into the cover to win the Title.  The show was kind of just moving along after the opener.  This was great.  Loved it.  Great stuff. 

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