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By Richard Trionfo on 2021-02-22 22:59:00

We begin with a look back at the Elimination Chamber from last night when Drew McIntyre successfully defended the WWE Championship only to be outsmarted by Miz who had Bobby Lashley attack Drew to allow Miz to successfully cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

We are in St. Petersburg, Florida and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe, and Byron Saxton.

John Morrison is in the ring with a lot of balloons and he introduces the new WWE Champion, the Miz.

Miz welcomes everyone to MizTV . . . Champions Edition.  Miz asks how do you like him now?  Sixteen years ago, I set foot inside a WWE ring for the first time and people said I would be fired within three months.  Sixteen years later I stand in the ring on the flagship show in the WWE as WWE Champion.  All of the top superstars of his generation have come and gone and I am still here standing.  I have taken them out.  Batista and John Cena.  You name them and they don't stand up to me.  Triple H, Bobby Lashley, Daniel Bryan, and Edge do not stand up to his star power and his attitude.

Speaking of Edge, if you want to play high stakes poker, here is my Royal Flush.  I am the Babe Ruth of WWE.  I told Drew that I would cash in and beat him and that is what I did.  Everyone thought they knew what would happen on the Road to Wrestlemania, but the Miz put up a roadblock.  Miz says he is the only two time grand slam champion in the history of the business.  That means I have held every title on Raw mutliple times.  I hold this title because I deserve it.  I did not ask for your respect, I demanded it.

The music for the Hurt Business plays and Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring followed by Montel Vontavious Porter.

Porter says on behalf of the Hurt Business, he wants to congratulate Miz on his victory.  Porter says you omitted the part where Bobby Lashley absolutely wrecked and destroyed Drew McIntyre to allow you to cash in the briefcase for the title.

Miz says he was getting there and he wants to thank them.  Miz tells them they can celebrate if they want because Miz and Morrison have a lot of celebrating to do.  

Porter reminds Miz of their arrangement.  Morrison cost Bobby his title.  The deal was that if Lashley helps you, he gets the first title match.

Miz says he agreed to a title match, but he never said when.  Miz says he has appearances, a new season of Miz and Mrs, Fastlane, and Wrestlemania.  He has a lot of stress.  Miz says there is no time.

Porter says there is no time, but when you mentioned who you passed, you mentioned Bobby Lashley.  

Miz says he never said it.

Lashley tells Miz they have a deal and he has an hour to make their deal work.  

Riddle joins Lucha House Party in the back and Riddle thanks them for having his back.  Riddle says he got his first win in War Zone.  Dorado says he is talking about winning the United States Title.  Riddle says he likes the eagle on his title belt and he is going to call it Travis.  Riddle gets on his scooter and heads to the ring.

Match Number One:  Riddle versus John Morrison in a Non Title Match

Riddle with a body scissors take down and he gets a near fall.  They lock up and Riddle with a waist lock and Morrison with an elbow.  Morrison with a kick and a leg lariat.  Morrison misses a shooting star press and Riddle with a triangle but Morrison gets to the ropes.  Morrison has a kick blocked and then he misses kicks.  Morrison blocks a kick but Riddle escapes.  Morrison with a kick.  Riddle with a gutwrench suplex for a near fall.  Riddle and Morrison exchange forearms.  Morrison has a kick blocked and Morrison with a rake of the eye and a take down.  Morrison with a dragon sleeper.  Morrison sends Riddle to the apron and he kicks Riddle off the apron.  Morrison with a springboard twisting splash.

Morrison puts Riddle back in the ring and Morrison is sent to the floor with a head scissors.  Morrison takes Riddle down but Riddle with chops on the apron followed by a kick.  Morrison with a kick and fisherman's buster on the apron.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Morrison gets his knees up when Riddle goes for a back senton.  Morrison with an Alabama Slam for a near fall.  Morrison with a reverse chin lock.  Riddle with punches and Morrison with shoulders in the corner.  Riddle with a punch.  Riddle with more punches and Riddle with a Pele Kick.  Riddle with a running forearm into the corner and he hits a second one.  Riddle with an exploder.  Riddle misses a running kick and a standing moonsault.  Morrison goes to the floor and Riddle with a kick from the apron and a twisting Asai moonsault.  Riddle with a German suplex for a near fall.

Morrison backs Riddle into the corner and connects with shoulders.  Riddle pushes Morrison away and Morrison with Spanish Fly for a near fall.  Morrison goes for Moonlight Drive but Riddle counters with Bro 2 Sleep.  Morrison with a super kick.  Riddle with a sunset flip but Morrison rolls through and connects with a knee.  Riddle blocks Starship Pain and hits Bro Derek for the three count.

Winner:  Matt Riddle

We have a video package for Rhea Ripley and she is coming soon to Raw.

We are back and it is time to see footage of Bad Bunny on Saturday Night Live with the 24/7 Title belt.

Bad Bunny walks in the back with Damian Priest and Sarah ambushes them for comments.  Bad Bunny says this is just the beginning.  With Damian by his side, he will be here every week.  

R Truth shows up with a referee and he tells the referee he will see him later.

Truth says he wasn't trying to get his baby back.  Truth says Bad Bunny saved the planet from the Monstars with Michael Jordan.  Truth says he wants an autograph.  He says he left his marker and Bugs Bunny shirt in the locker room.

Priest tells Truth that his friend's name is Bad Bunny. 

Truth leaves.

Miz and Adam Pearce are in the back and Miz asks Pearce why is he going to let Lashley do that. 

Pearce asks if there was a deal or not.  Miz says there was nothing in writing.

Pearce says he agrees with Miz.  So many have doubted you but you are the WWE Champion.  You need to take on all challengers.  

Miz says he will face all challengers but not right now.

Pearce tells Miz that time is running out to make his decision.

Match Number Two:  Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods versus Mace and T-Bar (with Mustafa Ali, Reckoning and Slapjack)

T-Bar and Woods start off and T-Bar with a knee and forearm to the back.  Woods with a punch and forearms to the arm.  Kofi tags in and Kofi with a double stomp to the arm.  Kofi with an arm bar.  T-Bar with a slam and Mace tags in and he picks up Kofi and slams his head into the mat.  T-Bar with a boot to the head and Mace with a near fall.  T-Bar with a back breaker for a near fall.  Mace and T-Bar with High Justice but Ali wants them to do it again.  Woods pulls down the ropes and T-Bar goes to the floor.  Kofi with Trouble in Paradise to Mace.

Kofi with Trouble in Paradise to T-Bar for the three count.

Winners:  Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

After the match, Ali takes the mic and he yells at T-Bar and Mace for losing.  He asks them how many times are you going to fail him and disrespect him.  How much longer do I have to deal with this crap?  Ali says he carried all of them on his back and you fail over and over again.

Bobby Lashley and MVP walk in the back and the ultimatum has moved up to 8:56 PM.

We go to commercial.

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