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By Richard Trionfo on 2021-02-22 22:59:00

We are back and Adam Pearce is in the ring.  He says it has been an hour (well, it is 8:56 so close enough) and he says it is time for an answer.

Adam brings out Bobby Lashley ad he is now in his ring gear.  He is accompanied by Montel Vontavious Porter.

Pearce brings out the Miz and he is joined by John Morrison.

Adam asks Miz if he has an answer for Bobby Lashley.

Miz tells Adam, MVP, and Lashley that he has made his decision.  He says he needs more time.

Lashley tells Miz to stop stalling.  Wasting his time is like wasting his money.

Miz says he is worried about the honor and respect for this title.  He says John Morrison would love a chance at the title.

Porter says that Miz doesn't have a deal with any other superstars.  

Miz says he needs more time.  Miz says he understands that Bobby wants to come after the WWE Championship.  Miz says he wants to put forth his best effort.  He needs the time to give the title that caliber of match.  Miz suggests a week and he asks Adam if he could pencil that in.

Braun Strowman's music plays and he makes his way to the ring. 

Braun says if anyone is getting a WWE Championship match around here it is him.

Pearce says he can't do that.

Braun says that Shane and Adam have a vendetta against him and that is why he was not put in the Elimination Chamber Match.

Miz asks MVP if he is going to let Strowman say that.

Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring.

Shane wants everyone to chill out.  Shane asks Adam what type of ship is he running here.  He tells Braun that he cannot come to the ring and demand a title match.  Shane tells Braun that the Elimination Chamber was for former WWE Champions and you were never WWE Champion.  

Braun says that the idea sucks, Shane sucks, Miz sucks, Bobby Lashley sucks and this whole thing sucks.

Braun demands a title match.

Shane says that sucks.

Braun asks for a match against the challenger.

Shane likes that and he says he would love to see that match.

Braun Strowman will face Bobby Lashley tonight.   Shane says if Braun wins tonight, next week, Braun join the WWE Title match and it will be a Triple Threat Match.

Braun turns around and tells Shane that might be the smartest decision he has made, but Bobby Lashley clips Strowman.

Match Number Three:  Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik versus Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin in a Non-TItle Torando Tag Match

Benjamin with knees to Metalik while Alexander with shoulders to Dorado.  Benjamin with a clothesline to Metalik.  Alexander with a drop kick to Dorado.  Metalik with punches to Benjamin but Benjamin with a back body drop.  Dorado is sent to the floor.  Alexander with a suplex to Metalik for a near fall.  Benjamin with knees to Dorado and he gets Dorado up in a Gory Special and Alexander with a drop kick to Dorado.  Benjamin gets a near fall.  Alexander kicks Metalik and Metalik chops Alexander.  Dorado is sent to the floor.  Benjamin with a suplex to Metalik.  Alexander sends Dorado into the ringside barrier and apron.  

Metalik punches Benjamin in the corner and Alexander kicks Dorado.  Benjamin sets Metalik up for a power bomb and hits it for a near fall.  Dorado punches Alexander and Benjamin kicks Dorado.  Benjamin and Alexander double team Dorado in the corner.  Benjamin gets Metalik up and Dorado trips Alexander on a Neuralizer attempt.  Dorado with a kick to Alexander.  Metalik with a satellite DDT followed by a frog splash to Benjamin for a near fall.  Metalik and Dorado work over Alexander.  Metalik is sent to the apron and Alexander with an elbow.  Alexander is sent to the turnbuckles and Dorado with a Frankensteiner.  Metalik goes up top and he misses a springboard elbow and lands on his feet.  Benjamin tosses Dorado into a knee from Alexander.

Benjamin with Paydirt for the three count.

Winners:  Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin

We take a look back at how Bad Bunny became the 24/7 Champion.

Match Number Four:  Damian Priest (with Bad Bunny) versus Angel Garza

Priest avoids Garza and hits a clothesline for a near fall.  Priest with punches in the corner.  Priest with a slam and he gets a near fall.  Garza with a series of clotheslines to get Priest down.  Garza throws his pants at Bad Bunny and Garza with punches.  Garza with more punches and he works on the neck.  Garza with a drop kick and a running knee as he has some words for Bad Bunny.  Garza with an arm bar and then he applies a camel clutch.  Garza stomps on the back and he returns to the arm bar.  Garza returns to the camel clutch.  

Priest with a forearm and he blocks a kick and hits Garza in the leg and then kicks Garza.  Priest boxes the ears and Garza goes down.  Priest with an elbow into the corner followed by the Broken Arrow for a near fall.  Garza goes to the apron and Priest punches Garza.  Garza with a punch followed by a kick.  Garza sets for the Wing Clipper but Priest escapes.  Garza clotheslines Priest over the top rope to the floor.  Garza has some words for Bad Bunny and he wants Bad Bunny to come into the ring.

Bad Bunny tells Garza to look behind him and Priest with a kick from the apron followed by a spinning heel kick off the turnbuckles.  Priest with Hit the Lights for the three count.

Winner:  Damian Priest

After the match, the Main Event All Stars make their way to the ring to try to pin the 24/7 Champion and they fail.

We are back and Rhea Ripley is still coming soon to Raw.

We take a look back at what happened last week to get Randy Orton counted out of the gauntlet match.

Randy Orton says failure is not a word that I am all too familiar with.  My track record proves it.  Lately, I have been surrounded by it.  I should have won the Gauntlet Match and I would have been at an advantage in the Elimination Chamber.  Last night, I was the first one eliminated.  Every time I get distracted, I do what it takes to get rid of that problem.  The Fiend was a distraction and he was a problem.  I set him on fire.

I took care of the Fiend and set him on fire.  The Fiend is no more.  He is not coming back.  In the meanwhile, I find myself in limbo.  Why can't I focus.  I am still distracted.  I am not distracted by the Fiend.  I am distracted by Alexa Bliss.

Randy has trouble breathing and he starts to spit up black liquid.

Before her match, we take a look back at the announcement by Lacey Evans that she is with child.

Match Number Five:  Charlotte Flair and Asuka versus Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in a Non Title Match

Asuka and Shayna start things off and they lock up.  Asuka with a wrist lock and Shayna with a reversal.  Asuka tries for a reversal but Shayna with a kick to the leg.  Asuka with a waist lock into an octopus.  Shayna counters into a stretch muffler but Asuka escapes.  Charlotte tags in and she applies a wrist lock.  Nia tags in.  They lock up and Charlotte with a side head lock.  Nia with a forearm and Charlotte with a forearm and chop followed by more forearms.  Shayna comes in and Charlotte with a forearm and fallaway slam.  Charlotte drop kicks Nia to the floor and Asuka with a hip attack to send Shayna to the floor.

We go to commercial.

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