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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-04 18:55:00

WWE Cruiserweight champion Neville vs. Austin Aries - Submission match

They locked up and Aries was backed into the ropes.  They broke clean but Neville kicked Aries in the leg.  Aries fired off several kicks but was grabbed in an armbar.  They went back and forth working over the arm of the other.   Neville worked over the leg.  Aries made a comeback and set up for a dive but Neville got out of the way.  Aries went to the top and came off the top with a bodypress to the floor.  Neville was tossed back in but cut off Aries by drilling his knee as he returned and nailed a dragon screw legwhip.

Aries was worked over for a long time but came back to attack Neville's leg, nailing several shinbreakers and a dragon screw legwhip of his own.  Aries and Neville fought on the apron but Neville dropkicked him off to the floor.    Neville was in control until he went for a missile dropkick but was caught and turned into a figure four leglock.

Aries nailed a neckbreaker but was caught in the Rings of Saturn.  Aries fought his way to the ropes.  The crowd booed the rope break.  You get a feeling watching that the crowd live isn't giving this a chance.     Neville went for it again but Aries rolled through and locked him in the Rings of Saturn.  Neville grabbed the referee but Aries let go and asked the official not to DQ him only to be caught unaware with a superkick.

They battled on the top, where Aries boxed Neville's ears and locked a guillotine choke on the top rope and nailed a sunset flip powerbomb.  Aries trapped him in the Last Chancery.  Neville teased tapping but pulled himself to the outside.  Aries held on and locked the move on the floor.  Neville tapped but the referee said they had to win in the ring.

Aries released and tossed Neville back into the ring.  If there's going to be a screwy, it will be now.  Neville nailed Aries in his arm but Aries came back with a discus fivearm that sent him to the floor.  Aries went for the dive to the floor but Neville ducked and there was no water in the pool.

Neville tossed Aries into the ring, nailed the Red Arrow and locked Aries in the Rings of Saturn.  Aries tapped.

Your winner and still Crusierweight champ, Neville!

Good match.

Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor in a Fatal Five to determine top contender to WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar.

They have the entire final hour for this.

Everyone battled at the bell.  That left Bray and Roman in the ring.  They fired back and forth.  Reigns nailed a Samoan Drop but Samoa Joe caught him for a potential one, only to have it reversed and Roman snapped one.  Finn and Roman battled back and forth.  Balor went for a kick but Roman blocked it.   Joe sent Rollins to the floor and went for a dive but was nailed a Seth nailed one on Joe.  Balor drilled Bray and stomped him over and over, using the ropes for leverage.  He turned to Joe and Seth and gave them the same treatment.  Balor nailed a big flip dive to the outside, wiping out his opposition.

The battle continues with Joe tossing Roman into the barricade.  Joe and Bray teamed up to drill Rollins with the steel steps.  They turned to Balor and assaulted him as well before turning their attention back to Roman.    Joe and Bray continued to control the landscape, taking turns beating on Finn.

Rollins returned to the fray and nailed a leg lariat on Bray, then drove Joe into the buckles.    He went for a dive on Bray but was nailed with a massive right hand.   Bray nailed him with a DDT on the steel steps.    

Back in the ring, Joe sunk in the Clutch but Finn slipped out and nailed the double stomp.  Wyatt brought a chair into the equation and started laying waste to everyone.  He turned to Joe and teased hitting him, but turned and nailed Finn again.  Joe nailed the back senton splash on Finn, who had a chair laid across his back.   Not to be undone, Bray then nailed one on the chair.  Joe teased he was going to attack Bray but backed off.

They set up a chair in the corner but Bray was kicked off and Joe was sent into the chair.  Reigns returned to nail the Driveby on Bray and then nailed a chokeslam on Finn.  He snapped Joe with a Superman punch and drilled Bray over and over with clotheslines in the corner.   Reigns nailed a big boot on Joe.  Reigns worked over Bray.  

Reigns set up for the Superman punch on Bray but Joe pulled him out of the ring and they battled.  Bray assisted Joe.    Bray drilled Roman with a Uranage on the table.   Rollins returned, nailing Bray and hitting a pescado over the top on Joe.  He returned to the top and nailed Bray with a bodypress for a two count.  Joe hits the ring but is kicked by Seth.  Rollins came off the top with a double blockbuster off the top on Joe and Bray but couldn't score the pin.  He nailed a dive on Joe.  He returned to the ring and tossed Bray to the floor next to Joe.  Seth set up for another dive but Bray shoved Joe into the path of destruction.

Bray nailed Seth with Sister Abigail but before he could gain the pinfall, Joe attacked him and questioned him.  They faced off and Bray shoved him.  They began fighting.  Joe nailed the Uranage in the corner and scored a two count.   Wyatt cut off a rebounding Joe and set up for Sister Abigail.  

As he executed the move, Joe slipped out and locked in the clutch but Balor returned and began beating them with chairshots.  He saw Roman returning and dropkicked him off the apron and nailed a running kick to the face that looked EVIL.  Balor nailed dropkicks on Joe and Roman, sending them into the barricade.

Balor lost it and began beating Bray's head over and over into the announcers' table and placed Bray on it.  Joe grabbed Finn from behind and locked in the Kokina Klutch but Joe was speared by Roman and all three of them wiped out through the barricade, destroying it.  Rollins returned to the ring and surveyed the situation, deciding to hit a splash off the top rope through the table on Bray, putting him through it.  Rollins immediately began grabbing at his leg.

Seth and Roman were the only ones to return to their feet after all that and met in the center of the ring.  They faced off and began exchanging punches.  Seth nailed an enzguiri but was backdropped out of a Pedigree attempt and hit with the Superman punch for a close two count.

Bray returned and went for Sister Abigail but Roman speared him.  Finn returned but Joe nailed him with a right hand.  Reigns went for a spear but was hit with Slingblade.  Balor nailed the top rope doublestomp.  He covered Reigns but Joe snatched him into the Kokina Clutch and choked him out.  The referee called for the bell.

Your winner, Samoa Joe!

Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar in Dallas!  I repeat, Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar.  That is the stuff dreams are made of.

The main event was absolutely awesome.

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