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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-04 18:55:00

WWE Raw Women's champion Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley: Kendo Stick on a Pole.

Despite the nature of the storyline, it was still happy Bayley coming out, but there was a little more intensity to her entrance than usual.  Bayley was knocked to the floor with a right hand but stopped Alexa from getting the stick.  They battled under the stick.  Bayley pulled it down but Bliss nailed her and they both went down with the stick in the ring.  Bliss tried to get it but Bayley stopped her and drove her into the barricade backwards.  She nailed a Belly to Back suplex on the floor.

Bayley got the stick as Bliss realized she was in deep and tried to run away.  Bayley gave chase.  She cornered Bliss in the corner but was speared when she went to use it.  Bliss unloaded with a series of shots on the challenger.  Bayley was worked over but was able to nail the Bayley to Belly.  She was so hurt she was unable to make the cover.  Bliss grabbed the stick to keep it away from Bayley.  She left it in the corner and shoved Bayley into it.  Bayley hit it around her collarbone.  Bliss nailed her again and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Raw Women's champion Alexa Bliss!

Wow, if you wanted to book Bayley as if she was a completely ineffective babyface, WWE just won the award for that.    This was starting to build well but was suddenly over as if it was a Divas match from six years ago.  An absolute letdown.  No drama.  No time for real action.  No real anything.

Bayley was getting a ton of boos live, by the way.

Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles was shown at ringside.  They showed two fans dressed as Money, Inc. on each side of him, and it turned out Jones was dressed as Virgil.  Virgil will be crowing about this on social media for a month.

WWE Raw Tag Team champions The Hardys Boyz vs. Sheamus & Cesaro: Steel Cage match.

They are doing escape the cage only and both members have to escape.  Cesaro tried to escape several times early on but was stopped by Matt.  Jeff nailed the Cruncher on Sheamus and tossed him into the cage.  The Hardys crotched the challengers on the top rope at the same time, then slammed them into the cage as the crowd chanted "Delete!"

  The Hardys drilled stereo dropkicked into Sheamus and Cesaro, then nailed "Poetry in Motion" on each.  Sheamus and Cesaro came back to nail Jeff with a double powerbomb.  Matt tossed Sheamus into the cage.  Matt went to the top of the cage but Cesaro worked him over and handed him off to Sheamus, who nailed a rolling senton.  Cesaro and Sheamus put the boots to Matt.  They tossed him into the cage.

Jeff Hardy tried to fight back and was able to get to the top of the cage but Cesaro prevented him from getting down to the floor below.  They pulled Jeff back into the ring and double teamed him.  Jeff nailed a kick and Matt nailed a tornado DDT.  Everyone battled to the top of the cage.  Cesaro held Hardy in the arm in an armbar but Hardy finally broke free and crashed to the floor.

No, Matt Hardy needs to escape.  He nailed the Side Effect on Cesaro and Sheamus with the Side Effect and began climbing to the top.  He was about to go to the top.  Cesaro and Sheamus grabbed his legs.  Jeff climbed up to try and pull Matt over but was drilled with a headbutt.  Cesaro and Sheamus pulled him back down into the cage and nailed a double-team Razor's Edge. 

Jeff tried to get back in but Cesaro held the door.  Jeff slammed the cage into him but was hit with the door when Sheamus kicked it.   Sheamus tried to escape but Matt pulled him back in.  Matt finally nailed the Twist of Fate on Sheamus.    Cesaro went to the top to escape but was sent back in with a slam.  Matt climbed to the top but was cut off with Cesaro after an uppercut.  Sheamus nailed White Noise off the top on Hardy.

Jeff was finally back up and climbed back into the cage.  He nailed Whisper in the Wind off the top of the cage, which got the biggest reaction of anything on the show so far.  Sheamus and Cesaro recovered and began climbed over the top as Matt tried to drag Jeff out of the door but the challengers hit the floor first.

Your winners and new Raw Tag Team champions. Sheamus and Cesaro!From a spectacle standpoint, the best thing on the show.

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