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By Stuart Carapola on 2016-10-30 23:01:00

Welcome to the WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Report here on!

Our Kickoff panel is Renee Young, Jerry Lawler, Booker T, and Lita, and they're doing the intro talk, and they even throw in some talk about next month's Survivor Series PPV while they're at it.

They start by recapping the Roman Reigns-Rusev feud, and show a video package of Roman sneak attacking Rusev and declaring that their next match will be in Hell In A Cell, then the panel discusses.

The panel mentions the cruiserweight six man and then we go to a video package hyping the Charlotte-Sasha Banks match tonight for the Women's Title.  Back to the panel, where Bayley is sitting in with the team talking about how Dana Brooke made it personal and what it means to her that Charlotte and Sasha are going into the cell tonight.

We look back at Gallows and Anderson attacking Enzo Amore and Big Cass three weeks ago on Raw, then we go to a WWE Network commercial.

Video package of Raw becoming the Kevin Owens Show, and Chris Jericho putting over how he's worked his way up the ladder and deserves the title.  We see Chris Jericho taking one for the team at the hands of Seth Rollins, and Owens talking about how he's going to retire Seth Rollins.  The panel discusses the match, then move on to the Crusierweight Title match between TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick.

Another commercial for the WWE Network, then we see Kendrick find TJ in the locker room and say that he's not sure if he's decided about laying down for him tonight, but this means a lot to him.  Perkins says they represent the entire division, and there's plenty of kids out there right now who want to be them one day.  Kendrick says he was thinking about their friendship, and how it can be just like old times when Kendrick was helping him out and he had nothing.  Perkins says he'll always be his friend, and Kendrick says he needs the title.  Kendrick reaches for the belt, and Perkins tells him to go out there and be the Brian Kendrick he used to know and win it the right way.  Kendrick says he needs Perkins to let him win and he walks off.

Rich Swann joins the panel, and he talks about what a shame it is to see Kendrick begging TJ to let him win after everything the 32 men in the tournament went through.  He thinks Kendrick changed a lot, and he's not sure he can beat TJ.  Renee wants Swann to show her how to dance, and she calls for music to play so Swann can bust some moves.  Booker T does the Robot, then Renee dances and Booker says she looked like Lawler when he had a heart attack.

Time for our opener!

Sin Cara, Lince Dorado & Cedric Alexander vs Drew Gulak, Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

Nese and Sin Cara start us off, they have a back and forth, and Sin Cara catches Nese on a leapfrog and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then one for Gulak, and then one for Daivari.  Daivari grounds Sin Cara with a chinlock, but Sin Cara gets away and makes a hot tag, and in comes Dorado with a bodypress to Nese.  Dorado with a flying headscissors and a handspring elbow in the corner followed by a leg lariat.  Dorado with a shooting star press on Nese for 2, then the other four guys fight out to the floor as Nese dodges a top rope something, then deadlift suplexes Dorado and gourdbusts him to the floor on the rest of the folks as we go to commercial.

WWE Network spot, then we're back as Gulak is in control of Dorado, then Nese hits a SWEET Lionsault for 2.  Dorado gets away and gets the hot tag to Alexander, who comes in and cleans house, knocking all three heels to the floor so the babyfaces can hit a triple dive through the ropes.  Gulak and Alexander wind up back inside and Gulak gets a Dragon sleeper, but Dorado hits a guillotine legdrop to Gulak, Daivari takes him out, Sin Cara powerbombs Daivari, Nese hits the Awful Waffle on Sin Cara, Alexander hits a top rope clothesline on Nese, then he hits the Lumbar Check on Gulak for the win.

Winners: Lince Dorado, Sin Cara & Cedric Alexander

Really good match and a hot finish.

Tom Philips is backstage feeding the New Day fan questions, and the first question is what makes them a great team in and out of the ring.  Xavier shows his bicep muscle, which he calls Mount Woods, and they have a big laugh about that.  Tom's next question is what Xavier's favorite game is and the next game he's looking forward to.  Xavier is looking forward to Call of Duty, and asks if Tom is subscribing to Up Up Down Down.  Next question is how they're going to beat Sheamus and Cesaro, and Big E says by pinfall or submission.  Next question is how they figure out which two of them will wrestle in a given match, and Kofi says that's their entire strategy and there's no way they'd share that.  They have some more fun and then throw it back to the panel.

The panel talks about the tag title match tonight, then we go to a promo commercial for the Hell In A Cell PPV, and then BACK to the panel for a moment before we go to a video package hyping the Sasha-Charlotte match and Mick Foley telling them what they're in for when that cell comes down.  Back to the panel as they talk about how history will be made tonight when Charlotte and Sasha Banks head into the Cell, and the Cell comes down as we wrap up the pregame and begin the show proper.

The main show begins on Page 2!

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