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By Stuart Carapola on 2016-10-30 23:01:00

Raw Tag Team Title Match: The New Day vs Sheamus & Cesaro

Okay, it's Xavier and Big E tonight, and Xavier quickly takes control with a fast flurry of moves until Sheamus cheapshots him from the apron and knocks ihm to the floor.  Sheamus rams Xavier into the barricade, then hammers him with forearms until Cesaro tags himself in and hits a European uppercut for 2.  Xavier is in deep trouble as the big men pound the snot out of him in snot pounding fashion.  Xavier gets a backslide for 2 on Sheamus, but a big shot to the face by Sheamus puts him right back down and he goes to a rear chinlock.  Sheamus hits the Irish Curse backbreaker for 2, Cesaro tags in and hits a hard corenr European uppercut, but charges right into Xavier's booth, and then Xavier comes off the second rope with a leg lariat and makes the hot tag to Big E, who comes in and cleans house on Sheamus with a series of overhead release suplexes.  Big E with the People's splash, then he dumps Cesaro to the floor and Xavier takes Cesaro out with a dive, Sheamus goes for the Brogue kick, Big E ducks and counters to a powerbomb for 2.  Sheamus pops Big E up and hits a tilt-a-whirl powerslam for 2.  Xavier comes off the top with a crossbody, Sheamus rolls through and cradles Xavier for 2, then hits White Noise on Xavier for 2.  Cesaro tags himself in, Sheamus hits a Finlay roll, Cesaro doublestomps Xavier and makes a cover, and Xavier is out at 2.  Cesaro goes for the big swing, Xavier makes it to the ropes and hits a leaping enziguiri to Cesaro, another knocks Sheamus off the apron, now Xavier goes to the top and comes off with an elbowdrop to Cesaro for 2.  Cesaro boots Big E off the apron, hits a series of European uppercuts to Xavier, and it's time for the big swing!  Cesaro gets the Sharpshooter, Big E comes in and grabs Cesaro and suplexes him into the corner, then tags himself in, Sheamus tries a Brogue kick but Big E moves and Sheamus hits Cesaro.  Big E clotheslines Sheamus to the floor and Xavier comes in and slowly crawls over and covers Cesaro for 2.  Sheamus knocks Big E off the apron, dumps Xavier to the floor, and dives off the top right onto all three members of the New Day.  Xavier beats the count and so does Cesaro, Xavier tries a running punt, Cesaro counters to a Sharpshooter and has him right in the middle of the ring, Sheamus stops Big E from getting in, but Big E shoves him off.  Sheamus gets the trombone and hits Big E with it, then Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise on Sheamus.  Xavier starts tapping and the referee calls for the bell...

Winners by DQ: Sheamus & Cesaro

The referee disqualified New Day for Kofi attacking Sheamus on the floor, but Xavier was tapping out, so it looks like we've got a controversial finish here!

The video package for Charlotte-Sasha Banks runs, and with all the festivities out of the way, it's...MAIN EVENT TIME!

Raw Women's Title Match/Hell In A Cell: Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

Both ladies got great entrances, Charlotte carried in on a sedan, Sasha in a black, unmarked vehicle with bodyguards.  Sasha gets a huge hometown reaction during introductions, and now the Cell comes down.  Charlotte blindsides Sasha before the Cell comes down and knocks her to the floor, and the Cell stops lowering to avoid crushing her.  They fight into the crowd with Charlotte getting an early advantage, but Sasha turns things around and dumps Charlotte back to the ringside area.  The Cell is down by this point, and Sasha pulls all the monitors off the Spanish announce table as Charlotte climbs the Cell.  Sasha climbs up next to her and they fight on the side of the cage, with Sasha ramming Charlotte;s face into the cage until she falls to the floor.  Charlotte is up and powerbombs Sashs through the table, and DAMN did she hit at an ugly angle.  Sasha takes good long time to get to her feet and shoves off the ref who tries to help her up, but she crumples right back to the ground.  Charlotte is gold here, mouthing off to Sasha and faux cheering for her as she struggles to even stand up straight.  Sasha staggers around the cage, goes down, and one of the referees asks for an EMT to come out here.  Charlotte goes into the ring and demands to be given her title as they put a neck brace on Sasha and load her onto a stretcher.  The referee comes into the ring with the belt and is about to award the title to Charlotte, and JoJo even starts to make the announcement of the new champion when Sasha gets off the stretcher and fights her way into the Cell, and the bell rings to officially start the match!

The bell rings as Charlotte rushes Sasha on the floor, but Sasha is a woman possessed, beating Charlotte up on the floor, in the ring, and back on the floor.  Charlotte rams Sasha into the ringpost, then monkey flips her into the cage.  Charlotte stretches Sasha backward over the ropes as we see a replay of the monkey flip, and Charlotte covers for 2.  Sasha slips out the back of a slam attempt and gets the Bank Statement, but Charlotte is up, carries Sasha in a side suplex position, and just dumps her to the floor.  Charlotte goes out after Sasha and rolls her back into the ring, then gets a chair out from under the ring.  Sasha baseball slides Charlotte, does it a second time, and then comes through the ropes with a dive that ends up wiping both girls out.  Charlotte is up first and sets up a chair inside the ring and tries to ram Sasha into it, Sasha blocks, so Charlotte opens up with the chops, and the champion is in bad shape.  Charlotte tells Sasha that she will respect her, but takes too long admiring her own work and winds up on the receiving end of a flurry of punches from Sasha Banks,.  Sasha gives Charlotte a drop toehold into the chair, then bashes her face into the chair over and over, but makes the mistake of hitting the ropes and runs right into a side suplex onto the chair, and Sahsa's poor back is ringing with pain again as Charlotte makes a cover for 2.  Sasha dumps Charlotte to the floor and baseball slides her into the cage.  Charlotte dodges a charging something from Sasha, who Spider Mans onto the cage and comes back off with a Meteora that leaves Charlotte laying.  Sasha rams Charlotte into the Cell over and over, then charges in with repeated kneestrikes.  Sasha hits the Three Amigos, then she goes to the top rope and hits the frogsplash for 2.  Charlotte is on Dream Street, and Sasha gets the Bank Statement, but Charlotte drags herself out to the floor.  Charlotte with a boot to the ribs of Sasha, but Sasha responds with repeated knees to the ribs, lays Charlotte on the middle rope in the corner, puts a chair on the bottom rope, and hits a double kneedrop that drives Charlotte into the chair and covers for 2.  Charlotte is on the floor and she grabs Sasha by the hair, drags her through the ropes, and bashes her face into the side of the ring apron.  That was an UGLY bump!  Charlotte sends Sasha back inside and gets a table out from under the ring, sets it up on the floor, then drags Sasha up to the top rope and goes for a superplex.  Sasha fights Charlotte off and kicks her off through the table, then drops down and hauls Charlotte, who is practically dead weight by this point, into the ring and covers for 2.  Now Sasha drags a table out, slides it into the ring, but Charlotte gets it and guillotines Sasha into the cage wall with it.  Charlotte sets the table up in the ring, Sasha comes back in and springboards off the table, but runs right into a uranage backbreaker and big boot form Charlotte, and then Charlotte goes to the figure eight, and Sasha is in deep, deep trouble.  Sasha gets ahold of a chair and hammers Charlotte with it several times to break the hold.  Charlotte gets a short forearm, yells at Sasha to respect her, and Sasha responds with a short forearm of her own, then both girls go for one and bth go down.  Sasha goes for the Bank Statement again, Charlotte counters to a pair of side backbreakers and a side suplex for 2.  Charlotte puts Sasha on the table, tells Sasha to bow down to her, then goes to the top rope for a moonsault, but Sasha is up and knocks Charlotte down, hammering her with chops to the back, then she drags the table across the ring and stands it on the second turnbuckle in the corner.  Sasha picks Charlotte up and goes for a running powerbomb onto the table, but her back gives out.  Charlotte whips Sasha into the table, picks her up and does it again, and quickly hits Natural Selection for the win.

Winner and NEW Raw Women's Champion: Charlotte

Just an unbelievable main event, this was everything you could have hoped for, and set a hell of a bar for other ladies to try and match in the future.  And on a personal note, I am proud as hell to have gotten the opportunity to do play-by-play the first time a WWE pay-per-view was headlined by a women's match.

Overall, this was an amazing, amazing show, and whether you bought it on the Network or PPV, you definitely got your money's worth.  Great, great stuff and highly recommended show.

Thanks for reading's live coverage of the Hell In A Cell 2016 PPV! I'll be back later on tonight with Mike Johnson for the postgame show in the Elite section!

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