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By Mike Johnson on 2016-09-30 20:26:00

ROH champion Adam Cole cut a promo saying that in 2010, he and Elgin both started in wrestling together.  He said there was a time where he respected Elgin, until the night Elgin beat him for the ROH title.  He said Elgin showed his true colors and had the belt for a cup of coffee, then ran to Japan because he couldn't hang.  Cole said that he stayed and fought and went through surgery after surgery.  He said that tonight he gets to right a wrong and show that Elgin was never in his league.  Great promo.

ROH champ Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin.

They locked up and Elgin powered Cole into the corner.  Cole was very aggressive but Elgin was too powerful early.  Cole went down low and drilled Elgin's knee.  He played to the crowd which allowed Elgin to catch him out of nowhere with a big powerslam.  Kelly actually called it like there was going to be a new champion early. 

 Cole cut off Elgin but couldn't get him up for a suplex.  Elgin tried to reverse but Cole landed on his feet.  Cole went to the outside.  Elgin tried to pull him up for a suplex but Cole slipped out and superkicked his knee, while he was on the turnbuckles.  The announcers said that Elgin has been having issues with his knee.  Well, those troubles continued as Cole focused on it and worked him over by the ringpost.

Back in the ring, Cole worked over Elgin's knee, trying to hyperextend the knee.  Elgin fought back and nailed an enziguiri but hurt his knee nailing it.  He hit the Falcon Arrow but Cole kicked out.  Elgin was caught with a leg lariat for a two count.  Cole charged at Elgin but was caught with a kick.  Elgin nailed a German suplex into the buckles, with the back of his head smacking every buckle on the way down.

Elgin wentn to the top but was nailed by Cole.  Elgin fell into the tree of woe.  Cole nailed a series of kicks and then cinched in the figure four leglock.  Elgin could hardly put any weight on his knee.  Cole was backdropped.  Elgin nailed a Canadian Destroyer into a sunset flip position, slamming the champ down on the back of his head.  Elgin nailed a Bucklebomb.  He went for another but Cole turned it into a reverse rana.

Cole nailed his own Canadian Destroyer for a two count.  Cole nailed a series of hot moves including the Last Shot for a close near fall.     Cole locked in another figure four leglock.  Elgin broke it with a series of stiff slaps to the face.  Elgin nailed some stiff shots, including a backfist.  Elgin went for another but Cole pulled the referee in the way.   That killed Elgin's momentum and Cole attacked, nailed a series of shining wizards and hit the Last Shot to score the pin.

Your winner and still ROH champion, Adam Cole!

Good match.   They told a nice story with the knee coming back to haunt Elgin.

It was really obvious over the course of the show that the micing of the crowd when it came to the crowd audio isn't great.  This was probably one of the biggest victims here as you could see they were working hard and the crowd was reacting but the audio for the crowd was low.

There are ladders all around the ring.  Everyone began brawling.  I will do my best to keep up with this but I expect this to be tons of nutty stuff.  The Guns and the Bucks ended up going for kicks at the same time and got caught up.  They all backed off to escape the others.  The Addiction brought chairs into the ring but were both superkicked by the Bucks.

Nick Jackson nailed the Faceplant on Shelley.  The Addiction tried to nail Matt Jackson with a ladder but he ducked and slammed it against the barricade.  The Bucks caught everyone with a big dive.  The Bucks slid a ladder into the ring but Shelley stomped on it as they opened it, slamming their hands.  The Bucks unloaded with all their synchronized double team spots.  They then drilled Christopher Daniels in the face with a ladder.  The audience chanted for the Bucks.

The Machineguns took control and drilled Daniels, who took some stiff bumps on a ladder.   Several tables were set up on the side of the ring. Sabin and Nick Jackson battled on one of the ladders.  Daniels returned to the fray bleeding above the eye.  The Bucks superkicked a ladder into The Addiction, who were looking to wield it as a weapon.

Matt Jackson powerbombed Daniels on a ladder.  He then held the ladder up horizontally, hanging it off the ropes, allowing Nick Jackson to nail a swanton onto it.  Daniels was taking a lot of punishment.  The Bucks set up a structure made up of pieces of the barricade on the outside.  Kazarian tried to get up the ladder but was stopped by the Bucks.  Kazarian and Nick Jackson battled on the top of the ladder and Kazarian nailed a swinging cutter off the ladder, which was nuts.

Sabin and Shelley returned to the battle and sent Matt Jackson hard into a ladder.  Jackson ducked a kick and tried Sabin into kicking Shelley.  There was an INSANE series of spots that saw tables shattered on the outside.  It was just insanely perfect when it came to timing and sick spots.   Matt Jackson was backdropped high out of the ring through a table. Daniels nailed a urnage on Sabin  It culminated with Nick Jackson hitting a 450 splash off the top through a table on Kazarian.  Daniels was bleeding pretty bad and Kazarian was cut from either his ear or the back of his head.  Sabin was bleeding from the arm as well.

All three teams set up ladders in the center of the ring and brawled atop of the ladders.  Two of the ladders were taken out.  Nick Jackson knocked Kazarian down and was left.  He went for the belts but the Guns and The Addiction lifted the ladder up and carried him to the side of the ring then dumped him and he took an EVIL bump through a table to the floor.  These guys are earning hazard pay.  This has been downright brutal.

Shelley was drilled int a ladder with an STO and smashed his face HARD.   Daniels was trapped inside a ladder and beaten half to death.  The Guns set up a ladder and climbed to retrieve the belts but the Bucks attacked them.   The Bucks nailed stereo superkicks.   Kazarian went for a springboard move but was superkicked by Matt Jackson, who was on a ladder.  The Bucks wiped out everyone with superkicks.  Daniels was superkicked off the apron and crashed backwards into the ring barricade set up.  That had to suck.

Shelley went for Sliced Bread #2 but Matt Jackson caught him in a tombstone position.  Nick Jackson was tipped off a ladder, hit the ropes and springboarded off the ropes into the Indytaker on the floor.  The Bucks went to the top of the ladders but Kamaitachi hit the ring and shoved over the ladder.  Daniels nailed Angel's Wings on Sabin.  Shelley was placed on a table on the floor.  Kamaitachi went to the top to dive off, but Jay White ran out and attacked him.  He shoved Kamaitachi off the top through the table.  The Addiction attacked White and suplexed him out of the ring through the table.

Daniels nailed a Uranage and hitn the Best Moonsault Ever on Matt Jackson.   Nick Jackson was placed on a table in the corner.  Matt Jackson and Daniels battled atop the ladder.  Daniels teased Angel's Wings but instead took one of the craziest backdrops ever, crashing down on a ladder below.  Kazarian battled Matt as Nick tried to climb the ladder.   It ended up with Nick diving off the ladder as they spiked Kazarian through a table with another Indy Taker.

The Bucks climbed to the top of the ladder and removed the belts.

Your winners and new ROH Tag Team champions The Young Bucks!

Just an incredible WAR.  Off the charts stuff.  If you like insane bumps and really insane creativity, this is one for you.  Far and away one of the best ROH matches of 2016.   I had originally intended to drive up for the show but then I decided not to do the five hour drive.  This match makes me really regret that decision.  You have to respect the hell out of what all six of these men left in the ring.  There were a few times I was legitimately scared for them and you really should go out of your way to see this match ASAP.

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