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By Mike Johnson on 2016-09-30 20:26:00

Hangman Page vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Kyle O'Reilly worked over Page's arm early. Page cut him off by slamming him on the outside of the apron.  Page looks so comfortable in his current role.

Page peppered him with right hands to the face.    Page controlled O'Reilly and nailed him with a nice looking snap powerslam into the buckles.  O"Reilly fought back and locked in a figure four but Page made it to the ropes.  They battled on the apron but Page drilled him and sent him to the floor.  Page went for a running shooting star to the floor but almost didn't make the rotation and was really lucky.

Kyle came back with several stiff kicks.   Page fired back but was nailed with the Axe Kick.  Page went for a piledriver but was backdropped over and Kyle slid over tried to go for a rear naked choke.  Page tried to guard it but Kyle extended it into an armbar and Page immediately tapped.

Your winner, Kyle O'Reilly!

Kyle attacks O'Reilly and sent him into the barricade.  He used a chair and wrapped Kyle's arm up in it, then sent him into the ringpost.  The announcers were playing up that Page actually tapped to lull Kyle into a false sense of security so he could attack him instead.  I liked the logic.

Short but hard fought match.  Page has gotten into "the zone" in his current role and plays a great 1980s style heel.  O'Reilly's timing and his mat skills are great.  A good first chapter.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Silas Young on the stage.  He said that he and Beer City Bruiser weren't able to find a partner and ROH has told him that they wouldn't be allowed to compete in the six man tournament.  He said that a few years ago, he was happy just to have earned the opportunity to compete with the best athletes wrestling had to offer.  He said that he had slowly earned the right to become the ROH champion.  He said that nothing was handed to him and like everything else in his life, he earned it by winning the Honor Rumble a few weeks ago.  He said unlike most who complain, he was happy and thrived to be the first man in the Honor Rumble and said he was happy to be the last one.  He said that he didn't care who was champion, because he was going to win the belt on 10/22 in Florida and promised to enter Final Battle as champion.

ROH Six Man Tag Team championship Tournament: ACH & KUSHIDA & Jay White vs. Briscoes & Toru Yano.

They talked great six man tag teams at the onset, naming the Freebirds, Dusty & The Road Warriors, and The Von Erichs. 

Mark Briscoe and ACH started out and had some nice back and forth action early before they faced off.  KUSHIDA and Yano tagged in.  Yano did some of his silly stuff, calling for a break.  KUSHIDA still nailed a nice hiptoss.  Jay White and Jay Briscoe tagged in and they faced off.  White controlled him until being nailed with a headbutt.

The Briscoes nailed a series of double team maneuverson White in the corner.  ACH and KUSHIDA got involved.  Jay nailed the Cactus clothesline over the top, sending them both careening to the floor.  Briscoe nailed a dive to the outside, wiping out White and ACH.  Yano used the distraction to remove one of the top turnbuckles.  Mark ripped at White in the corner.  Yano drilled White with the turnbuckle cover as the referee was distracted.

Yano was whipped into the exposed buckle.   KUSHIDA nailed the Briscoes and took them out.  He went to kick Yano but it was caught.  He came back with a nice dropkick. KUSHIDA went up and over and hiptossed Yano, then  went for an armbar on Yano, who kicked his way to the ropes.   KUSHIDA continued to work on the arm but was nailed.

Mark Briscoe tagged in and caught KUSHIDA with a Side Russian Legsweep.  The Briscoes worked over KUSHIDA, who tried to fight them off.  He caught them with a double springboard elbow and crawled his way to the corner to tag ACH.  ACH nailed a nice enziguiri and then hit a crazy springboard dive to the floor on The Briscoes and Yano.  He woked over Mark in the corner but Jay slipped in with a series of jabs.  ACH's striking and fluid motions in the ring were spotlighted.

White nailed a charging uppercut in the corner and then nailed a missile dropkick off the ropes.  The battled contunued back and forth.  Jay nailed a neckbreaker on White for a two count.   ACH hit the ring to help but was clobbered with a clothesline.   Briscoe went for the Jay-Driller but KUSHIDA broke it.  Jay nailed a DVDR followed by a Mark elbow off the ropes on White, but White kicked up.  They played it up as a big deal.

Yano slammed White and nailed a catapult on him, sending him into a double superkick for a two count.  Mark was sent to the floor by White, who then nailed Jay with a DDT.  Yano went for a lowblow but KUSHIDA stopped it.  White nailed a Uranage on White.  KUSHIDA hit a dive to the outside on the Briscoes.  ACH nailed a big 450 splash on Yano and scored the pin.

Your winners, advancing, ACH & KUSHIDA & Jay White!

Good back and forth tag match. 

Jay Lethal vs. Tetsuya Naito with EVIL.

Naito attacked Bobby Cruise as he was introducing Lethal.  Poor Bobby!

Lethal hit the ring but was overwhelmed early.  On the floor, Lethal sent him into the barricade and hit a great tope to the floor. Jay brought Naito back in the ring and lit him up with chops.   Lethal nailed a series of chops and punches but was caught with springboard into a tornado DDT.  Naito worked him over until being caught with the Lethal Combination.

Lethal caught Naito with a pair of belly to back suplexes, then lifted Naito for another.   Lethal nailed a top rope elbow for a two count.  Naito fought back and nailed a missile dropkick.  Naito nailed a top rope rana for another two count.  Naito nailed a side slam for a two count.   Naito went for Destino but was stopped with an Ace Cutter.  Lethal went for the Lethal Injection but was caught with a rolling kick.  Lethal nailed a big kick and both went down.

Lethal stomped at EVIL's hands on the outside and was caught with a nice rollup.  He kicked out and was able to trap Naito in a crossface.  EVIL pulled the referee out of the ring and stomped the hell out of Jay.  If that was the finish, pretty lame.  EVIL caught Lethal in the corner with a clothesline.  Naio and EVIL worked over Jay.  They went for a press-slam but Lethal landed on his feet and nailed a superkick on EVIL.  Lethal nailed the Ace Crusher off the second rope and referee Paul Turner returned to the ring and counted two.

They battled on the top.  Naito raked Lethal's eyes and went for a powerbomb.  Lethal countered and scored with the Lethal Injection and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jay Lethal!

Big win for Lethal in a good match. 

Very interesting to see two New Japan talents losing clean to ROH talents. 

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