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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-22 20:00:00

They pushed the Shane McMahon "podcast" with Mick Foley tomorrow on the WWE Network.  Foley is backstage at Extreme Rules tonight.

They pushed the new Ninja Turtles film on 6/3 showing clips of Sheamus as Rocksteady.

WWE Tag Team champions New Day vs. The Vaudevillains

New Day did their usual entertaining mic work.  Big E carried two hoes because they were in the Garden State and were going to "put a couple of hoes in the ground."    The Vaudevillains had new period costumes.  They looked good.

Simon Gotch and Xavier Woods started out.   Gotch controlled him early.  He and Aiden English tagged in and out and worked over Woods for a series of near falls.   Gotch locked in a version of the Dragon Sleeper, trying to force a submission.  The crowd rallied Woods, who fired out with elbows and went for a tag but was caught with a back suplex attempt.  Woods slipped out and nailed an enziguiri before attempting to make the tag to Big E.

E made the hot tag and nailed series of overhead belly to belly suplexes on English.  E nailed a big splash and prepared for the Big Ending but was nailed with a series of elbows.  English was sent over the top to the apron.  E went for the spear to the outside but English drilled him with a knee and scored a two count.    Big E came back and went for a Big Ending and to tag Woods but Gotch knocked Woods to the floor.  E was sent into the ring steps.  They double teamed Woods and nailed the Whirling Derbish for a two count.

Woods tried to fight off a two on one advantage.  English tried to suplex Woods from the ring to the outside  Woods nailed a knee strike in mid-air to stop it.  E returned and speared English off the apron to the floor.  Kofi Kingston slipped in and nailed Trouble in Paradise on Gotch.  Woods nailed the shining wizard and scored the pin.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions, New Day!

Short but entertaining.

AJ Styles was interviewed backstage.  He said that no matter what happens tonight, he is going to walk out the WWE champion.  He left and went into The Club's locker room.

They pushed the Money in the Bank PPV for 6/19.

WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz with Maryse vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

Lots of really good action early with Zayn and Cesaro caught him with a tiltowhirl backbreaker for a two count.  Miz tagged in.  Zayn went for a superplex but Cesaro joined the party, attempting a Tower of Doom.  Owens broke up the party and screamed it was his party, began working over everyone.  Owens began stomping Zayn.  Owens nailed a back splash senton for a two count.  Owens kicked Miz and Cesaro off the apron as they tried to return to the ring.  Owens used Zayn as a battering ram into Cesaro.

Owens went for a Fireman's Carry but Zayn slipped out and nailed  a series of elbows.  He tried to springboard off the ropes but Owen crotched him on the top.  Owens went to the top rope but Miz cut him off and went for a superplex.  Owens used a series of headbutts to get out of it.  Owens nailed a series of headbutts on Zayn but Miz immediately nailed Owens.  Miz and Owens went for a double superplex as Cesaro slipped under and nailed them each with a powerbomb.  

Zayn came back with the Blue Thunder Bomb on Cesaro but Miz kicked Zayn in the face and covered Cesaro and Zayn each for two counts.  Everyone nailed big spots.  Cesaro began drilling everyone with running uppercuts in the corners.  Miz stumbled out of the corner and was snapped down with one.  Cesaro went for the big swing but Owens grabbed him and nailed a German suplex.  Owens clotheslined Miz in the corner, then nailed cannonballs in the corner on all of his opposition.  Good stuff.

Owens went for the Popup powerbomb but Zayn landed on his feet and nailed a suplex.  Cesaro drilled Zayn.  Cesaro was caught with the Skullcrushing Finale but Cesaro kicked up at the last second.  Really good stuff in a similar vein to the type of work the WCW Cruisers would do on WCW PPVs.  Cesaro came off the ropes with the springboard corkscrew uppercut.  Cesaro went for the big swing and nailed 20 rotations before cinching in the Texas Cloverleaf.  Maryse tried to grab Miz but Cesaro pulled Miz and her back to the center.  As the referee argued with Maryse, Miz tapped but no one saw it.'

Cesaro released the move to complain but Owens rolled him up for a two count.  Owens was sent to the floor.  Cesaro was almost caught with the Skull Crushing Finale but escaped.  Cesaro went for the swing again but Miz grabbed the ropes.  Owens came off the ropes and went to splash Miz as Cesaro held him in the air but Cesaro let Miz drop and Owens nailed his knees.

Cesaro went for the Neutralizer and nailed Owens but Zayn broke it up at the last second.  Zayn nailed Cesaro with a sunset flip bomb for a near fall.  This is great stuff.  Zayn set up for the Helluva Kick but was nailed with a brutal uppercut.  He caught Cesaro coming for him and nailed an exploder.  He went for the Helluvakick again but Owens nailed him with a superkick and hit a Popup powerbomb on Cesaro.  Miz pulled Owens off and nailed the Skullcrushing Finale on the floor then scrambled to pin Cesaro, who kicked out at the last second.

This is just brilliant, awesome stuff and New Jersey was on their feet.   Miz was backdropped over the top by Cesaro, who was caught with the Helluva Kick.   Zayn covered him but Owens pulled Zayn out of the ring.  Miz scored the pin on Cesaro.

Your winner and still WWE Intercontinental champion, The Miz!

Just a brilliant bell to bell match  The IC belt used to be considered the workers' title and man, with matches like that, it's going to live by that rep again.  I love the hell out of thisl.  So many great sequences and near falls.  Go out of your way to see this classic  Edge and Christian vs. The Hardys at No Mercy level starmaking match.  If WWE is smart, they celebrate it tomorrow like it was a major deal.  Great stuff!

Asylum Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

There are weapons at the top of the cage.  Jericho wore Bunkhouse Stampede style blue jeans with knee pads.    Jericho tried to get out of the cage early but the only way to win is pin or submission.  Dean ripped him across the cage and then clotheslines him down.   Jericho tried to get to the top for a weapon but was pulled down.  Dean nailed a clothesline as he rebounded off the ropes and sent Jericho facefirst into the cage.

Ambrose sent Jericho into the cage.   Dean looked above at the weapons, trying to decide which one he wanted to retrieve.  He ascended to the top but Jericho pulled him down.  Jericho tried to get to the top but Ambrose made it to the top as well.  They battled over a mop.  Ambrose nailed him with it several times.  There was a "Let's go Moppy" chant.  Dean nailed a Side Russian Legsweep with the mop and shoved it in Jericho's face.  Jericho was whipped into the corner but kicked Ambrose and nailed him with a dropkick.

ullJericho grabbed the mop and nailed Ambrose in the face.  Jericho climbed to the top trying to get the strait jacket but Ambrose met him and nailed a back suplex into the ring.   They each climbed to the top of the cage.  Ambrose grabbed nun-chucks while Jericho grabbed a barbed wire 2x4.  Jericho asked him what he was going to do and Dean showed off that he knew how to use them.  Jericho charged.  Dean ducked a shot and nailed Jericho with the chucks several times.  Dean whipped Jericho into the corner but Jericho leapt on the ropes and climbed to escape the cage.  Dean met him and pulled him from the outside back into the cage.

They battled on the top.  Jericho grabbed a kedo stick and drilled it across Dean's back, knocking him back into the ring.  Jericho came off the top, nailing Dean across the back with the kendo stick.  Jericho retrieved a leather strap, placed it around his wrist and began whipped Dean across the back with it.  He nailed Dean with it while standing on the ropes but Ambrose grabbed the strap and snapped Jericho off back into the ring.  Ambrose grabbed the strap and nailed Jericho across the back with it.  He peppered Jericho with right hands.

Out of desperation, Jericho tossed Dean into the cage and demanded they open the door.  The referees refused and Jericho said he had enough and called the referee an idiot.  Ambrose prevented him from scaling the cage.  They battled atop the top rope.  Ambrose jumped on the ropes so Jericho would crotch himself.  Dean retrieved a fire extinguisher and brought it into the ring.  Jericho pulled the strait jacket down and tossed it atop of Dean, blinding his vision enough to nail an enziguiri for a two count.

Dean was sent into the cage.  Jericho nailed his springboard dropkick out of the corner onto Dean, sending him back into the cage.   He tried to put Ambrose in the jacket but Dean fought his way out before it could be tied up.  Ambrose nailed a series of punches and chops.  Ambrose charged and drilled Jericho, then nailed a bulldog for a two count.

Jericho and Ambrose battled back and forth.  Dean nailed the bulldog and went to the top rope.  Jericho met him but was battled off and sent into the ring.  Dean went to the top of the cage and nailed a clothesline/elbow on Jericho.  He covered Jericho, who got his shoulder up at the last minute.  Ambrose pulled out a bag of thumbtacks and spread them across the mat.  Jericho was scared to death.  His tried to rush out of the cage but was caught in the Electric Chair.  Jericho rolled through with a forward roll for a two count.

Dean tried to slam Jericho but Jericho escaped.  Jericho was almost hit with an Alabama Slam into the tacks but rolled through and went for the Walls of Jericho.  Jericho went for the quebrada but Ambrose pulled his knees up.  Jericho was almost hit with Dirty Deeds in the tacks but Jerichon escaped and locked in the Walls of Jericho.  Dean crawled to a kendo stick and nailed Jericho with it again and again until Jericho broke the move.

Ambrose kicked Jericho off as he charged and went to the ropes.  He went to dive off with a kendo stick shot but Jericho grabbed the fire extinguisher and blasted him in the face, then nailed the Codebreaker for a two count.   Jericho nailed Ambrose with the barbed wire 2x4 in the gut then across the back.   Jericho verbaly ripped him.  He went for a Codebreaker but Ambrose caught him and slammed him backwards into the tacks.  They were in Jericho's arms, elbows and back and he screamed like crazy.

Dean nailed Dirty Deeds and scored the pin.

Your winner, Dean Ambrose!

Brutal, evil match.  Lots of weapon shots and the thumbtacks bump was well teased before they had Jericho take it.  Jericho and Ambrose had a nice intensity here and it was easily the best of their matches.  Jericho and Ambrose facial expressions and body language here was really good as well.  Not everyone is going to like this but as a brawl, I thought they did a nice job but at times this lagged and they may have had too much time to fill.  But, the effort was great.  Had this come before the IC title match, I suspect the crowd would have been way more into this.

They showed the Foley family at ringside as they plugged the "Holy Foley" reality series.  They then plugged the Cruiserweight Classic for this summer.

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