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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-08 19:46:00

Welcome to's ongoing ROH Global Wars PPV coverage from Chicago Ridge, IL!

Women of Honor: Kelly Klein with BJ Whitmer vs. Crazy Mary Dobson.

Klein got the  early advantage and tied up dobson on the mat.  Dlbson fought back but was taken down with a series of forearms.    Klein maintained control and drilled her with a kick.  Dobson came back with a backbreaker.  She was sent into the buckles and flipped over but came back and drilled Klein with a knee.  Dobson nailed a Fall Away Slam for a two count.  Dobson nailed a flying bodypress for a two count.   Klein finally forced a submission.

BJ Whitmer menaced ring announcer Scarlett Bordeaux, demanding she announce Klein as rhe most dominant female in wrestling. 

Kamaitachi & Juice Robinson defeated The All Night Express and the team of Beer City Bruiser & Silas Young.

ROH Global Wars 2016

The PPV opened with a special video looking at the competition between New Japan and ROH as well as Colt Cabana's challenge of the ROH title tonight!

Roderick Strong vs. ACH vs. Adam Page vs. Dalton Castle to determine top contender for ROH TV championship.

ACH and Page started out.   Page got control  but ACH used a number of flips into a kick.  The crowd chanted for him.   Strong tagged himself in and began stomping away on Page..Castle tagged in and the crowd was excited to see him, chanting his name.  Castle faked out Page several times.  Strong cut off Castle with a clothesline.  Page took control on Castle but was caught with an elbow in the corner.  Strong tagged in Castle and they battled back and forth.  Strong clotheslined him for a two count.  The Boys fanned Castle.

They exchanged blows but Strong retained control.   Page nailed Castle from behind, allowing Strong to catch him with a right hand.  Castle and Strong battled in the corner.  Page got involved but was drilled with a right hand.  Strong came off the top but was caught and suplexed down.  ACH tagged in and nailed a swinging DDT.  He chopped Castle and whipped him into the ropes.  Castle faked him out, sending ACH hard to the floor.   ACH came back with a kick out of the corner,  Castle kicked him off and hit a flip off the apron to the floor on Page and Strong.    ACH hit a crazy dive over the top onto all of the others. 

ACH went to the top but Strong crotched him.   He nailed a big superplex.  Castle nailed a wheelbarrow into a slam and scored the pin.

Your winner, Dalton Castle!

Hard fought opener with all four looking good.  Castle was really over and had some flashy moves.  ACH's dive was great.  Strong and Page looked good as well,  A nice opener.

Jushin Liger & Cheeseburger vs. The Addiction

Big pop for Liger!  Cheeseburger and Daniels started out and went back and forth.  Kazarian and Liger tagged in and the crowd clapped to rally Liger as they wrestled back and forth.  Dabueks nailed him from behind.  Cheeeburger tagged in and went nose to nose with Kazarian.  He avoided Daniels trying to interfere but Kazarian cut him off and worked over Burger.  The Addiction tagged in and out working over Burger.  Daniels nailed a quebrada.   Cheeseburger kept kicking out. 

Liger finally tagged in and hit the palm strike and a Ligerbomb on Daniels for a two count.  Liger was doubleteamed but kept kicking out.  The Addiction worked over Cheeseburger who shocked Daniels with a forward roll and scored the pin.

Your winners, Jushin Liger & Chesseburger!

The Addiction immediately attacked them and began beating them down.   They nailed the Best Meltzer Ever tombstone/moonsault combo on Cheeseburger.  ROH security and some wrestlers asked them to back off.

The crowd chanted for Liger after the match.

Match was OK.   Cheeseburger was worked over to build the heat for the Liger tag.  Everything was fine.

They aired footage of the War Machine vs. Briscoes feud to preview the ROH Tag Team championship match.

ROH Tag Team champions War Machine vs. The Briscoes

My sightlines live aren't the best so I am now streaming also the show via te Fite App on my smart phone and it looks amazing.  www.Fite.TV to check it out for yourself.

War Machine worked over Mark Briscoe early on.  He faked out Rowe and kicked him to the outside.  Jay and Mark double-teamed Hanson.  Jay drilled him in the corner.  Mark nailed a Side Russian Legsweep for a two count.   He cinched in a front facelock and nailed a series of right handed punches.  He and Jay tagged in and out, controlling Hanson.  Jay nailed a nasty uppercut.  Mark nailed Hanson but was backdropped over the top to the floor.  Rowe nailed a running knee of the apron.  Hanson nailed a dive to the floor.  They trashed Mark on the floor and tossed him back in.

War Machine continued working over Mark until he caught Hanson with a back suplex.  Jay nailed a double stomp through a table on  Hanson.  The Briscoes worked over Rowe.  Jay nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.   Hanson was still out on the floor but Rowe began to fire back.  Jay drilled him with boots to the head but Rowe fired back with right hands and a big suplex.  Jay popped up and nailed Rowe.  He popped up as well and they faced off, charging each other in the center of the ring and battling back and forth with big shots.

Hanson and Mark hit the ring with Hanson wiping out Mark with a leg lariat. All four returned to their feet and faced off.  They dared each other to nail them.  All four began brawling in the center of the ring.   Mark went for a clothesline but was nailed with a sideslam by Hanson.   Mark popped up with a big kick.  Rowe and Jay drilled each other with punches, tagging the other.  Jay nailed an awesome dive to the floor on Rowe.  Mark nailed the flip into a Blockbuster off the apron to the floor on Hanson.  Great stuff.

Jay nailed a big back suplex on Rowe and grabbed him for the Jay-Driller but Rowe escaped the attempt.  Jay clotheslined him for a two count.      Jay went for the Driller again but Hanson hit the ring.  Jay tried to fight them off.  Mark nailed a springboard into the ring but was wiped out by Rowe.  Rowe covered him for a two count but Mark kicked up.  Jay places Hanson on the top but is knocked off.  War Machine cleans house on the Briscoes.  Hanson nailed an awesome moonsault from the top onto Jay but Mark nailed him.

Jay hit the Jay-Driller on Hanson.  The Briscoes thought they had the win but he kicked up.  Great stuff.   The Briscoes went for the Doomsday Device but missed.  They all battled.  War Machine wiped out Mark.  Jay went for the save but Rowe tackled him and War Machine retained the belts..

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, War Machine!

Just a GREAT physical back and forth fight.  Awesome stuff here.

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