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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-08 19:46:00

IWGP Heavyweight champion Tetsuya Naito vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Naito strolled to the ring.  They faced off at the bell.  Naito stalked aound the ring.  They tied up and neither man got the immediate advantage.  Naito was forced into the ropes but reversed it.   He broke clean, then kicked Kyle.  He nailed a number of punches and kicks.  Kyle took him down and pounded him with punches and went for a cross armbreaker.  Naito made it to the ropes to force the break.  Naito spit on him.  Kyle charged but was sent out of the ring.  Naito posed on the mat to mock him.

Kyle kicked Naito from the apron and locked in a hanging armbreaker in the ropes.  He was caught with an elbow as he charged Naito and nailed with another elbowdrop.  Naito worked him over in the corner with chops and punches.  He tied Kyle to the tree of woe and argued with the referee before nailing a kick sliding kick.  He nailed an inverted DDT for a two count.

Kyle fought back and nailed him with a backfist.  He nailed a series of kicks and forearms in a nice sequence.  Naito whipped him into corner but was drilled with a back elbow. Naito kicked him as he rebounded off the ropes.  Kyle locked on a sleeper but Naito flipped him over.  Kyle cinched in a forward choke and Naito fought his way out.  Naito came back with a tornado DDT.  Naito whipped Kyle into the ropes and hit a top rope rana for a two count.

He went for a back suplex but Kyle blocked him and fought him off.  Kyle wiped him out but Naito went for an enziguiri.  Kyle ducked and kicked him, then nailed a big clothesline.  Kyle went for a back suplex but Naito fought his way out.  They exchanged strikes in the center of the ring.  Kyle nailed a roaring elbow but was hit with an enziguri and a clothesline.  Naito was caught with Kyle's cradle back suplex for a CLOSE two count.  Good stuff.

Kyle went for a brainbuster but Naito slipped out.  Naito nailed a back suplex for another two count.    They went back and forth.  Naito nailed a spinebuster and scored the win with his finisher/

Your winner, Tetuysa Naito!

Really good match with some great near falls and lots of good competitive wrestling.  Naito was great at controlling the crowd.

Naito shook his hand and kicked Kyle low, then beat him down, leaving Kyle laying. Kyle got a nice ovation as he left.

Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Moose & Kazuchika Okada

Okada and Tanahashi started out.  Chicago went nuts for that.  They tested each other out with shoulderblocks.  They went back and forth and faced off.  The crowd popped.  The crowd chanted, "New Japan."  Moose and Elgin tagged in, so after the finesse, now it was the power.  They went back and forth.  Elgin held Moose up for a LONG time with a delayed vertical suplex.     Moose and Elgin went back and forth.  Elgin was sent into the corner.  He came back with a big right hand and tagged in Tanahashi.

All four battled.  Okada dropkicked Tanahashi over the top to the floor.  Okada and Moose doubleteamed Elgin.  Moose went to the top and hit a dive to the floor on Elgin.  That was pretty nuts.  Okada worked over Tanahashi and nailed a neckbreaker. Moose nailed a diving headbutt.  Okada drilled Tanahashi into the corner.  Moose tagged in but was kicked away as he attempted to charge him.  Moose nailed a big chokeslam into a sitdown powerbomb.  Okada kicked Elgin off the apron.  Moose set up for the spear but Tanahashi leapfrogged him and tagged Elgin.

Elgin went to the top and nailed a shoulderblock off the top.   Elgin nailed a splashing forearm.  They battled back and forth.  Tanahashi and Okada battled back and forth with strikes and kicks.  Tanahashi slammed Okada and went to the ropes.  He nailed a back senton splash for a two count.   Okada came back with a DDT. Okada went for a tombstone but Tanahashi slipped out and nailed the Sling Blade.

Elgin tagged in and knocked Moose off the apron.  Elgin and Tanahashi worked over Okada and nailed strikes in the corner.  Tanahashi held up Okada for Elgi, who nailed an over the shoulder powerslam into the ring.  The battle continued to go back and forth.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."

Elgin went for a Roaring Elbow but Okada ducked.  Okada came off the ropes but was nailed by Elgin from behind.  Moose went Tanahashi into the railing on the floor.  Elgin ducked a clothesline but was speared by Moose.  Okada nailed the Rainmaker clothesline and scored the pin.

Your winner, Moose & Kazuchika Okada!

Great match.  Lots of back and forth wrestling and a great atmosphere.  Moose looked good in his big spots.  Okada and Tanahashi did everything you'd expect.  Elgin was a beast.  Great, great stuff.

ROH TV champion Tomihiro Ishii vs. Bobby Fish

They faced off at the bell.  Fish tried to overpower Ishii with shoulderblocks but that strategy failed.  Fish tried to use a series of kicks but Ishii blocked them as he was backed into the corner.   Fish took him down in the corner and nailed a series of kicks.  Ishii came back with stiff strikes and chops.  Bobby fired back but was slammed down and Ishii kicked him in the back of the head.  Fish battled back but Ishii raked his face.  Fish continued with the body blows and finally took Ishii down with a kick.  The crowd went back and forth chanting for each.

Ishii mounted a comeback and drilled him with hard shots, slapping him.   Ishii clotheslines Fish in the corner.  Ishii continued working him over.   Fish, trapped in the corner, fired back with forearms.  Fish nailed him with a headbutt but Ishii's head was too hard and Fish collapsed in the corner.  They battled to the top and exchanged forearms.  Fish got the better of Ishii and knocked him into the ring.  He went for a headbutt off the top but missed.  He nailed a rana and drilled a series of kicks. 

Fish nailed a series of knee strikes.   Ishii nailed a top rope superplex.  They battled back and forth with knee strikes,  Fish locked in a sleeper but Ishii rammed him into the buckles.  Ishii hit a crazy back suplex.  They battled on the apron.  Fish kicked him in the head several times.  They battled back and forth with stiff strikes and forearms.  Fish was nailed in the throat.  Ishii chopped him down to the floor.  Fish kicked his legs out from under Ishii and sent him to the floor.

They returned to the ring and they battled on their knees with strikes.  Fish rebounded off the ropes and was hit with a STIFF clothesline.   Fish came back and jumped on Ishii's back with a sleeper.  Ishii dropped down but used a series of elbows to break free.  Fish began beating elbows with elbows and cinched in a choke, scissoring Ishii with his legs.  Ishii blacked out and the referee called for the bell.

Your winner and new ROH TV champion, Bobby Fish!

Really good, stiff match.  This was Fish's biggest singles win to date.  Really good stuff here.  A totally entetaining PPV so far.

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