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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-04-03 23:45:00

The Kickoff Show continues on USA Network as well as on the WWE Network.

Your hosts are Renee Young, Corey Graves, Lita, and Booker T.

Corey mentions he has been around AT&T Stadium all day.  Booker says that tonight will be pandemonium.

Renee says Wrestlemania brings out the biggest starts and she mentions the Rock will be here.

Renee wonders what Rock will do.

Booker says you never know.

Lita says the WWE is Rock's home.

Corey says he has no idea what Rock will do.  He can do whatever he wants.  He is coming home to WWE.

Match Number Two:  Total Divas (Brie Bella, Paige, Natalya, Alicia Fox, and Eva Marie) versus B.A.D. and Blonde (Lana, Emma, Naomi, Summer Rae, and Tamina)

Summer and Alicia start things off and they lock up.  Alicia with a wrist lock and elbows.  Alicia with kicks to the back.  Summer with forearms.  Alicia tries for a Northern Lights Suplex but Summer counters with a DDT and she gets a near fall.  Alicia with a drop kick and tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall.  All ten women get into the ring and the referee is trying to regain control in the match.

We go to commercial.

Eva Marie and Emma are in the ring and Eva with a head scissors and knee.  Eva with a suplex to Emma.  Eva with another suplex to Emma.  Paige wants to be tagged in and Eva tags in Natalya emphatically.  Emma slaps Natalya and she sends Natalya into the turnbuckles.  Naomi tags in and she slaps Natalya.  Natalya with punches to Naomi.  Naomi with Speedball kicks and a drop kick.  Naomi misses a splash into the corne and Natalya with a slingshot drop and Natalya runs over Naomi and hits a drop kick for a near fall.  Paige tags in and they hit a Hart Attack followed by a running knee.  Paige sends Naomi into the turnbuckles and hits a running knee to the head.  Paige with a snap mare but Naomi with a modified Codebreaker.  Naomi misses a cross body when Paige drops down.

Emma tags in and Paige with a kick.  Emma with a wheelbarrow suplex and she gets a near fall.  Emma with punches and forearms and then she stands on Paige's hair as she stretches Paige.  Lana tags in and she kicks Paige in the back.  Paige pushes Lana but Lana with a bicycle kick.  Lana signals to Brie but the referee sends her back to the apron because she did not tag in.  Tamina tags in and she gets a near fall.  Tamina with a suplex and she gets a near fall.  Tamina works on Paige's neck.  Tamina with a rear chin lock but Paige with punches.  Tamina with a punch in the corner followed by an Irish whip.  Tamina puts Paige on the turnbuckles but Paige pushes Tamina off.  Naomi joins in and Natalya tries for the Tower of Doom but she gets stopped.  Naomi goes to the floor and so does Tamina.

Paige is on the turnbuckles and she hits a cross body onto everyone but Lana.  Paige gets back into the ring and Lana tells someone to get back in.  Tamina stops Paige from making the tag.  Tamina sends Paige into the turnbuckles and Emma tags back in.  Emma sends Paige into the turnbuckles.  Emma with kicks to the midsection.  Paige with a rollup that sends Emma head first into the turnbuckles.  Brie and Naomi tag in and Brie wtih clotheslines and she knocks Lana off the apron.  Brie with kicks to Naomi.  Brie with an X Factor for a near fall when Lana breaks up the cover.  Natalya with a discus clothesline to Lana.  Tamina with a Samoan drop to Natalya.  Eva with Sliced Bread to Tamina.  Summer takes care of Eva.  Alicia with a leg drop to Summer.  Emma with a buttefly suplex to Alicia.  Paige with a fallaway slam to Emma.  Naomi with Rear View to Paige.  Naomi blocks the Brie Mode Kick and then hits a drop kick to Brie.

Naomi with a split legged moonsault onto Brie but Brie gets her knee up and Brie goes up top.  Lana pushes Brie off the top turnbuckle while the referee was distracted.  Brie with a snap mare and the Yes Lock.  Naomi taps out.

Winners:  Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Eva Marie, and Paige

After the match, Nikki Bella, in her gear, join her fellow Total Divas cast members in the ring to celebrate the victory.

They talk about what they just saw during the Divas Tag Match.

Booker says Brie pulled off a new move that we haven't seen before.  Now she has her sister back with her.

Renee mentions that you can order Wrestlemania on your local cable provider.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the crowd inside AT&T Stadium.

Renee says they are making history tonight.

Corey says he spent time walking around the stadium.  He brings up that control of Raw is on the line.

Renee asks Booker what does this Wrestlemania mean.  Booker says that they do everything big in Texas.  Booker says there are 100,000 people in this stadium and it will only get bigger and bigger and bigger.

Renee asks Booker what match is he looking for the most.  Booker says he is looking forward to the Hell in a Cell match.  The prodigal son has returned.  Renee asks if they thought they would see the return of Shane McMahon.

We are back from the USA Network commercial.

It is time to talk about the Hell in a Cell Match.

We go to the video package.

Renee asks Corey what does tomorrow look like if Shane wins.  Corey says Shane will not win tonight.  It is the Undertaker and we know his history at Wrestlemania and at Hell in a Cell.  This is his match.  Shane is a hell of a competitor.  Undertaker defines WWE while Shane defines the Attitude Era according to Booker.  Corey says that Mr. McMahon will still be in control and they will still be on the preshow.

Renee asks what will happen to Mr. McMahon after what he said to Undertaker.  Booker says Taker will not take that lightly.  He says we will see something we have never seen before.

Booker picks Shane while Corey picks Undertaker.

We go to the ring and Lita is in there with something under a red cover.

Lita says a lot has happened since the first time she stood in a WWE ring.  She saw Cyndi Lauper hold Wendy Richter's hand high.  No one was going to tell her no.  You did not say no to Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Sensational Sheri, Alundra Blayze, Jacqueline, or Trish Stratus.  It was these women who paved the way to spotlight things on the women of the WWE.  We just saw ten of the current divas who showed what it means to compete in the ring.  Later tonight, we will see the champion, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks.  Lita says they are very instrumental for the next step in this company.  They are more than Divas, they are WWE Superstars.

Lita says tonight the winner of the Triple Threat will be the recipent of the first ever WWE Women's Championship.  Lita reveals the new belt.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Renee talks about how she might not get in the ring, but the recognition given to the women and removing the label 'Diva' is a big thin.

Booker says it was hard to keep it under control during the announcement.  This business was built on the women.

Renee asks Corey about Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha since he has been around them.  He says he remembers all of them being hired by NXT.  He has seen them grow as people and wrestlers.  They started the Women's Wrestling movement in the WWE.  Now it is a Women's Revolution.

Renee says it was a big thing to have Lita make that announcement.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three:  Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) versus Dudley Boyz (D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley)

The Usos go after the Dudleys when the bell rings but the Dudleys send the Usos to the apron.  D-Von with a forearm to Jimmy's back and then he punches Jimmy.  D-Von with more punches.  D-Von with a corkscrew back elbow and he gets a near fall.  D-Von works on the neck.  Jimmy with a punch but D-Von with a clothesline and he gets a near fall.  D-Von runs his forearm across Jimmy's face.  Bubba tags in and he kicks Jimmy in the midsection.  He tells Jimmy this is just like he used to do to his father.  Bubba punches Jimmy but Jimmy punches back.  Bubba with a punch and he chokes Jimmy in the ropes.  Bubba stomps on the hand and he hits a double sledge to the back.  Bubba tells Jimmy to make the tag.

Bubba with an elbow to the top of the head.  Bubba says he is going to take his time and beat you up in front of 100,000 people.  Bubba with a punch.  Bubba with jabs but Jimmy with a super kick and both men are down.  Jey and D-Von tag in and Jey with an enzuigiri to Bubba followed by a Samoan drop on D-Von.  Bubba slams Jey and Bubba tags in and he sets for the Wassup Headbutt and D-Von connects with Jey's lower region.  Jey with a super kick and he goes up top but lands on D-Von's knees.  Bubba and D-Von hit a neck breaker and belly-to-back suplex combination for a near fall.  Jey with a super kcik to Bubba and one to D-Von for the three count.

Winners:  The Usos

After the match, The Dudleys attack the Usos.  D-Von gets a table from under the ring and Bubba gets a table of his own.  They set up the tables for the Usos.  Bubba and D-Von pick up Jimmy and Jey for power bombs through the tables but The Usos with super kicks.  The Usos rearrange the tables and the Dudleys are put on the tables.  Jimmy and Jey go up top and they hit frog splashes through the tables.

We go to the panel and Booker says the Usos are back on track.  Renee calls it a solid win for the Usos.  

We take a look at the stadium seating area.

Corey mentions the Pontiac Silverdome and Wrestlemania III.

Renee says there are more than 100,000 people here because of the stacked card.

They run through the card.

They talk about the WWE Title match.  Booker says that Triple H is always ready when it comes time.  He has had his shield and armor.  He will need it against Roman Reigns.  Tonight is when Roman will cash in and put Triple H in the rear view mirror.

Corey says that Roman will have to block out the environment.  There are people who might not like him.  He is in the ring with Triple H. 

The announcers for Wrestlemania make their way to the ring.

Lita says Roman is all by himself while Hunter has the Authority with him and it will be tough to overcome.

Renee asks for predictions.  Corey says Triple H wins.  Lita says she has to agree with Corey.  Booker says Roman has big shoes to fill.  They talk about the Samoan Dynasty and Roman will solidify that Dynasty.  Then Booker says he meant Destiny.

Coverage Continues on Next Page with the Pay Per View.

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