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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-04-03 23:45:00

We go to the Kickoff Show Panel.

Booker talks about the AJ Styles versus Chris Jericho match and then he mentions Mick Foley, Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels.

Lita says that you have to watch out for that Stunner.

Lita talks about the Women's match and they blew the bar off the roof.

Corey mentions the Street Fight and how the Ambrose Asylum moved to Suplex City.

Match Number Seven:  Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The participants make their way to the ring.  Included in the participants are Baron Corbin, Mark Henry, Kane, Diamond Dallas Page, Big Show, Konnor Viktor, Tyler Breeze, Goldust, R Truth, Adam Rose, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Daren Young, Fandango, Jack Swagger, Shaquille O'Neal, Heath Slater, Tatanka, and more.

Shaq and Show stand face to face and Kane grabs Shaq and Show.  Kane is given a double choke slam by Shaq and Show.  Show and Shaq are targeted by everyone, but they send everyone away.  Fandango comes in and dances.  Show eliminates Fandango.  Damien Sandow comes in and Shaq eliminates him.  Shaq and Show continue to stare at each other.  Show grabs Shaq and Shaq grabs Show by the throat.  Everyone wtches until everyone comes in and they try to send Show and Shaq over the top rope and they eliminate both men.

Things break down and they start to pair off.  Truth punches Rose while Tatanka and Page battle.  Young with a back rake to Tatanka.  Tatanka punches Young.  Bo with elbows to Viktor.  Tatanka tries to eliminate Darren Young but Young holds on.  Goldust goes after Corbin.  Young is over the top rope but he rolls under the ropes to get back in.  Kane and Slater exchange punches.  Slater is saved.  Page with a Diamond Cutter to Viktor and VIktor is eliminated.  Young battles with Breeze.  Konnor kicks Page in the corner.  

Kane looks at Rose but Rose begs away.  Piage with a discus lariat to Tatanka.  Page is sent to the apron by Konnor and Konnor eliminates him.  Truth and Goldust eliminate Konnor with a double clothesline.  Kane punches Bo.  Tatanka is sent into the turnbuckles but he does his war dance.  Tatanka with chops to Rose.  Tatanka goes to the turnbuckles  and hie connects with a chop to Rose.  Slater is hanging on the ropes while Corbin and Truth try to eliminate him.  Corbin eliminates Tatanka.  Swagger punches Kane.  Kane eliminates Swagger on a back drop.  Axel kicks Kane and Slater kicks Young.  Slater punches Corbin.  The Social Outcasts are in control.

Truth punches Axel and Truth dances.  Axel misses a clothesline and Truth with a leg lariat and split.  Slater and Rose eliminate Truth.  Goldust goes after Stater and Axel.  Goldust is sent to the apron and Rose, Axel, and Dallas eliminate Goldust.  We get the Bo Train inside the ring but they are stopped by Kane.  They decide to go the other way but are stopped by Corbin.  Kane eliminates Axel.  Rose is eliminated by a punch from Corbin.  Kane choke slams Corbin.  Henry runs into a boot from Slater.  Slater goes to the turnbuckles and is caught by Henry and Henry drops Slater over the top rope to the floor.  Breeze punches Henry and Henry press slams Breeze.

Kane and Henry exchange punches and Kane tries to eliminate Henry and Young helps him.  Kane grabs Young and Dallas and he eliminates both of them.  Baron Corbin eliminates Kane.

Winner:  Baron Corbin

After the match, Corbin matches the pose of the statue.

We take a look at the site for Wrestlemania 33 and it returns to the place where they had Wrestlemania 24, the Citrus Bowl in Orlando.  Mark your calendars for April 2, 2017.

Lillian Garcia introduces the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

It is time for the Rock to make his way to Arlington and he has a flame thrower and he recreates the entrance of Fireball from Running Man.

FINALLY . . . The Rock has come back to Dallas.  This means finally, the Rock has come back to Wrestlemania.  Rock talks about his entrance.  The R-O-C-K on fire, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, and this crowd.  Rock says he sees a lot of happy people and smiling faces.  He sees a lot of smiling faces out there.  Rock says you are so happy that you are going to create Wrestlemania babies.  Rock says this is the moment, honor, and privilege to walk down this aisle.  One man, one mic, 100,000 strong.  It is the Rock and the millions and millions . . . 

Rock wants to hear it better.  The world did not hear you so he wants to hear it again.  Rock says records are made to be broken and Rock says that tonight's attendance was a Wrestlemania record with 101,763 people in attendance.

Rock says now it's gonna get good.

The lights go out and the Wyatt Family makes its way to the ring.  Bray Wyatt is accompanied by Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman.

Bray says hello and he tells Rock he may not know him, but he knows the Rock.  Bray says he wants to introduce himself and he tells Rock he is Bray Wyatt.  He says these are his brothers.  He says he is not here as a friend or an enemy.  He is here as the truth.  Bray says he chose Rock because you represent success.  You represent greatness.  You represent a lie.

Bray says he chose him because he is the Great One and the People's Champion.  Bray says this is not your moment and it is not their moment.  Bray tells Mr. Rock this is his moment.  Bray says he is going to eviscerate you on the grandest stage of them all and he is going to make your people watch every second of it.

Rock looks concerned and he wants to get this straight.  You come out here after breaking an attendance record.  Wrestlemania babies being made tonight.  You come out here and you interrupt and it is no hey how you doing Rock.  No congratulations that was really cool.  You come out and say I'm gonna eviscerate you boy and your soul.  Then I am going to go to Cracker Barrel for some waffles.  You come out here and sound like you hit the bong for eight days straight. 

Braun and Erick get in the ring. 

Rock says this sounds like it ain't going to end right.  He says that it looks like your parents are related when he looks at Rowan.  He says that Strowman looks like he has been breast fed since he was 26.

Rock says he knows who Bray is.  He has had his eye on you since you came into the WWE.  You got it all.  You got the charisma.  You hold people in the palm of your hands.  You came out and you had 100,000 people with your phones in the air.  You say you are going to eviscerate him and do it in front of everyone.

You are knocking on the door but you don't want to go there.  He says that Bray says he is the Eater of Worlds, but you are the Eater of Hot Pockets.

Bray says he is not here to knock on a door, he is here to knock it down.  Bray tells Rock he does not know who he is fooling with.

Rock says he has an idea and he takes off his shirt.  Rock tells Bray this is how they are going to do it.  They are not going to have a Wrestlemania fight, they are going to have a Wrestlemania Match.

Rock wants a referee and he tells Bray it can be him or one of the Inbred Duck Dynasty bitches but someone is gettin their monkey ass kicked.

Match Number Eight:  Rock versus Erick Rowan

Rock avoids a punch and hits a Rock Bottom for the three count.

Winner:  Rock

Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, and Erick Rowan surround the Rock and . . . 

John Cena makes his way to the ring and he is dressed to wrestle too.

Rock and Cena fight off Rowan and Wyatt.  Rock and Cena punch Strowman and Rock with a Rock Bottom to Strowman.  Cena with a Blue Thunder Bomb to Rowan followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle and an Attitude Adjustment.  Wyatt tries for Sister Abigail on Cena but Cena escapes and Rock with a punch and the People's Elbow to Wyatt.  

Rock welcomes John Cena back and then he asks if you can smell what the Rock is cooking.

Cena and Rock hug in the ring and pose on the turnbuckles.

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