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By Stuart Carapola on 2016-02-26 23:34:00

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs ACH, Matt Sydal & KUSHIDA

This is Omega's first appearance in ROH in nearly six years, which blows my mind.  Nick and KUSHIDA start us off with a quick, back and forth sequence that ends in a stalemate.  Matt and ACH tag in for some of the same, and ACH comes out ahead and cleans house on all three Bullet Club guys.  Omega and Sydal tag in for what I think is their first ever in-ring confrontation, and also a sort of clash of different eras of ROH.  All heck breaks loose as Omega German suplexes Sydal onto the entry ramp, then the Bucks take out ACH and KUSHIDA with stereo dives.  Omega and Sydal head back in and Omega keeps the pressure up, trapping Sydal in the Bullet Club corner.  Sydal finally makes the hot tag, and KUSHIDA tags in to clean house on Omega and the Bucks.  KUSHIDA hits a backbreaker and takes the Bucks out with a dive to the floor, then takes Omega out with a basement dropkick.  KUSHIDA hits a moonsault on Omega for 2, then goes to a short armscissors.  Omega powers out, powerbombs KUSHIDA into a double enziguiri from the Bucks, and gutwrench sitout powerbombs KUSHIDA for 2.  KUSHIDA connects with a dropping enziguiri, then everyone winds up back in the ring again.  ACH hits a twisting Flatliner on Matt, then he goes to the top, Matt dodges a double stomp, ACH hits a stunner, but Nick breaker the cover at 2.  The Bullet Club goes to the floor and ACH takes them all out with a somersault dive.  We do the compulsory match-ending spotfest that continued until the Bullet Club kills Sydal with a triple superkick for 2.  The babyface team mounts a comeback, Omega tombstones ACH on the floor, the Bucks double superkick Sydal, give him the springboard assisted Tombstone, Omega hits the One Winged Angel, and Matt covers for the win.

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

There was WAY too much for me to cover here, but all six guys left it all in the ring. A hell of a lot of action in this one.

ROH World Tag Team Title/No DQ Match: War Machine vs All Night Express

They waste no time brawling on the floor before the bell, and War Machine quickly gets the better of that one, picking Titus and King up and lawn darting them into each other.  Titus tries a dive off the apron onto Rowe, but Rowe catches him and suplexes him onto the floor as Hanson backdrops King through a table.  They head back into the ring where Rowe hits shotgun knees on Titus, Hanson hits a Bronco buster, and they take turns hitting about 20 facewashes in a row.  Ye gads.  King comes to the rescue of his partner, and they ram Hanson into a chair wedged in the corner before unloading on Rowe with a series of double teams and then ram him into a corner chair as well.  They do the "trash can over Hanson's head" gag and King hits Hanson with a spinkick and covers for 2.  Hanson suddenly fires up and cleans house on both men, then Rowe slams his partner on top of Titus.  They double powerbomb King, but King rolls away from the double team powerbomb and Titus dropkicks Hanson.  Hanson quickly powerslams Titus, though, but King hits a spinning kick on Hanson before taking a big boot from Rowe.  Titus bulldogs Rowe onto the chair, Hanson takes out both of the ANX with a double clothesline, and they hit Fallout on King, but King kicks out at 2.  Titus drags Rowe to the floor and rams him into the ringpost, and Hanson goes to the top to go after Titus, but King shoves him off the top and through a table.  Titus tosses Rowe back in, Rowe tries to fight both of the ANX off, but the ANX hit the One Night Stand, and Rowe now kicks out at 2.  King stomps the crap out of Rowe and verbally trashes him as Titus gets a ladder out from under the ring and balances it between the ring and guardrail.  Hanson is up and takes Titus out with a dive to the floor, then King cartwheel kicks Rowe and tries to dump him on the ladder, but Rowe just picks King up like a ragdoll and dumps him onto the ladder.  They hit Fallout on Titus, and it's all academic after that.

Winners: War Machine

That was a HELL of a brawl.  Great match, and I'd love to see them come back for another match down the road.

ROH World Title Match: Jay Lethal vs Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly

O'Reilly and Cole go after each other, and each keeps fighting Lethal off whenever he tries to get in the middle of it.  They take Lethal out with some old Future Shock double teams, then they go back after each other.  Lethal drags Cole to the floor, they trade blows, they dodge a slingshot dive from O'Reilly (who hits the floor with an audible thud), and then they go back into the ring where Lethal and Cole go back to trading shots until Lethal snaps Cole over with a suplex.  O'Reilly is back in and he German suplexes Cole as Cole vertical suplexes Lethal.  Cole German suplexes O'Reilly for 2 and then dropkicks Lethal to the floor, O'Reilly goes for the key lock, but Cole pops O'Reilly up into a fireman's carry over the knee for 2.  Lethal comes in and dumps Cole to the apron, then springboard dropkicks him to the floor.  Lethal starts going to work on O'Reilly, but Cole pops in and trades shots with Lethal until O'Reilly comes off the top with a missile dropkick to both men.  O'Reilly with a flurry lays Cole out, he hits Ax and Smash on Lethal, and a Regalplex to Cole for 2.  O'Reilly counters the Lethal Injection to a sleeper, but Cole superkicks both men and connects with a shining wizard to Lethal for 2.  Cole with a figure four to Lethal, O'Reilly stomps him in the face, Cole gives him the finger, and O'Reilly grabs his finger throwing arm and puts it ina  cross armbreaker.  All three men wind up brawling on the floor, O'Reilly sits both men in a chair, and he comes off the apron with a running dropkick that at least takes Cole out, but Lethal moves.  O'Reilly tries a second dive onto Lthal, but Lethal superkicks him, then takes Cole out with a trio of dives from inside the ring.  Truth Martini gets in the ring to do the Trutharooni, then Lethal and Cole come back in and Cole goes for a Canadian Destroyer, Lethal blocks and hits a Lethal Combination for 2.  Cole bicycle kicks O'Reilly and throws him in the way when Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, dumps O'Reilly, and hits a brainbuster on the knee on Lethal for 2.  Cole brings O'Reilly back into the ring, Lethal dumps Cole, and O'Reilly suddenly catches a brainbuster out of nowhere for 2 and gets a triangle choke on Lethal.  Cole is in and he tries to stomp O'Reilly, but O'Reilly gets Cole in an anklelock.  The ref checks Lethal's arm, but Cole catches his arm before it falls a third time, and O'Reilly finally releases the holds on both men.  All three men struggle to their feet and trade shots, O'Reilly goes nuts on Cole, he takes both Cole and Lethal out with a rebound double lariat, Cole knee brainbusters O'Reilly, Lethal nails Cole, Lethal hits a double Lethal Injection on both men, and the champion retains.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Terrific main event to a strong all-around night of wrestling.  Lethal's momentum continues into his ninth month as the ROH World Champion.

Thanks for following's live coverage of the ROH 14th Anniversary Show!

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