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By Stuart Carapola on 2016-02-26 23:34:00

Christopher Daniels vs Alex Shelley

Brian Kendrick has joined the announce team as Daniels stomps Shelley down in the corner, but Shelley fires back, hangs Daniels in the tree of woe, stands on his ding ding, then baseball slides him in the face.  Shelley dumps Daniels to the floor, and Kazarian trips Shelley from the floor and holds him for Daniels, but Shelley moves and Daniels nails Kazarian by mistake.  The Addiction both wind up out on the floor and Shelley takes them both out with a dive.  He rolls Daniels into the ring, but Daniels kicks the middle rope into Shelley's ding ding as he steps back into the ring and takes control.  He works Shelley over for several minutes, but Shelley avoids a slingshot elbowdrop and starts to mount a comeback.  Daniels hits a uranage, an Arabian moonsault, and gets a crossface submission, but Shelley makes it to the ropes.  Kazarian cheapshots Shelley behind the referee's back, but Shelley is pissed now and drills Daniels with a leaping enziguiri.  Shelley cleans house on Daniels and connects with a top rope bodypress for 2, but Daniels catches Shelley with a northern lariat for 2.  Shelley avoids a BME and hits a superkick, but Kazarian distracts the referee when Shelley goes for the win.  Daniels gets a chain, but Chris Sabin runs in and hits Daniels with a leaping enziguiri and allows Shelley to crucifix Daniels for the win.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Sabin and Shelley clean house on Daniels and Kazarian, then they face off as the fans chant "Motor City" at them.  Sabin does the pointing at the hand thing, and they embrace.  Looks like the tag team division just got a little bigger!

Jay & Mark Briscoe vs Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Jay and Elgin start us off, and they start with a careful feeling out process, but soon start trading right hands.  Elgin gets the advantage there, then he press slams Jay and pops him up for a delayed vertical suplex.  Mark and Tanahashi tag in, and they trade shoulderblocks while playing air guitar and doing redneck Kung Fu.  Mark winds up in the wrong part of town and has to fight both Tanahashi and Elgin off, and he takes Elgin out with a blockbuster to the floor on Elgin while Jay and Tanahashi go at it in the ring.  Tanahashi winds up in trouble as the Briscoes trap him in their side of the ring for several minutes, with Mark hitting a rolling Samoan drop before Jay tags in and hits a Death Valley driver for 2.  Tanahashi finally hits a crossbody out of the corner on Mark and tags in Big Mike, who comes off the top with a shoulderblock to Mark.  Mark fires back with redneck Kung Fu, but Elgin fights through, knocks Jay off the apron, and starts unloading rolling German suplexes on Mark.  Mark tries a crossbody, but Elgin catches him and hits a sitout uranage for 2.  All heck breaks loose with all four men in the ring, the Briscoes get Elgin alone and work him over with Mark hitting a top rope splash for 2.  More double teams, but Elgin nearly launches Mark into the crowd with a backdrop and is left alone with Jay.  Elgin flattens Jay with a roaring elbow, then tags Tanahashi in to take over, but Mark hits a uranage on Tanahashi and then comes off the top with froggy bow for a really close 2.  Briscoes go for Doomsday, Elgin breaks it up, and slams Jay on top of Mark.  Elgin picks Tanahashi up and drops him on Mark for 2.  Elgin dumps Jay to the floor as Tanahashi hits slingblade on Mark, Elgin powerbombs Mark, and Tanahashi comes off the top with the splash for the win.

Winners: Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Awesome match, this was really, really good.  Elgin and Tanahashi have a good chemistry, I'd like to see them team up again.

Kazuchika Okada vs Moose

They tie up, and Okada maneuvers skillfully around Moose before getting drilled with a dropkick to the face.  Okada gets the boot up on a pair of charges by Moose, but Moose just lifts Okada onto the top rope and dropkicks him to the floor.  Okada avoid a baseball slide, but Moose plows Okada over with a running forearm and giant swings him into the guardrail, then the ringpost, then the guardrail again.  Moose charges Okada, but gets backdropped into the crowd and then Okada gets a running start and dives over the rail onto Moose.  They go back into the ring where Okada keeps up the pressure, catching Moose with a basement dropkick for 2.  Moose suddenly fires up and mounts a comeback, hitting a shoulderblock and turning Okada inside out with a clothesline.  Moose powerbombs Okada, picks him up, hits a buckle bomb, a bicycle kick, and covers for 2.  Okada dodges the spear and sends Moose into the ringpost, then flapjacks Moose, and both men are down.  They're up and trading blows in the middle of the ring, Moose gets the advantage, Okada ducks a clothesline and hits an Air Raid Crash over the knee for 2.  Okada with a Shawn Michaels elbow, and he's ready to hit the Rainmaker.  Moose ducks, climbs the corner, and springboards out with a crossbody.  He waits for Okada to get to his feet and goes for the spear again, and he misses when Okada leapfrogs.  Moose ducks another Rainmaker, but Okada with a pair of dropkicks, he hits the Rainmaker, and that's all she wrote for Moose.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada

Great match, I really liked how Moose took Okada out of the usual element we've seen him in during his ROH matches.  This gave Okada a chance to show his versatility, and he made Moose look like a million bucks even in defeat.  Probably Moose's best match so far that I've seen.

The show wraps up on Page 3!

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