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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-02 20:00:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of TNA Slammiversary XI from Boston, MA. Slammiversary opened with a really cool video of Bully Ray taking over a historical package on TNA and making it all about destroying and disrupting TNA.  Great stuff.

It looked like they had an awesome crowd live.

Ultimate X: TNA X-Division champion Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin vs. Suicide.

The announcers noted it was the 30th Ultimate X match.  Sounds like it's time for an Anthology DVD set.

King backed out of the ring, telling the others to fight amongst themselves.  They instead chased him into the ring.  He ended up caught between the two and worked over with a double hiptoss and a series of chops.  Sabin was obviously the crowd favorite early.

Suicide hit a springboard into a takedown on his opponents.  He tried to scramble up but King nailed Sabin and then took out Suicide.  Sabin returned with a spinkick but was caught with a t-bone suplex.    Sabin and King battled in the corner as Sucide tried to recover.

Suicide caught Sabin with a back suplex.  He then did a rana like move that drove King's head into the mat.  Sabin grabbed Suicide for a suplex.   Sabin nailed a tornado DDT out of the corner, kicking Suicide off in  the process.  He suplexed King atop of Suicide and started climbing to the top but was pulled down by Suicide.

Sabin was run into the buckles by Suicide but was pulled down.  Suicide hit a nice series of moves where his opponents were tied up with each other physically.  He went to the cables but was pulld down by King.     King went to the top but was nailed with a headbutt.

Suicide went for a superplex but Sabin nailed him and instead drilled King with a fisherman's buster.  He looked like he almost lost him.  Suicide slipped under Sabin and nailed an Electric Chair.  King legdropped Suicide and went to the cables. 

King tried to make it across but was pulled down.  He and Suicide went back and forth but Sabin nailed an enziguiri.  They went into a hot series of moves going back and forth, leaving all three spent and exhausted in the ring.  The crowd chanted for TNA.

Suicide faked Sabin out and tried to do a dive.  Sabin and King escaped but Suicide hit an awesome springboard dropkick on them both on the floor.  They returned to the ring and teased a Tower of Doom but Sabin instead tied them up in the corner and tried to climb to the cables.  Suicide grabbed him and nailed a superplex into the ring, wiping King out as well.

King and Suicide made it to the cables and made it to the belt.  King knocked Suicide off by grabbing at the mask.  Sabin made it over and pulled King off the ropes.  He then grabbed and released the belt to win.  Sabin, who was bleeding hardway from the head, is your winner.

Your winner and new X-Division champion, Chris Sabin!

Real fun opener with some crazy bumps and a really high energy pace in the ring.

After replays, they showed Sabin on the stage and he had a lot of blood on him from the hardway show.  Hulk Hogan came out and raised his hand.  He said that he wanted Sabin to hear what the Boston Hulkamaniacs sound like.  The crowd popped.  Hogan said he wanted to give Sabin his props because he's been in Boston for years and he knows that Boston loves champions like Sabin.  He said that every time Sabin comes out, the crowd is going to cheer him just as loud as the first time Hulk beat up Andre the Giant.  Hogan said Sabin was the future and pointed out the X-Division champ would have a chance to challenge the TNA champion this summer.  He said that he loved Sabin and said congratulations.  Cool way to put Sabin over.

Hogan came into the ring alone and said now it's time for some Hulk Hogan business.  He said they needed to talk about what was going down tonight.  Out came Aces & Eights, led by Ken Anderson.  Anderson mocked Hogan and Boston.    Hogan said Boston and he aren't afraid of ghosts, terrorists or p***ies.  Yes, he said the third one.  He said that Joseph Park would take out Devon and start the ball rolling tonight.  Bischoff started going off on Hogan and Hogan told him "you're a b*tch and your old man is a b*tch."    Hogan then told them they were going to have a six man now.

So, Anderson is replacing Doc in the bout.

Magnus & Samoa Joe & Jeff Hardy vs. Aces & Eights

Anderson and Hardy started.  Anderson cut him off early and whipped him into the corner and chopped him.  Hardy came back with a big forearm off the ropes and a cruncher legdrop into a dropkick.   Anderson  backed into the corner and tagged out to Wes Brisco.

Hardy kept control over Brisco, who quickly tagged out to Bischoff.  Bischoff was worked over and locked in an arm wringer.   Samoa Joe tagged in and stomped and beat the hell out of Bischoff as the place went nuts.   Bischoff cut him off and went for a dive off the ropes into a shoulderblock.  Joe walked away and shook his head, leaving Bischoff to crash and burn.  That was great.

Joe worked over Bischoff who tagged out to Anderson.  Anderson was controlled and slammed.  Joe nailed a back senton splash.  Magnus tagged out and nailed a fall away slam for a two count.  Anderson tried to cut him off and locked in a armbar.

Anderson continued to work over Anderson's arm.  Brisco tagged in and slammed him.  Brisco cinched in an armbar.   Aces & Eights started tagging in and out working over Magnus.  Brisco nailed Hardy and Joe to try and prevent a tag but Hardy still made the hot tag.

Hardy drilled Brisco with a big forearm and scored a series of clotheslines.  He nailed the Twist of Fate on Anderson but Brisco nailed him from behind.  Hardy came back and nailed the Whsiper in the Wind.  It turned into a six man brawl with everyone battling.

It settled down and Hardy nailed a vertical suple and a slam.  Hardy went up for a swanton but had his legs taken out from under him.  Hardy crashed hard atop the buckles.  Bischoff played to the crowd but Joe attacked him with a running back splasj and enziguiri.  Magnus took out Bischoff.

Joe attacked Anderson and locked him in a choke on the ramp.  Magnus set up Hardy so he could nail a swanton on Brisco and score the pin.

Your winners, Samoa Joe & Magnus & Jeff Hardy!

Truly solid and enjoyable six man tag.  The pace was good and they took a nice back and forth story.  Bischoff and Brisco looked good.  Anderson looked better here than he did the last few weeks of TV.  Joe and Magnus were awesome and Hardy looked energized.

Jay Bradley vs. Sam Shaw: Gutcheck Tournament Final.

Bradley was taken down with a double leg takedown and kept off balance early.  Shaw was real aggressive early.    Bradley took over but was caught with a backbreaker for a two count.

Bradley caught him with the boomstick and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jay Bradley!

Christy Hemme interviewed Bradley. He said he was the first in the Bound for Glory series and would be the last man out - meaning he would win the TNA title.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Roode said they were going to win because he was the longest reigning TNA champion ever. Aries noted he was the one who beat Roode for the title and that meant they would win championship gold. They were pushing the idea that the X-Divison title cash-in would happen this summer and last time, there was a change. Nice, subtle way to try and reinforce the title's worth.

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