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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-02 20:00:00

Short but solid Gutcheck bout. Bradley looks ready to go. Shaw is still finding himself.

TNA TV champ Devon vs. Joseph Park

No sign of Park because of the beating. 

Devon took the mic and asked everyone where Park was.  Devon said that it seemed like he fell and couldn't get back up.    He said it was no different than when the NY Knicks beat the hell out of the Boston Celtics.  Devon said that the referee needs to count Abyss out.

The referee counted Park out and rang the bell.

Your winner and still TNA TV champ, Devon!

Taz joked it was a hard fought battle.

Devon took the mic and said that he knew Joseph Park didn't have it in him, just like Abyss didn't.  He said that if Abyss was here, he'd ring the bell and whip his ass too, but since he isn't, they are going to go to drink some beer and play with strippers.

Out came Abyss.  He hit the ring and clotheslined them both and knocked Knux out of the ring.  They rang the bell.  Knux drilled Abyss in the back, allowing Devon to nail a shoulderblock.

Abyss was choked against the ropes and drilled with a right hand.  Devon choked Abyss in the corner with his boot.  He nailed a big running charge in the corner.  Devon scored several two counts but Abyss made a comeback.  He nailed Knux off the apron and chokeslammed Abyss.

Abyss went for the Black Hole Slam but was kicked off.  Devon rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a Black Hole Slam for the pin.

Your winner and new TNA TV champion, Abyss!

Fun match.  It was a nice bait and switch that gave the audience something more than they expected.

So far, a solid show.

TNA President Dixie Carter came out to announce the second inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.  She said the company is celebrating 11 years tonight and they are celebrating the best fans in the world.   She said they are celebrating every man and woman who ever stepped into the ring for making the company what it is.     She said TNA has more passion than anything she has ever seen.

Carter asked everyone in the company to come on the stage for tonight's announcement of the new Hall of Fame announcement.  Everyone from Hulk Hogan to backstage officials like Al Snow and Pat Kenney came out.  Carter announced that a very deserving Kurt Angle would be the second Hall of Famer.

Angle was very happy to hear this and came to the ring, hugging Dixie.  They played an awesome video feature on Angle and his career.  Angle looked like he was legitimately tearing up.  The crowd gave him a standing ovation and chanted "USA."

Carter said that Angle beat the odds and inspired the world when he won a gold medal in 1996.  Ten years later, he crossed the line and gave TNA the ability to know they were going to make it.  The crowd chanted "Thank you Angle."

Angle took the mic and there was a huge "USA" chant.  Angle said he wasn't expecting this.  He said he's had some awesome moments in Boston, but this one was the best so far.  He said being inducted is an honor and thanked the good Lord for doing what he does best and that's wrestling.  He wanted to thank his wife and his kids and said he's glad to make his kids proud.  He thanked Carter for bringing him to TNA and for making him loving pro wrestling again.

Angle said he's very humbled and to be inducted.  He said there are a lot of guys right here and a lot of guys who are originals who are deserving of the honor.  He said he could go on forever and said the TNA roster is the best in the world and they make him look good.  He thanked Carter and Jeff Jarrett.  He said TNA changed his life and he thanks TNA and thanked the fans for being TNA fans.

A really classy, nice moment.  Angle seemed really touched.

TNA Tag Team champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Bad Influence vs. James Storm & Gunner vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

Chavo and Daniels started.  Daniels shoulderblocked him down.  Guerrero controlled him and Daniels got nailed by Hernandez for good measure.  Hernandez then tagged in and nailed an awesome overhead belly to belly suplex.

Daniels tagged in Aries, who was caught and dumped by Hernandez.  Chavo tagged in and hit a slingshot splash.   Roode tagged in but was caught with a drop toehold.    Guerrero tagged in Storm, who faced off with his former Beer Money partner.

Roode and Storm peppered each other with punches.  Storm took control with a clothesline and tagged in Gunner.   Roode saw him coming and tagged out to Hernandez to save himself.  This allowed the two biggest bruisers in the bout to face off and shove each other around.   They tried to rebound off the ropes to hit shoulderblocks but were nailed from the outside by the villains.

This led to a lot of battling from everyone as the match broke down.  That allowed Bad Influence to take control on Gunner and Storm.  They played to the crowd but Hernandez and Guerrero charged down the ramp and dove into the ring with stereo dives.

Hernandez controlled Daniels and slammed him for a two count. He held him up for the delayed vertical suplex.   Kazarian nailed him from behind.  Bad Influence took turns working him over.  Kazarian nailed him with an elbow off the ropes for a two count.   They worked over Hernandez until he reversed a suplex, taking both over at once.

Guerrero made the hot tag and was working at a really faster than usual pace, including a super-fast head scissors.  He hit the Three Amigos on Kazarian.  Storm tagged in and teased the Last Call but Daniels smashed him with the Tag title belt. 

Aries and Hernandez faced off in the ring,  He turned Aries inside out with a massive shoulderblock.  Hernandez nailed the Border Toss on Kazarian.  Guerrero covered him but Daniels drilled him with the Tag title. 

Bad Influence was eliminated by DQ.

Aries grabbed Guerrero, who was out and rolled him up for the pin.

Hernandez and Guerrero were eliminated, so we will have new Tag Team champions.

Aries nailed a dive on Gunner and tried to score the pin on him.  Gunner fought back and drilled Aries.  Roode attacked Storm and pulled him off the apron to the floor, hurting his leg,.

Roode and Aries worked over Gunner, but he came back with a series of explosive clotheslines on each of them.   Storm tagged in and tossed Aries over the top.  He whipped Roode into the corner and backdropped him high.

Storm nailed a neckbreaker on  Roode and nailed the hanging DDT on Aries.  Gunner tagged in and they whipped Aries into the ring.  Aries kicked off Aries but was clotheslined by Gunner.  Gunner catapulted him into a Storm DDT.  Roode broke up the pin at two.

Gunner and Roode began slugging it out.  Roode went for the Torture Rack on Roode but Aries drilled him in the back.   They nailed a series of double team maneuvers on Gunner.  Aries went to the top and hit the 450 splash but Gunner kicked out, which shocked the crowd.

Storm returned to the fold and took out Roode.  Storm nailed the Last Call superkick on Aries,who was then locked in the Torture Rack, which they called the Gun Rack.  Aries submitted.

Your winners and new TNA Tag Team champions James Storm & Gunner!

Another good match.  This could have easily have gone to hell given all the bodies involved but this was laid out really well and was a lot of fun.  Everyone did a hell of a job.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Brooke Hogan.  She said the last year has seen the growth of the Knockouts division like never before.  Dutch Mantel, Awesome Kong and Scott D'Amore just rolled their eyes.  Borash asked Brooke if she still loves Bully like he says he loves her.  She ended the interview.  That absolutely foreshadowed a heel turn.

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