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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-10 19:41:36
Welcome to's live, ongoing TNA Lockdown coverage from San Antonio, Texas!

TNA Lockdown opened with a video package reviewing the top matches on the card and the saga of Aces & Eights, including D'Lo Brown being revealed as the VP.

They went live and noted it was the largest crowd in TNA history.  The crowd looked really nice.  I'd guess about 7000 fans.  There is someone wearing a shirt that reads, "I'm a Vince Russo guy" in the front row.  That was funny.

TNA X-Division champion Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Christian York.

King attacked York but was nailed by Ion.  York clotheslined King down but was nailed by Ion.  King was went to the floor.  Ion went for a rana but York landed on his feet and clotheslined him down.    King returned to the fray but then jumped back to the floor, trying to psych out his opponents.  York nailed him with a suicide dive.  Ion went for one of his own but was nailed with a kick.  King tried to use the back of Ion as a base for an Asai Moonsault but he didn't get the rotation and drilled himself into the railed back of the head and shoulders first.  OUCH.  Ion went to the top and hit a twisting dive off the top onto King and York.

Back in the ring, York caught Ion during a rana attempt and held him up but King to nailed a rolling neckbreaker of the ropes for a two count.   King is lucky he is even standing, much less wrestling.  York nailed a float over suplex but was nailed a knee to gut.  King covered him for a near fall and worked over York in the corner.   King chopped York in the chest but York responded in kind.  King cut him off and slammed York down.  He went to the top but was nailed by Ion with an axehandle to the head.  Ion nailed a rana on King, sending him down and crashing on York for a two count at the same time.

Ion hit a springboard moonsault for a two count.  He was grabbed from the outside by King and nailed.  King and York battled on the apron.  York hung him out to dry and hit a guillotine legdrop off the ropes for a two count.  King broke the pinfall by grabbing the ropes.  Ion nailed a kick to York's head and dropkicked King to the floor.  He nailed a kick to the head and a DDT for a two count on York.

King slammed Ion on the rampway leading to the ring and then nailed a springboard legdrop onto it.  He began selling his lower back.  York pulled Ion in for a two count but King broke it up.  King and York battled in the ring.  York got the worst of it.  King went for a Fall Away Slam off the top on Ion but York slipped under and powerbombed him at the same time.  York began putting together a series of hot offensive maneuvers and a series of near falls.  York nailed a back suplex on King and then on Ion, scoring a two count.

York and King exchange kicks.  Ion raked his back but York absorbed it.  He and King doubled up on Ion but Ion nailed both with a dropkick for pinfall attempts on each.  York kicked Ion hard in the corner and went to the top.  He nailed the top rope double stomp and then hit a running cannonball in the corner on King.  York grabbed Ion for a move but was drilled by King with a pair of charging knees.  King went for a move but York turned it into a small package for a two count.  York was caught with a TKO and pinned by King.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, Kenny King!

Decent X-Division match where they tried lots of crazy spots and worked a hard, frenetic pace.  The crowd was into the big spots but as a match designed to be a kickass athletic bout, it was just OK.

Jeremy Borash was interviewing Joseph Park when Bad Influence showed up and told him that Dixie Carter was looking for him. They took over the interview and said they were tired of being disrespected by the fans, by Carter and by Hernandez and Guerrero. He said they were going to get the belts back and prove they were the best tag team. The usual awesome interview from Kazarian and Daniels.

Joey Ryan vs. Joseph Parks

Park was disgusted by Ryan oiling up his body.  Ryan took the mic and said that Park "was a big mark" like everyone in the building and didn't belong in the ring with him.  Ryan said that he had the size advantage where it counts (down below) and was about to find out that "size matters."  Park cut a promo putting over San Antonio after Ryan had knocked them but Ryan attacked him from behind.  When Park had the chance to make a comeback, Ryan went to the floor.  Park tried to grab him by the hair but Ryan snapped him over the ropes.

Ryan went for a flying bodypress but he bounced off Park.  Ryan took him off his feet and nailed a series of right hands.   Ryan continued to work over Park, scoring several two counts.  Ryan kept rubbing his oiled body in Park's face, blinding him.  Park finally grabbed him by the hairy chest and ripped at it.  He gave Ryan a wedgie and nailed him with a shoulderblock and an inverted atomic drop.

Park nailed a running charge in the corner and Park teased going to the ropes.   He tried to hit a splash off the ropes but Ryan rolled out of the ring.   Ryan nailed a sunset flip off the ropes but Park was able to stop himself and jumped down with an Earthquake splash for the pin.

Your winner, Joseph Park!

A nice spotlight for the Park character and for some comedy.  OK and exactly what you would expect. Felt like a TV bout.

They showed footage of Jeff Hardy arriving earlier today.

Backstage, Brooke Hogan said that Bully Ray worked his whole life for this. She said that she's proud of him and her dad is behind him. Ray said that he knows she's proud but he's nervous. He is so happy with her and happy her dad is behind him, but for the first time, he's proud of himself and wants to make her proud too. Hulk Hogan, on crutches showed up and asked to speak to Ray personally. Hogan said that it's time for someone to carry the company to the next level. He said that Jeff Hardy was great for now and can even carry the company forward but there's something he sees in Bully Ray and believes he can carry the company going forward. He tells Bully that he made Brooke happy after all the hurt Hogan put his daughter through with the divorce and the family problems. He told Ray he loves him and wants to see his family have the title. Hogan said that he can live through Ray and told a story of how Andre the Giant pulled him aside before he won his first World title and told him to make sure the fans remember him as long as he lives. He asked Ray to do the same. Ray said that's an awesome story and said he promises the fans will remember him tonight. Good segment. They pretty much spelled out there would a title change and based on whether they turn Ray or not, his comments about being remembered could be foreshadowing. That does seem to be where the story is going, so we'll see soon enough. Crazy to see Hogan crap all over Hardy like that, even for storyline. Why should he ever defend TNA again?

TNA Knockouts champion Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

Sky and Kim went back and forth.  Kim nailed a back elbow but was caught with a swinging neckbreaker by Sky for a two count.   Sky dropkicked Kim off the apron to the floor.  Sky then hit a Thesz Press-esque maneuver off the apron to the floor on Kim.  She grabbed Kim but was slammed backwards into the ringpost.

Kim tossed Sky into the ring and peppered her with kicks to the legs.  Kin nailed her sideways splash in the corner on Kim.     Sky fired back with several forearms but was nailed with a high round kick.  Kim picked her up for a Fireman's Carry and dumped her down.  She covered Sky and grabbed the ropes for leverage but referee Taryn Terrell caught her.   Kim choked Sky against the ropes.

Kim dropped Sky with an over the knee backbreaker for a two count.  Sky whipped Kim into the corner.  Kim went for a head scissors out of the corner but Sky dropped down, smashing Kim face-first to the mat.     Sky nailed her with a series of clotheslines.  Sky nailed a running bulldog for a two count and drilled her to the mat for another two count.

Sky tried to whip Kim who grabbed the referee.  Terrell pulled herself free but that allowed Kim to nail the Eat Defeat for a two count.   Kim began arguing with Terrell and shoved her several times into the corner.  She slapped Terrell.  Kim told her to DQ her because she didn't care and would just get another rematch.  Terrell finally exploded with a spear and began beating Kim with right hands.   Kim went to face her but Sky kicked Kim and nailed her with the In Your Face for the pin.

Your winner and still Knockouts champion, Velvet Sky!

The Terrell thing finally paid off after months of Kim having an issue with her.  The match wasn't much. Just a backdrop to pay off the angle.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Robbie E. He said that he got Rob Terry on the list and got him girls and had his back and Terry turned his back on him. He talked slow so Texas could understand.

Robbie E. vs. Rob Terry

My God is Terry a frightening looking man.   Robbie E. tried to hide behind So Cal Val at ringside.   E stalled early.  E then tried to hug it out with Terry.  Wrong company!  Terry wanted nothing to do with it and smashed him down to the mat.   E then started "warming up."

E. grabbed a side headlock but Terry easily broke it and shoved E down.  E ran for the ropes to stop him.  E then went for a single leg takedown but was grabbed and tossed into the air with a Gut Wrench suplex.  He tried to scamper out but was pancaked into the air.  Terry missed a charge in the corner, allow E to beat him with a series of shots to the back.  E played to the crowd, allowing Terry to recover.  He grabbed E.  E nailed several chops but they didn't faze Terry.  E nailed a chop block and a dropkick to Terry for a one count.

E jumped on his back for a sleeper.  Terry marched around the ring trying to escape but  finally sunk to one knee.    E tried to come off the ropes but was caught and slammed.  Terry nailed a clothesline and a press slam.  Terry nailed a spinebuster for a three count.

Your winner, Rob Terry!

Exactly what you would expect from this match.  Some comedy stuff from E and some stalling before Terry made a comeback and killed him for the pin. The show is at the point they need a kickass second half to make it memorable.

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA Tag Team champion Austin Aries.  Borash asked him where Bobby Roode is.  Aries said that people have been asking him that for weeks.  He asked if they all forgot who he was because he's proven he doesn't need Roode to get the job done and retain the Tag Team titles.  He said he could defeat all four by himself, but it's not necessary.  Out walked Roode, who asked Borash, "Did you miss me?"

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