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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-10 19:41:36

TNA Tag Team champions Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero vs. Bad Influence

Hernandez and Chavo didn't get the big reaction you'd expect, despite each being Texas born.   Roode and Guerrero started off but Roode tagged off to Daniels.  Guerrero shoulderblocked Daniels down but Daniels nailed one of his own as well.  Guerrero nailed a series of forearms and backdropped Daniels over.  Daniels was sent into Hernandez in the corner where he was nailed with a pair of chops.  Hernandez and Guerrero cleaned house of all four.

Hernandez used the ropes to sling Daniels back in the ring so Guerrero could hit a twisting splash on him.  Hernandez locked in a bearhug, then hit a tossing suplex.  Guerrero covered Daniels but Kazarian kicked him to break up the pin.   Guerrero slammed Kazarian and then was slammed atop of him by Hernandez.  Hernandez splashed him but missed a charge in the corner.  Kazarian nailed a missile dropkick off the ropes and peppered him with a series of right hands.

Bad Influence double teamed on Hernandez with a series of moves.  They tried to suplex Hernandez but were instead nailed with a suplex on both.  Guerrero tagged in and nailed the Three Amigos, starting on Daniels, then turning it to Kazarian, then Roode and finally Aries as they all tried to interfere.  That was entertaining!

The villains all started putting the boots to Guerrero.  Bad Influence tagged in and out working him over.   Roode and Aries tagged in as well, continuing to control Guerrero.  They nailed a catapult into the ropes.  Guerrero landed on Roode's knees, allowing Aries to splash him.  Roode stomped away on Guerrero in the corner, then drilled him with a series of shoulderblocks.    Guerrero finally came back with a big punch on Roode as he was sent into the corner.  Guerrero backflipped out of the corner.  He and Aries caught each other with clotheslines.

Aries nailed everyone on the outside of the ring, which led to a faceoff between Bad Influence, Aries and Roode.  All four brawled.  Kazarian and Aries crashed mid-air going for high cross bodyblocks at the same time.  Guerrero came off the top with a flying bodypress.  Hernandez began cleaning house, including a leaping double clothesline on Bad Influence.

Hernandez nailed a double over the shoulder backbreaker on both Aries and Roode but only got a two count as Influence was distracting referee Earl Hebner.  Hernandez called for the Border Toss but Aries nailed him.  Hernandez wiped him out with a clothesline.  This led to a sequence where everyone hit their signature moves.  Kazarian drilled Roode with a DDT and went for the Fade to Black but Guerrero returned.  Aries returned and went to the top but was crotched by Daniels.  Daniels and Aries  battled back and forth but Hernandez charged down the ramp and dove over the top with a big double shoulderblock.  They missed the charge on camera.

They went into another series of hot spots, ending with Guerrero nailing Daniels off the top and sending to the mat.  Guerrerro hit a top rope frog splash but Roode tagged in as Guerrero was in the ring.  Guerrero was confused and nailed by Aries as Roode covered Daniels for the win.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries!

Real good three way tag that they booked to have each team shine. Some of this was really good and well put together.  Easily the best thing on the show. I enjoyed this one.

So far, an OK show but nothing you need to go out of your way to see.  It's just there.

They pushed that tickets for the 6/2 Slammiversary PPV will go on sale 3/29.

Backstage, Aces & Eights said the entire plan has come together.  He praised Devon for allowing them to have access into TNA.  D'Lo praised Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff for allowing them to trap Kurt Angle and told Brisco to take him out tonight.  He praised Anderson for being the smartest guy in TNA for accepting their invitation.  Brown asked them to review their strategy for the Lethal Lockdown.   He asked who wanted into the cage first and they all wanted in.

Kurt Angle was interviewed by Jeremy Borash.  He said that tonight he was going to make Wes Brisco famous.  He warned D'Lo Brown that he hasn't forgotten about him either and warned Brown he was next.  Angle said Wes isn't like his father or his uncle and that he's a snot-nosed punk.  He told Brisco that tonight he was going to kick his ass.

 Steel Cage: Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle

They locked up and Angle drove him to the mat with a double leg takedown.  The crowd chanted "USA", which was by far the largest chant thus far on the broadcast.   Briscoe gained control and tried to climb over the top, as you can win by escaping.  Angle dumped him backwards off the cage with a suplex.     Something happened in the crowd as everyone was looking to the left side of the Arena.

Angle continued working over Brisco who came back with several kicks and right hands.  He ripped off Angle's shirt and choked him with it.   Brisco cinched in a side chinlock.  Angle was sent into the ropes and flapjacked down to the mat.   Brisco sent Angle into the corner but was kicked off.  Angle made a comeback with a series of suplexes.  Angle threw Brisco into the cage and nailed a series of German suplexes.

Briscoe nailed a low blow to cut off Angle.   Brisco tried to crawl out the door onto the ramp but Angle locked in an anklelock.  Briscoe rolled through, sending Angle into the cage head-first.   Brisco tried to climb up but Angle grabbed him and pulled him down.  They battled back and forth while standing on the ropes.  Angle drilled his head into the cage over and over, then stepped behind him on the top and nailed a German suplex into the ring.

Angle went for the Angle Slam but Brisco slipped out.  Angle went for a clothesline but Brisco ducked and the referee got killed.  Angle locked on the anklelock and Brisco tapped but there was no referee.  Angle nailed another Angleslam,.    He walked out of the cage but the referee didn't see it.  D'Lo Brown attacked Angle, drilling him into the cage and tossed him back into the ring.  Brown pulled Brisco out and the referee saw him on the ramp.

Your winner, Wes Brisco!

Far and away the worst Kurt Angle PPV match I can ever remember.  Awful stuff. You got no feeling Brisco was really a threat at all and if this was meant to put Brisco on the map with a great match, well, they were nowhere near that, either. He just isn't ready to be spotlighted in this sort of match. He was just there to be the dummy for what felt like a Angle greatest hits package but at no point was there any real drama to it. The suplex off the ropes was a cool spot. This was nowhere near memorable overall.

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