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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-17 19:26:24
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of WWE's 2013 Elimination Chamber PPV from New Orleans.

Countdown Show:

Matt Striker and Tony Dawson are the hosts. They pushed that this was the kickoff to Wrestlemania season and ran down the lineup for tonight's PPV.

They previewed the Chamber.

Randy Orton was interviewed and asked his strategy. He said that he planned to use every ounce of steel in the Elimination Chamber to put his opponents down. He said the only thing more dangerous than the Chamber is the man hellbent on headlining Wrestlemania and who will use anything and everything to get it done. A good promo.

They aired a video feature on The Shield.

Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes vs. Tensai & Brodus Clay

Sandow cut a promo stating that all the half-wits demanded the reunion of Team Rhodes Scholars, knocking the fans in the process. Cody said that they demanded a Team Rhodes Scholars standing ovation from the fans for giving what they wanted.

Brodus and Tensai did a deal where Clay had to go back and get Tensai during the ring entrance. Tensai was wearing a hat like Clay's. They claimed Tensai was not doing hours of dance training a week.

Sandow and Rhodes stalled early. Sandow took control on Tensai and choked him against the ropes. Tensai fought back against Rhodes but missed a back splash. Sandow continued working over Tensaid and nailed the Elbow of Disdain.

Sandow followed up with a clothesline in the corner but Tensai was able to tag Clay. Clay nailed a splash in the corner but was nailed by Sandow when he went for a Fall Away Slam. Tensai and Clay nailed a double splash on Sandow. Clay followed up with a big splash on Sandow and scored the pin.

Your winners, Brodus Clay & Tensai!

Standard opening tag match meant to get the crowd into the show.

Lots of promotional hype for the WWE title rematch between CM Punk and The Rock.

PPV broadcast

They opened up with a good three minute video previewing the main matches for the show with the theme being that the road to Wrestlemania would have to travel through the Chamber.

Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler are your announcers.

WWE World champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

JBL joked that he loved Ricardo and "needed to get me one of those" after the big ring announcement.

Show tried to attack the champion early but Del Rio avoided him and nailed several big kicks.  Show cut him off with several chops, sending the champion down to the mat.  Show slammed Del Rio hard.   Show controlled  Del Rio but missed a back splash in the corner.  Del Rio charged but Show tried to kick him off.  Alberto caught the leg and snapped it, then nailed a series of kicks to the head for a two count.

Del Rio went to rebound off the ropes but was speared for a two count.   Show nailed a short arm clothesline and began yelling at Ricardo.   Show continued to control Alberto as Ricardo tried to get the crowd to rally the champion.  Show went up to the ropes for the Vader splash off the ropes but Del Rio kicked up at the last second.  Del Rio grabbed the cross armbreaker out of nowhere but Show made it to the ropes.

Del Rio kicked Show and came off the ropes but was caught and cinched into a bear hug.   They noted this was a big Bruno Sammartino move.   Show kicked at Ricardo's bucket, distracting himself.  That allowed Alberto to nail some offense.  Show cut him off and went for a powerbomb.  Del Rio turned it into a rana, sending Show to the floor.  He followed up with a dive.

Del Rio nailed a seated senton off the top on Show for a two count.   Del Rio went for a kick but was caught and chokeslammed by Show for a two count  Show called for the KO Punch but Del Rio rolled to the outside.  Show pulled him by his hair back up to the apron and tossed Alberto back into the ring.   Show went for a chokeslam but Del Rio turned it into a sunset flip attempt.  Show went for a mover but it was turned into a DDT for a two count.

Del Rio nailed a leaping enziguiri in the corner for a two count.  He cinched in the cross armbreaker.  Show pulled Alberto up and powerbombed him down.  Show called for the KO but saw Ricardo on the apron and nailed him off,  Show went to throw the bucket at Ricardo but Del Rio went for an enziguiri into the bucket and MISSED.  Show was frozen in time until Del Rio nailed it again.

Alberto locked on the cross armbreaker and after struggling, Show finally tapped.

Your winner and still WWE World champion Alberto Del Rio!

Other than the miscue at the end, a good match telling a good David vs. Goliath story with Del Rio as the champion who refused to back down against the monstrous beast that was Show. 

They aired a trailer for the new G.I. Joe movie.  Josh Mathews interviewed several actors for the movie who said they were here to support Rock.  

WWE United States champion Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

Miz came out with his shoulder taped from Cesaro's attack on Raw.  Miz went right after Cesaro nailing him with several kicks and a back elbow.  Miz slid under and pulled him down for a sunset flip type pin for a two count but Cesaro went after the shoulder.   Cesaro drilled him down with an over the knee shoulderbreaker.

Cesaro smiled as he worked over Miz, who kicked at him from underneath in an attempt to ward him off.  Cesaro jumped up and came down with a big stomp.   He locked in an armbar but Miz escaped and drilled him with a kick to the face for a two count.    Cesaro cut him off and peppered him with a series of rights.

Cesaro locked on a short arm scissors.  Miz fought to escape but was nailed with a big forearm for a two count.   Good solid storytelling here.  Cesaro snapped his bad arm onto the apron and began locking in different holds to wear Miz's bad shoulder down.    He shoved Miz backwards into the corner but was nailed with an elbow as he charged in.  Miz nailed him hard with another big boot to the face and began kicking away at him in the corner.

Miz charged and hit his leaping clothesline in the corner, then went to the top.  He leapt off the top but Cesaro grabbed him in an armbar and yanked back for all he was worthy.   Miz turned him over for a near pin.  Cesaro was tossed to the outside.  Miz went to the outside and shoved Cesaro into the ring steps, where he hit his knee.  Miz then went after the knee, trying to soften him up for the figure four leglock.

Miz continued working on Cesaro.  Miz went for the figure four but Cesaro fought him off.  Miz dropped down when his leg was kicked out from under him and ended up nailing Cesaro with a knee to the groin inadvertently.  The referee called for a DQ.  An incensed Miz then kicked Cesaro in the groin on purpose.

Your winner and still WWE United States champion Antonio Cesaro!

Solid wrestling and a good story with Cesaro picking him and his shoulder apart.  The finish was a little weak but adds some more to their issue.

Backstage, Kane was giving Daniel Bryan the silent treatment.  Bryan said he should be the one who should giving him the silent treatment because he eliminated Bryan from the Royal Rumble after he was already eliminated.  Kane told him to try being silent then.  He said that he was focused because he's been in WWE for 15 years and has never headlined Mania.  Bryan tried to get Kane to agree they would watch each other's backs in the Chamber.  They hugged and Kane told Bryan to watch out for him and Kane would then watch out for himself.  He walked off, leaving Bryan confused.

Elimination Chamber video preview so Rock vs. Punk is last.

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